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Redcig review – the brand

Everyone has heard of e-cigarettes nowadays – the convenient, healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Redcig aims to create a niche within the high-end of this market, providing e-cigarettes with premium quality – although without the associated high costs! In fact, by using products from Redcig – which can be bought through our site – someone smoking 20 a day can cut their costs by about £2,500 per year, which is certainly a significant amount!

So, essentially Redcig is the brand, just like Marlboro and Benson & Hedges are brands in the traditional world of smoking. Within this brand, they offer a number of different products and kits, but more on that later.

What can be said now though is that once customers try the selection from Redcig, they don’t often change again. After all, why would they offer a money back guarantee if they weren’t up to scratch? Redcig are, essentially, one of the best on the market, and the first port of call for anyone looking to start using e-cigarettes…

Redcig review

My Experience with Redcig

There are loads of different products on the Redcig site, meaning that everyone should be able to find what they need. These range from simple starter kits – basically just the e-cigarette – through to more comprehensive packages, which include e-cigarettes, chargers and USB adaptors. That’s just for starters though: once someone has the basics, they can get their hands on all manner of different items to enhance their experience, such as different flavoured cartridges.

When starting out, it is preferable to go for one of the more comprehensive solutions, such as the Ultimate kit. By doing so, there is no need to start buying more items and also makes the overall purchase much cheaper.

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Redcig review – Battery Life and Performanceredcig battery

There are many different ways that e-cigarettes can be judged, but one of the most important is undoubtedly battery life. After all, what use is an electronic cigarette if it runs out of batteries, just when the owner fancies a quick smoke?

Luckily, Redcig e-cigarettes have a fantastic battery life, therefore meaning that they will last all day, without the risk of having to endure hours without nicotine until a charger can be used. Of course, the more it is used, the faster the battery will deplete, so particularly heavy smokers might still consider carrying another battery with them.

There are some other features worthy of mention too, which add to the overall performance. The main one is that the amount of vapour produced is significant, leading to a realistic smoking sensation. There’s also the way they feel – holding one is just like holding a real cigarette, therefore helping with the psychological urges of smoking.

Redcig review – Vapour Production

Vapour production is essential for any e-cigarette – without it, there would be no actual feeling of smoking and the whole concept would be flawed. Therefore, the amount of vapour produced bears a marked influence on how good the e-cigarette actually is. So, how much vapour does a Redcig e-cigarette produce? The answer: just enough. There is enough vapour to hit the back of the throat and therefore mimic smoking down to a tee, but not so much that the feeling is overpowering or even painful.

The vapour is produced in much the same way as other e-cigarettes, although the excellent battery and overall design means that the production is more uniform and therefore the user gets a consistent hit each time. The liquid is heated using an atomiser and the resulting vapour is the stuff that’s sucked through the e-cigarette and into the body. Unlike cigarettes though, this vapour doesn’t smell and dissipates in seconds, leaving no trace of its existence.

Redcig review – Flavours Available

One of the big advantages to e-cigarettes is that there are many different flavours available – not just the standard and menthol flavours found in normal cigarettes. At the moment, Redcig offers these flavours:

  • Light Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Regular Tobacco
  • Cherry
  • Apple

redcig flavours

Of course, it would be great to see a few more flavours in the selection – there are many other flavours that they could concoct. As Redcig grows, there is almost certain to be more flavours added though, so watch this space!

Redcig review – Video

Redcig review –Price & Shipping

redcig shipping

To say that the prices of Redcig offerings are reasonable would be an understatement – they beat the vast majority of prices out there, which is amazing considering the quality that they also offer. A basic starter kit will cost just £6.99, while more comprehensive kits come in at a still-reasonable £44.99. Of course, the refills need buying occasionally too, but these cost only £8.95 for a pack of 5 cartridges, which equate to the same as 150 cigarettes (which would cost about £60). Delivery is cheap too, with free delivery available on orders over £40.

Redcig review – Pros and Cons

So, what are the pros and cons? Well, when it comes to pros, there are loads – price, health, convenience… Of course, health is the biggest of all of these though, as a price can’t be put on this and e-cigarettes don’t damage health in any way.

It is tough to think of any cons to the whole process. Of course, it is slightly inconvenient that they can’t be bought in shops, but then again the amount of use someone gets from a single cartridge means that orders for refills will be few and far between. Once the list of flavours expands, there won’t actually be any cons at all!

Redcig review – Discounts

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Redcig review – Conclusion

To conclude, RedCig is one of the best option when it comes to e-cigarettes. The e-cigs from Redcig offer excellent value for money, while also completely satisfying any cravings for nicotine instantly – without any damage to health. Any smoker out there looking to change their life and switch to e-cigarettes should visit Redcig as soon as they can – it will be a new start in life, plus a massive relief on the wallet!

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