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New Study Reveals Major Cardiovascular Improvements When Smokers Switch to Ecigs

Tobacco use carries extreme health risks, particularly for heart disease. If you’re still smoking cigarettes, you’re twice as likely to have a heart attack. You are essentially a ticking time bomb with increased risk of developing coronary heart disease or suffering from a life-threatening stroke. Research shows that smoking raises your blood pressure and reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood stream. In turn, your heart has to work harder to pump blood through your body and the increased cardiovascular stress can often lead to disastrous consequences. Fortunately, brand new research shows that you can drastically improve your heart health by switching to ecigarettes.

The new study followed a group of smokers for one year as they attempted to switch the ecigarettes. Scientists monitored the participants’ health along with their current smoking and ecig use throughout the study to track any changes. By the end of the year, the smokers who had completely switched to ecigarettes showed a dramatic improvement to their cardiovascular health. Those who had completely switched to vaping lowered their blood pressure by an average of 16.3 mm Hg. Among the participants that remained duel users, both smoking and using ecigs, there were still noted health improvements. In fact, the duel users reduced their blood pressure by 10.8 mm Hg on average.

Those who had completely quit smoking and using ecigs had no more improvement to their health than the participants who continued ecig user after quitting tobacco. So scientists found that continued ecig use did not hamper the full potential benefits of smoking cessation for heart health. This is a major advance for the health community, where many formerly believed that continued ecig use could be problematic for health.

The study also showed that ecigarettes were highly useful as a smoking cessation tool with many participants managing to quit tobacco completely or drastically reduce their cigarette consumption. Scientists found that dual use was actually not a bad thing as it allowed smokers to experience some improvements to their cardiovascular health, even before they had quit smoking altogether.

At the end of the day, this new study offers us another glimpse at the powerful potential of ecigarettes to transform public health. By offering smokers an attractive alternative to cigarettes, we can also drastically cut risk factors for heart attack and stroke, while at the same time helping tobacco users wean their way down to complete cessation.

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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