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Navy Bans Electronic Cigarettes From Ships And Aircraft

There will be no more vaping aboard US Navy ships, subs and aircraft. As of May 14, 2017 the Navy is banning electronic cigarettes. This new regulation comes in the wake of widely reported incidents of e-cigarette explosions and fires. Several Naval personnel have reported being injured by their e-cigs. As we have noted multipole times at ECCR, the majority of the incidents can be traced to misusing a mod or mishandling e-cigarette batteries.

Many of the cases of an exploding electronic cigarette are actually loose batteries that catch fire in a purse or pocket when batteries come into contact with other metals. Other cases involve charging batteries or e-cigs on a charger that they have not been designed for. Misusing batteries is easy to do. It is important to keep loose batteries in a separate case so they will not come into contact with other metals like keys or coins.

Another issue with exploding e-cigs is a mech mod in the hands of someone not familiar with the dangers. A mech mod has no regulating microprocessor to limit the battery output. A mech mod in someones pocket with the fire button accidentally activated can lead to a thermal runaway of the battery. In other words a fire or explosion.

The other scenario often contributing to e-cigs that catch for are cloned products. Clones look just like the real name brand vapor products. But they are not the real deal. Clones are made using the cheapest materials available. Clones do not have reliable processors either. The most deceptive aspect of clones is that they are sold as and look like the genuine article.

While e-cigarette battery fires can be avoided quite easily, the Navy is not taking any chances. It will be difficult for the US Navy to inspect each and every electronic cigarette aboard their ships, subs or planes. Instead the US Navy has selected to remove the element of chance and simply ban electronic cigarettes outright. Of course this may adversely effect sailors that use a vaporizer for smoking.

If anyone in the Naval command structure happens to be reading this, I have a suggestion. With this ban, Navy personnel that use vapor instead of cigarettes will now likely go back to smoking tobacco. At least allow cigalikes on board Navy craft. A cigalike is a small, simple device and highly unlikely to ever malfunction. That was as well Navy personnel will have an option besides tobacco.


Electronic Cigarettes • June 15, 2017

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