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Nicolites Starter Kit Full Review | Reviewed by Vapers

Nicolites review – The Brand

Nicolites, an England Company, was started in Birmingham about six years and has continued to grow steadily over time.  Interestingly, the company has also partnered and become the main official Birmingham City Football Club official partner. As a result, you can anticipate seeing Nicolites adverts as you follow the famous English football matches. The striking thing that Nicolites users note is the starter kits because they appear basic in relation to others. Because of their cheapness, they are better for people who do not want to spend a lot of money.

Nicolites review – Products and kits

Nicolites reviewTo complete this assessment, I acquired the starter kit of rechargeable electronic cigarettes at a cost of £19.99. Like I indicated earlier, the kit was very basic. Though this it was not the cheapest, I must say that the price was indeed fair. The kit is available in disposable packets that have no cases of boxes. Simply, this kit has:

  • One battery that is rechargeable
  • Two cartomizers (1 medium and one strong)
  • One USB charger

Like I pointed earlier, you can buy other kits that are cheaper and disposable. However, when you go for Nicolites, you get two cartomizers as well as a battery that is rechargeable so that it can be used for a number of times. Having indicated that, the kit is very thin because it consists of only 2 cart, a universal serial bus charger, and a rechargeable battery.

One aspect that dismayed me is the wrong spelling of Nicolites web address. The address appears at the bottom part of the battery and when you follow it, you get to a different non-working site. The real page is different. I do not know how the company missed this. It is one thing that I have not come across in the past.

In sum, when talking about the cost, what clients get is okay. However, I would have been more impressed if the electronic cigarette came with a small box for clients to keep the accessories.

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Nicolites review – Battery life

I established that the electronic cigarette battery has a good battery life. I considered this to be okay alongside others in the market. However, when the kit comes with a spare battery, I consider it a great bonus for me. As a result, I always look for kits that have two batteries, where possible, so that I do not lack a working battery when one is being recharged.

nicolites battery

While other types of packets come with a wall charger, this starter kit is dissimilar and therefore more limiting. You are required to use the computer, laptop or simply charge the battery in the car. The kit is best suited for people who often work around their computers or have newer car models that come with universal serial buses fitted on them.

Consequently, this is entirely dependent on an individual’s lifestyle. If your work revolves around a desktop or you are driving a stylish new model car that has a USB outlet, this kit might be a great beginning point in the electronic cigarette journey.

Nicolites review – Vapour/Smoke
nicolites cartridges
Another area that I find Nicolites to be slimly limited are the vapours. This is because they only have three main flavours; tobacco, cherry, and menthol. For people who want to try other tastes, it is critical to consider this prior to purchasing. However, this should not be a problem for people looking for alternatives to their tobacco cigarettes. When you compare the cost of the starter kit with ordinary use of about three packets, what you get from this starter kit is ample to take you for sometime.

Having tried tobacco flavours of average strength and also tested tastes of real tobacco cigarettes, vapours of Nicolites are indeed good.

Nicolites review: Customer support
Similar to other types of products that I have evaluated in the past, I was also interested in reviewing the support services offered by Nicolites. I sent the company an email which was responded to in 4 hours with a helpful response. From this response, I can only conclude one thing; Nicolites customer support was satisfactory.

Nicolites review – Starter kits
Nicolites only send to the market starter kits that I have comprehensively evaluated. Therefore, it is very straightforward; if you are interested in this old but great kit, it is good and worth buying. One reason Nicolites is good for starters is because it comes with less packaging and consequently does not have any waste when you make a decision to transfer to another brand. This is very important for the environment which you live in and that everybody is tasked to take care of.

Nicolites review – Conclusion

For people who are totally new to electronic cigarettes, I would strongly recommend use of Nicolites. The electronic cigarettes are basic, cheap, and uncomplicated without compromising the basics for a person who wants to begin the journey of vaping. While I was very disappointed by incorrect website address that appeared on the cigarette side, I appreciated that the real appearance of having it there was indeed okay. For those interested in electronic cigarettes that are more extensive, it is advisable to have a look at our assessment of other top listed brands such as E-Lites, Green Smoke, and VIP Electronic Cigarette evaluations.  

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