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New CDC Report Stuns Critics and Proves Ecigs Help Smokers Quit

Critics are constantly looking for new scare tactics to convince people to steer clear of ecigarettes. They twist research, question quality control, and push for regulation all while assuming that Americans are going to follow along blindly and just naively believe that they are telling the truth. But now a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has left many critics speechless and finally vindicated ecigarettes, painting them as a smart alternative for smokers who want to quit.

The new report published earlier this week reveals the results of a large survey of e-cigarette use among American adults. In the past, health activists insisted that ecigs would act as a gateway to tobacco use, but the CDC’s study shows that just isn’t true. In fact, only 0.4 percent of people who had never smoked tobacco products were currently using ecigarettes. Among the same group, only 3.4 percent admitted to trying an ecig at least once.

By no small margin, the vast majority of ecig users are smokers that turned to ecigarettes for help with smoking cessation. The survey showed that 47.6 percent of current smokers have tried ecigs and a startling 55.4 percent of smokers who had successfully quit used ecigs to help them become tobacco free. Among smokers who had tried to quit in the last year, 20 percent said they used ecigarettes.

The numbers clearly show that ecig use is most common among smokers who are trying to quit and many of them are successful. Of course, the CDC is not the first research organization to report that ecigarettes can have a positive impact on society. Earlier this year, Action on Smoking and Health published a study showing that ecigs do not lead teens to become tobacco users. “Almost all of those reporting regular use were young people who had been or were currently smokers,” ASH reported.

Hopefully, this report will put some rumors to rest. Ecigarettes are not the enemy and they are not targeting nonsmokers or luring people into tobacco use. In fact, it’s just the opposite with many smokers opting to use electronic cigarettes as a bridge to a smoke-free life.

Why did you start using ecigarettes? Were you a smoker before you tried your first ecig?

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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