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OBS Crius RDTA Tank Review by SmokeTastic Experts in Vaping

Final ScoreOBS Crius RDTA Tank Review Bottom Line

If your a fan of RDTA’s then the new OBS Crius RDTA needs to be looked at. Competing with the SMOK RDTA tank but with an easier refill socket this tank rocks the flavor of your juice! A double coil system with a simple clamp system to make your builds as easy as possible this is one of the best on the market!

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The Full In-depth Review of the OBS Crius RTA Tank

The Crius RDTA Tank by OBSAre you an RTA fan? If so, then you’re probably always on the lookout for great new RTA offerings to add to your collection. We know we certainly are! So, you can imagine how excited we were to hear about the latest OBS offering: the Crius RTA. You will recognize the OBS name if you’ve ever come across the T-VCT sub-ohm tank, of course. Now, the question is: will this latest tank be on par or better than the company’s previous success? Or make it as on of the best tanks on the market? We’ll try to find out in this OBS Crius RDTA Tank Review.


Design Features

The first thing you’ll notice about the Crius is its space-age design. It’s clean and stylish, and would look right at home in any sci-fi movie. It helps that it’s made of glass and stainless steel, including a glass drip tip that adds that little extra “something” to the piece. Where the stainless steel is concerned, OBS went out of its way to include nifty little designs to ensure that the steel pieces weren’t just solid slabs of metal. All in all, this is a tank that is sure to provide you with plenty of aesthetic appeal.

Crius RDTA Tank on it's side in silverThe design includes a two-post deck that will help even less-experienced vapers get their dual coils into the proper position. The deck is also spacious, so customizers will have an easier time coming up with creative build designs without having to strain to make things work. And the Crius also includes the newer top fill capability, where the juice is filled at the side of the top. The cap slides up, making the entire filling process simple and mess-free. You’ll love it.



Unlike many tanks, the Crius offers more than just airflow control. It gives you options with your juice control as well. On the airflow front, you can adjust the air intake to allow a variety of vaping styles. Are you into direct lung inhales? This tank has you covered. Want to add more air to permit better mouth to lung activity? You can do that too. Neither option is what we might consider extreme, but that range of functionality is impressive for any tank. Because this is a RTA which can also be used as an RDA, hence the name RDTA, then you are going to need a really good mod, you can check out our list of the best vape mods which should help you out, all are compatable with this tank.

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The Crius RDTA Tank taken apart

On the liquid flow side of the equation, the Crius really surprised us. Most vapers have experienced the frustration of leaks. And we’ve all seen how annoying it can be to struggle to use different types of juice – especially at the extreme ends of the PG-VG spectrum. Well, the Crius allows you to better control the juice flow. All you have to do is adjust the wick exposure to the right setting to accommodate your desired juice – or shut down the flow to guard against leaking. It’s a really nice feature that pretty much justifies the tank’s cost all by itself.

The dimesions of the OBS Crius RDTA Tank

The tank is a 2ml-capacity unit, which is a little on the small side – at least smaller than what we prefer to see. At the same time, however, we recognize that these kinds of moderately-sized tanks are more in vogue these days than the larger units – and many companies simply want to ensure that they can meet the major trading markets’ regulations. In any event, the size doesn’t really detract from the positive features – it just is what it is.
Features of the OBS Crius RDTA Tank


We found this tank to be a great option for a variety of different builds. As noted above, it was really easy to avoid leaks, so this is easily one of the cleanest devices we’ve tested in some time. We also appreciated the great airflow management, and the ability to control juice and air enough to maximize the flavor. That does come at a slight cost, though: you won’t be winning any awards if you’re just using it to chase clouds. The vapor output is impressive, but it’s not in the same league as some of the really high-octane room-fillers out on the market today.

But that’s really beside the point in the grand scheme of things, since this thing is so flexible that a sharp builder won’t have any issues when it comes to designing a build that can accommodate his or her cloud dreams. And there really isn’t anything else to be even mildly critical of. The OBS Crius RDTA Tank is a solid product with an attractive design, more features than you might expect, and quality performance levels. With all that said, you probably already know how this story ends.

We highly recommend the OBS Crius RDTA Tank. If you’re only adding one product to your collection this month, this is the one to get. Check out our list of the best e cig where you can find more great vaping products and brands!

Electronic Cigarettes • July 4, 2017

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