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Premium hookah | Deluxe Hookah Review

Premium hookah for your next shisha hangout? If you’re bored of traditional hookahs, here is something which may brighten up your life — check out one of the very exclusive mobile hookahs in the world.
Hekkpipe Deluxe is the only premium hookah to feature leather and mighty oak which makes it a really exclusive hookah. Deluxe is the sleekest associate of Hekkpipe household. Read on to find out why contemplate this hookah as your next purchase. The reason behind building it lies on the desire to combine both good looks and practicality. Therefore, no compromise was made during its creation — the superior hookah still offers the same level of safeness Hekkpipes are famous for. The security is provided by the stainless steel cone that protects the hot coal and also keeps it in place even when the hookah gets pumped over. At the exact same time, the looks and usability has not suffered.
Besides its light weight (1 pound ) and compactness it includes a leather hand strap, helping you to walk around while appreciating your shisha, making it a mobile hookah. Why not try it out yourself? Yes, sure — looks thing, but it isn’t the reason behind picking your next hookah, isn’t it? Thus, let’s have a peek at the hookah session quality with Hekkpipe Deluxe.
Since the launching of Deluxe we have received a lot of feedback from our fans and clients. This has helped us to examine the hookah in extreme conditions. As a result of the effort put in product development, Hekkpipe Deluxe today offers the ideal hookah session quality! Be sure to check out the hookah guide on our website — there are a few specific things that you need to know before establishing your Hekkpipe hookah.
That the hookah tastes fresh and mild during the session
You can taste the tobacco very well
You need less hookah coal compared to with a mean hookah. Works great with natural hookah coal.

Hekkpipe Deluxe premium hookah packs a great deal of craftsmanship featuring a quality oak wood situation and nice leather elements including a removable hand strap. Its exceptional personality provides you the capability to be a people magnet at each social gathering when preserving the identical level of ease-of-use and customizability Hekkpipes are famous for.
Did you know that Hekkpipe Deluxe was designed in collaboration with an Estonian designer Stella Soomlais, famous for her one of a kind leather functions? Aren’t impressed yet? Well, Hekkpipe Deluxe comes in two color options — brown and black. This gives you the chance to choose the color matching your tastes and style. Feel free to customize the hookah, as well. Each hookah is completed by hand and leather particulars are handmade, too. We’ve got high excellent control ensuring we only ship hookahs with the maximum quality.
Surpise your pal or dearest — add personal engraving to your hookah. It’s possible to add all you need — a symbol, a slogan or text. Real life cases, ideas and more info regarding ordering can be found from custom made and customization choices.
Thus, but how much does it all cost? It turns out that Hekkpipe Deluxe is completely worth its price. You can receive your very own Hekkpipe Deluxe for as little as $179. Seems like a deal, but does not it? So, don’t hesitate your new premium hookah is only a few steps away.
Key features:
Light-weight (1 cm, with all accessories 1.5 kg) and really compact.
Takes half the time to install compared to your average hookah.
Super easy to use. It comes with a special compartment that separates coals and also tobacco.
You can tilt it 45 degrees during the session and nothing happens, except that the coal can be securely moved along with the tobacco will not get burnt.

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Electronic Cigarettes • September 19, 2020

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