How To Choose The Right Cheap Electronic Cigarette Wholesale Online

Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews: Green Smoke, NJOY, EverSmoke, etc

Tips To Improve Your E-Cigarette’s Vapor Production

Cloud-chasing or improving your vapor production is closely tied to battery safety, so it’s worth talking about here. A lot of the advice in this post considers sub ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers, and these tend to ask more from your battery than simpler atomizers. This is because the resistance of the coils is lower…

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Introducing The Control Vaping

These days you’ll barely ever see a mod released which doesn’t feature control vaping.If you’ve been vaping for a while or have shopped around for mods at any point in the last couple of years, you’ll have undoubtedly come across temperature control vaping. It’s gone from being a niche addition to some higher-end devices to…

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Reviewing The EPuffer 2016

Epuffer,whose headquarters is in Canada, United Kingdom and United States, is a top e-cigarette manufacture that offers a wide range of e-cigarettes, e-pipes, and cigars. The company has declared their intentions to help their customers conform to a healthier lifestyle that is free of cigarette smoke. The company’s website is easy to navigate with a…

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The Petition About Stopping Treating Ecigs As Tobacco Products

Facebook has always treated ecigarettes as tobacco products because of the nicotine content, but those signing the petition have argued this is unfair. Many of today’s popular ecig liquids don’t contain nicotine at all. Since ecigs have no tobacco in them, why should they be called tobacco products? When Kevin Price realized that Facebook classified…

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Which States Tax Ecigs to Support Big Tobacco

The real enemy these days is electronic cigarettes and some state leaders will stop at nothing to put an end to ecigarettes regardless of how it impacts public health.You see, tobacco sales equal dollar signs in the eyes of politicians who are funded by lobbyists from the Big Tobacco companies. You’ve probably heard politicians spout…

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