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Neatcigs Starter Kit Full Review | Reviewed by Vapers

Updated on 14.02.2017 – Neatcigs are out of business for a while and their website is not working. Please check other brands, if you are looking for E-Cigarette starter kit!

The Brand

Neatcigs is a new company, founded in 2011 – they are based in Peterborough, and are a Small company with just 15 members of staff, but if you do some quick research about them, it appears they are doing things in the right way. Firstly, they are growing into the market, which is always a good sign, and secondly, they keep very high standards, and produce their e-liquid in the UK, as opposed to China like many other brands, meaning the liquid and flavours are made to UK chemical and food standards.

My Experience with Neatcigs

Well, I received my starter kit 3 days after I had ordered it, so it was a good first impression. The kit looked really good too – very much like a regular cigarette pack, with the branding and logo in a nice light blue colour. After the quick shipping and attractive and handy box, I really hoped the product itself would deliver.

Neatcigs review – Product and Kits
neatcigs review
Neatcigs seem to be a brand that keep it simple – the starter kits on offer are basically beginner or advanced, with the Switch Starter Kit looking more like a real cigarette, and the Revo Starter Kit more designed for functionality, having a mouthpiece curved for comfortable use and the ability to refill it.

I went with the Switch Starter Kit for two reasons – I much prefer my e-cigs to look like real cigarettes (although this is obviously a personal thing, and down to your own preference), and it was much cheaper, being only £19.99. Neatcigs claims that this starter kit is equivalent to about 120 regular cigarettes.

From their website, I ordered the Rechargeable White Starter Kit, which comes with 1 Battery, 3 cartomisers (tobacco, menthol & fruit flavours), and 1 USB charger. It also comes with the carry case in the shape and style of a cigarette pack, as I mentioned earlier.

For refills, it costs £7 for 3 cartomisers, where one cart is the same as 40 tobacco cigarettes, meaning you get the equivalent of 6 packs of cigarettes (120 cigs) for £7 – this is obviously great value, and if you are still smoking regular cigarettes, the money saved should really be a consideration for you.

Neatcigs review – Battery Life
I was quite impressed with the battery life here – Neatcigs state that it takes 1-3 hours to fully charge the battery, and then it lasts for 2 – 2.5 hours before needing to be charged again. For me, this isn’t a great amount of time, in some instances, like if you are going out for the night or on a long journey, so you might consider getting a second battery. While other kits come with spare batteries, they generally cost more than this starter kit, so you can still come in cheaper than other kits if you buy this kit plus a battery.

Neatcigs review – Taste / Flavours
nc_str_tobThe throat hit from Neatcigs was better than some of the other brands I have tried, and the smoke/vapour produced was also good – I happily puffed away on this, and almost felt like smoking a real cigarette. I was quite pleased with the choice of carts that came with my starter kit – one tobacco and one menthol, which both tasted nice (the tobacco like a regular cigarette, and the menthol cool and fresh feeling), plus one “fruit” flavoured card – I was interested to try this last one, and Neatcigs’ own website describes it as “like a cool cocktail at the beach, fresh and fruity” – I thought it did taste something like a fruit punch or fruit cocktail – like those tropical juices you can buy in cartons. It was definitely interesting and tasted good.

I like the novelty flavours for a change, but I then mainly use the tobacco flavours for general use most of the time, so I liked the variety you receive here. To refill, depending on which starter kit you choose, you can buy cartomisers or e-liquid, and there are several flavours on offer: Cherry Sensation, Classic Tobacco, Cool Menthol, Fruit Burst, Strawberry Crush, Watermelon. I haven’t tried them all, but the ones I have, I have found to be pleasant overall. The throat hit from Neatcigs was better than some of the other brands I have tried, and the smoke/vapour produced was also good – I happily puffed away on this, and almost felt like smoking a real cigarette.

Neatcigs review – Returns Policy
Neatcigs offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you buy from their website, including with our coupons, and a lifetime warranty is available as long as you send back your warranty return slip provided in the manual and continue to buy their refills at least every 3 months, which is basically very generous compared to what is offered by most other brands.

Neatcigs review  – Conclusion
For me, Neatcigs was a really good product as well as good value – the aspects I most appreciated were the price, the cigarette and cigarette pack like appearance, the flavours and actual vaping. The possible downside was that it only comes with one battery, but when you can add in another one and still come in cheaper than many other kits, this becomes a bit of a non-issue. Also, with the e-liquid being made here in the UK, you actually feel safer and more confident vaping from these, knowing that they meet our high standards of quality control. I would recommend this to those starting out with e-cigs as well as those looking for a change to another e-cigarette which offers multiple flavours that are also good quality.

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