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New Study to Determine Risk of Secondhand Ecig Vapor

Trevor Robinson was just fourteen when he started smoking and by the time he reached his twenties, he had a two pack a day habit, a habit that would eventually kill him. Today, he isn’t afraid to talk about his addiction. “I was one of those people who lit a cigarette with a cigarette.” These days, if you run into Robinson, it’s likely he’ll still be puffing away, but that isn’t a real cigarette in his hand. These days, he’s using battery powered ecigs instead of tobacco cigarettes and he couldn’t be happier about the change.

Robinson’s ecigs are powered by batteries and with the single push of a button, deliver a cloud of nicotine rich vapor that can be inhaled just like cigarette smoke. He made the change to ecigs three years ago and in that time not only has he eliminated tobacco from his life, but he’s close to weaning himself from nicotine as well. He’s been steadily decreasing the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid he inhales and hopes to be using nicotine free e-liquid in the near future.

After he successfully quit tobacco with ecigs, Robinson took a job as sales representative with Unique eCigs in Queensbury. The company produces e-liquids and also tests their purity. In addition to traditional cigarette flavors, consumers can also enjoy a variety of novelty flavors that include vanilla ice cream, berries, and cherry. The company has even cooked up an e-liquid that produces a trail mix flavor which they’ve dubbed Nature Hike.

Damon Gray is another individual who started smoking young and who now exclusively uses ecigs. “It’s not as harsh as a cigarette,” he says. “I’m actually weaning myself off cigarettes.”

Damon Gray and Trevor Robinson aren’t alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently revealed that nearly half of the country’s smokers have tried using ecigs. They also announced that more than half of the smokers who have managed to kick their nicotine habit tried e-cigs, with many of reporting that the ecigs were what made quitting possible.

At this point, the FDA, has refused to add ecigs to their list of approved smoking cessation methods, but instead they are taking steps to add ecigs to the list of tobacco products so they can enforce similar rules.

The popularity of ecigs has caused the scientific community to sit up and take note. One of the people leading the charge for ecig research is Tim McAuley who founded Consulting for Health, Air, Nature and a Greener Environment (CHANGE). One of the programs CHANGE is involved with is a study on the impact of e-cigarette vapor on indoor air quality. Based on the information collected during this study, as well as a separate study exploring how ecig vapor disperses in multi-floored buildings that use shared ventilation systems, McAuley hopes to discover whether or not ecig vapor impacts people through secondhand exposure.

“My research is going to look at what the chemical constituents and components are that could result from use of the new standard type e-cigarette in a building and in other open spaces that could draw concerns for exposures,” McAuley explains. “As a result of that, we’ll provide a major answer to the literature right now that is currently lacking. Whatever the results show, they’re going to be public, and they’re always for that. Nobody is interested in junk science where if it says this, let’s not say anything. I’d never enter into anything that we weren’t able to be 100 percent involved in.”

When the studies have concluded, McAuley will publish the results. Similar studies have already shown that secondhand vapor poses no threat. Do you think McAuley’s research will reveal the same results?

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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