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Reviewing The Pioneer4You IPV Yaris

You can always check the authenticity code on the Pioneer4You website. I expect my expectations to work out as expected, too! How’s that for a sentence? Just make sure you get an authentic device and not a clone. Pioneer4You is a manufacturer that I consider to be reliable.I have had very positive experiences testing IPV mods for vape reviews. I will be updating the Pioneer4You IPV Yaris review as soon as I get one and do some testing but I do have high expectations.

This is a Pioneer4You vape mod with the advanced and impressive upgradeable YiHi chipset. You may not need to lug around that extra battery anymore.Basically, for my money, the advantage of the IPV Yaris and the 26650 battery is that it will have more stamina than a mod powered by a single 18650. The Yaris could be perfect for people who spend long days away from home and away from any battery charger. Of course the Yaris will have more to offer than being a marathon mod.

So far it’s pretty awesome. I do like IPV mods, I just received the IPV6 and will be updating my IPV6 mod review by the end of this week. I expect a lot out of the Yaris.As mentioned our Pioneer4You IPV Yaris review is actually more of a preview at this point! You can pre-order the Yaris but is has not yet widely available. I am looking forward to testing out the Yaris because I am excited to experience the difference that an extra capacity battery can make for my vaping.

The average 26650 battery offers roughly 25% more capacity than an 18650. Additionally 26650’s are said to deliver more power as well. Practically speaking, having more milliampere hours is the main benefit of a vape mod that uses a 26650 battery.The Yaris is powered by a high capacity 26650 vape battery.

It operates in variable power mode, Joules mode and temperature control vaping mode. It is going to have more girth than a typical single 18650 ecig mod but with the girth comes benefits. It looks great as you can see in the images with an ergonomic design to comfortable rest in the contours of your hand.The Pioneer4You IPV Yaris is an 80 watt temperature control mod. It comes either black or white and will sell for under $50 from Direct Vapor and they will give you warranty protection, an authentic device and toss in free shipping.

Firmware upgrades are a huge plus for any device because they can help address any issues as well as adapt a device to new innovation. I am.Some of you may or may not be fans of IPV mods. Maybe you are one of the people who had problems with their IPV5 before Pioneer4You got those ironed out. I loved the IPV5 and I did the software upgrade and have never had any problem.

The name is a blend of words Charis, representing elegance and beauty, from Greek mythology and ‘ya’ as in yes.The word Yaris has an interesting derivation. Let’s talk a bit more about probably the main unique quality of the Yaris mod, the 26650 batteries. Moving on. You get Yaris! I had no idea that Charis represented elegance and beauty and finding out I am surprised my parents did not name me Charis because it obviously would have suited me very well.

Vape Mods That Use 26650 Battery

ecig mods that use 26650 battery

26650 Batteries Have More Capacity And Larger Diameter Than The Familiar 18650 Batteries

That said, the 26650 batteries used in Mech mods were well loved because you could vape huge clouds for longer. The reason that many feel the 26650 battery is more powerful is not about the mAh or amps, it’s more like the speed at which those capacities are reached with vape mods that use 26650 batteries. Why? Because of the huge capacity and many vapers felt like they could draw more amperage out of 26650 batteries for a harder hitting vape.In my view, mech mods are not safe in general.

Vape mods that use 26650 batteries have traditionally been mechanical mods used by drippers. Vapers would prefer mech mods to draw huge power from batteries without any type of power regulation. While we still have many drippers in vaping, the use of mech mods has tailed off as the technology has rapidly advanced.The vast majority of vape mods that have come to the market in the last 18 months have been devices that operate with 18650 batteries. Well today’s vape mods are able to safely regulate while simultaneously delivering huge power under total control.

The Yaris was designed with a wider body to house the 26650. The end result is a unique product that I believe is going to find a nice niche in the vaping community.If you are looking for a conventional, advanced and battery regulated mod that operates with 26650 batteries, this is it. In researching for the IPV Yaris review, I found, not surprisingly, only mech mods that relied on 26650s. The diameter of a 26650 battery is about double the diameter of an 18560. Naturally manufacturers concerned about size gravitated toward 18650 designs.

IPV Yaris Specs And Capability

pioneer4you ipv yaris review an 80 watt tc mod for under 50 dollars

The screen is located on the side underneath the up and down buttons. Anyway. The image above shows the profile of the mod and you can also see the air channels on the 510 connection. It is an 80 watt temperature control mod adjustable between 10 watts and 80 watts. The fire button is nicely located and it features two nice sized adjustment buttons. Preview of the review! That’s fun to say.I have a few of the specs and capability details to share with you in my preview of the Pioneer4You IPV Yaris review.

Considering the price tag is just under $50, the Yaris is an extremely good buy. I look forward to learning more and adding to the details once we get to fully test this puppy out! If you want to go ahead and take the plunge you can pre-order now and make sure you get one.All of these specs point to a completely capable, advanced ability 80 watt TC mod.

The Pioneer4You IPV Yaris

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