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New Study Shows Vaping Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Another study from the United Kingdom shows that e-cigarettes are much safer than tobacco cigarettes. The details of the study indicate that when switching completely to vaping, smokers reduce the level of toxins in their bodies by up to 97 percent.

The study, funded by Cancer Research UK, showed that smokers who quit by using e-cigarettes reduced their intake of toxins and cancer-causing chemicals as much as smokers who quit by using nicotine patches or other nicotine replacements. This is no surprise, considering that e-cigarettes contain very few toxic chemicals, if any, while tobacco cigarette are known to contain hundreds.

But the research also found that harm reduction from toxic chemicals only works if a smoker quits smoking entirely in favor of e-cigarettes. Participants in the study who used both e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes did not have a dramatic reduction in their intake of toxic chemicals. Again, this is not surprising, and common sense should tell anyone that the overall results indicate that toxic chemicals are coming from the tobacco cigarettes and not the e-cigarettes.

Nevertheless, a representative from the American Lung Association was quick to latch onto the negative aspect of the study when it came to e-cigarettes, claiming that the results showed that using e-cigarettes only some of the time along with smoking doesn’t help smokers at all.

While the study did not show a significant decrease in toxins in participants who both smoked and used e-cigarettes, the results of dual use were the same as in smokers who smoked and at the same time used nicotine gum, patches or lozenges. In other words, the study showed that e-cigarettes and pharmaceutical nicotine replacements are equal and have the same positive effect on a person’s health whether used alone or in combination with smoking cigarettes. The study also found that quitting smoking completely is much healthier than dual use of tobacco cigarettes with something else; another common sense finding, but the very one that those opposed to e-cigarettes will use to downplay the positive benefits of e-cigarettes that were proven by the study.

Although the study was performed in the UK, it has so far made the news in America through one major news outlet at least, CBS. While UK health experts and e-cigarette advocates are hoping the study will help to quell the misinformation and unfounded rumors of the dangers of e-cigarettes, the American anti-vaping team is ready to fight. The ALA representative, Dr. Normal Edelman, promoted FDA-approved nicotine replacements in his comments, saying that the trouble with e-cigarettes is that we don’t know what is in them. He criticized the study for only scanning for tobacco-related toxins in e-cigarettes and not any others that “could be” produced from vapor.

The problem with Dr. Edelman’s theory, as many smokers know, is that gums, patches and lozenges very often don’t work. It has been theorized that the physical actions involved in smoking are important to smokers, which is why chewing gum or wearing a patch may not work. E-cigarettes are the only smoking alternative that replaces not only nicotine but the physical act of smoking as well.

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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