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New Solid State Vape Batteries Coming? Inventor Says Yes

New, ultra stable solid state vape batteries may be coming soon. The man that led the way to the development of lithium ion batteries, and literally changed the world, has not stopped working. Scientist John Goodenough identified the lithium cobalt oxide compound that enables lithium ion batteries and now he has created a new solid state battery that will contain 3 times the energy in the same amount of space as lithium ion cells. Solid state batteries will be stable, not require cooling and, like we mentioned, will store three times the power in the same amount of space.

John Goodenough has changed the world. There would be no laptops and iPhones without lithium ion batteries. Hold on to your socks. Because this little tidbit is an eye opener. In a 2015 survey 53% of people said that they never use a home phone landline for communication. Get this one..64% of business communications are not conducted by landline phone. And this is three year old data. It is safe to assume that home landlines are used even less today.

The top three forms of communication measured in the 2014 Gallup survey found that texting, cell phone calls and then emails, in that order, were the top means by which human beings connect and that includes business. Lithium ion batteries have powered the change. What does this have to do with vaping? Well the same means of change has enabled vaping to exist. Vaping is not smoking, it is a technology. With a new battery design, more changes are likely to come and vaping may be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

Lithium Ion Batteries

John Goodenough, now 94 years old, is excited about his new innovation for a number of reasons. The ability to safely store far more power in a smaller space will benefit the forward motion of technological advancement. But it’s more than that. Good enough has found that the solid state batteries are more stable and safer than lithium ion batteries.

Lithium ion batteries are regarded as safe but by the same token there have been numerous incidents. The early laptops were famous for catching fire. Hover boards had numerous problems. And vape battery fires have been especially popular items for media to cover and lawyers to chase. In the vast majority of cases vape battery explosions and fires have actually been caused by mishandling lithium ion batteries or by cheap, cloned vape mods. That said lithium ion batteries do generate heat and must be handled correctly.

Lithium ion batteries require venting and cooling. They can fail over time with the development of dendrites in the battery. A dendrite is like a vein of metal that can develop in a battery. Practicing e-cig battery safety can go a long way but ultimately storing charged particles in lithium has limitations. There are cold weather limitations. Overheating concerns. Dendrite formation leading to shorts. These things can happen. With a new solid state battery design, John Goodenough has removed some of the limitations and enhanced both safety and possibility.

Solid State Vape Batteries

solid state vape batteries are going to change everything

John Goodenough Cockrell School Of Engineering

In the image above you can see Goodenough holding one of his new designs. These batteries will be used in an array of electronic devices. For our purposes, solid state vape batteries address a number of issues. Number one the new batteries can be constructed from glass and cost significantly less than Li-on batteries. The charged ions can be stored in sodium which is one of the most abundant and cheapest resources in the world. They No dendrites. The conductivity allows solid state ecig batteries to operate safely in cold temperatures. And, they will recharge much more quickly than lithium ion batteries.

The idea of new solid state e-cigarette batteries checks a lot of boxes that would be on anyone’s wish list. Vape batteries that work in cold weather. You can leave you mod in the car overnight in the middle of winter and not worry that your batteries have been compromised. Even if it goes to 60 below! They will recharge faster. They do not overheat and venting may not even be required. A solid state vape battery will be more stable and last longer. It is estimated that one solid state vape battery can be recharged 1200 times.

When you add it all up, the fact that you can store three times the power in the same amount of space is probably the least notable benefit. It will be terrific to be able to enjoy much larger battery capacity and output in smaller devices but the improved safety is going to benefit the electronic cigarette industry.

A Solid State Vape Battery Changes The Argument

One of the main arguments that anti-vaping special interests deploy against the electronic cigarette industry is the concerns over exploding e-cigs. The overwhelming majority of e-cigs that catch fire or vape batteries that catch fire are the result of mishandling or cloned, counterfeit mods. Nonetheless the argument has been an unfair cudgel used to gin up the fear tactics targeting vaping and vapers.

The advent of a solid state vape battery would undercut and render moot this entire line of attack on the industry. The other arguments such as the vaping gateway theory have been challenged and for the most part debunked. The age old formaldehyde in e-cigs argument has been debunked. he more arguments that can be debunked or undercut will leave the anti-vaping special interests with the lone position of “we just don’t like vaping.” An opinion they are free to hold but not a foundation for oppressive regulation.

It will likely be a number of years before solid state vape batteries can be fully developed for market. It is a slow process. The vaping industry and community both look forward to that day.



Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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