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National Park Service Bans Vaping. Ecigs ‘Flaming Rockets’?

The National Park Service bans vaping everywhere that smoking is banned. So goes the proposed revision released by the Park Service. Apparently Smokey The Bear considers electronic cigarettes to pose the same danger as combustible cigarettes. That’s kind of like banning flashlights from parks because they emit light like a flaming torch and torches are dangerous. Of course one is an unstable rapid chemical reaction burning at 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. The other is a controlled electronic device heating a small metal element. Is it really that hard to tell the difference? Apparently so.

So folks, you are going to have to help me out here. You see, I have never held a government job or worked for any special interests. Therefore I say therefore instead of ergo thereby confirming my slovenly status as a knuckle-dragging member of the unwashed masses. Given my lack of experience working in government or a special interest, I must not have the capacity to grasp the advanced reasoning process that led to conclusions beyond the scope of my limited Neolithic brain so I need to be contained, instructed and prevented from scary things like making my own decision. So, help me out here.

Vaping is being identified as a danger to our amazing national parks. So you are walking through the campground. In one campsite, three drunk guys are squeezing an entire quart of starter fluid on some kindling and throwing matches. In the next camp site you have a guy vaping a disposable electronic cigarette with no flame, no exposed heating coil. Well the park service wants to put a stop to the guy who is vaping! He’s the threat? You see, the logic of the park service must be too far advanced for me to grasp.

Smoking Bans Will Include Vaping

national park service bans vaping says ecigs like flaming rockets

The Park Service Claims Ecigs Can Become ‘Flaming Rockets”

The National Park Service first brought up the idea of banning vaping back in September. Of course the Park Service repeated all of the usual anti-vaping rhetoric verbatim. Nothing new, insightful or original there that’s for sure. Then on January the National Park Service submitted its proposed no vaping rule to the Office of the Federal Register. The Park Service will ban using electronic cigarettes everywhere that smoking is banned.

The Park Service explains that second hand electronic cigarette vapor is a danger to others. They reference FDA and WHO data to make negative claims regarding electronic cigarettes. There are studies where electronic cigarettes have been inappropriately used in order to generate the scary results the researchers were looking for. The Park Service says that they are acting out of “an abundance of caution”.

Now it gets really good. The Park Service expressed that the incidents of e-cigarette fires is a reason for this ban. Here is what they said and I kid you not. They said that e-cigarettes can malfunction and become “flaming rockets”. They did admit that e-cig fires are rare but once again the abundance of caution. Of course we know most e-cig fire incidents are actually incidents of mishandled batteries nonetheless apparently e-cigs are all potential “flaming rockets” that will burn down our forests.

Flaming rockets. This is the part where I would normally tie it all together and write a conclusion. But I am pretty sure we are thinking the same thing about now so I’ll just leave it right here.




Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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