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Reviewing The Movkin Disguiser 150W TC Mod

If you’re in the mood to try a creatively-designed new mod with a ton of surprises, then we’ve got just the mod for you. Now, if that’s not enough to whet your appetite and have you begging to know the identity of this mysterious new entrant into the world of temperature control mods, then you haven’t been paying attention. Movkin Disguiser ReviewThe device is called the Movkin Disguiser 150W TC Mod, and in this review we’ll try to examine whether this creative design and promised performance make the device worth your money. It packs a walloping 150 watts of power into its compact frame – all made possible by two powerful 18650 batteries.

Movkin Disguiser Review

Our Review

Think small. Then ask yourself how something with two batteries as powerful as the 18650s could possibly be so compact. Even better, it’s designed with a 25 mm-diameter chamber and was specifically created to be compatible with the vast majority of today’s atomizers. Missed it? Yes, that’s right; they put the tank inside the mod’s chassis! The end result is something sleek and stylish and surprisingly small. When you’re done with that, take another second and see if you can spot the tank. And if you’re wondering what “vast majority” means in this context, let’s be clear: nine out of every ten currently available atomizer units can work perfectly well with this mod.

The Design

Movkin Disguiser Design

The box mod offers a full range of control options that should have even the most jaded juice jockeys marveling at the company’s ingenuity and commitment to excellence.The device design also comes with a slotted window on the side so that you can see your juice levels. That’s the type of control cloud chasers love. We’re talking full control of temperature here – the type of control that will enable you to fire your unit all the way down to levels of 0.1 ohm.

That may not seem like that big of a deal to many experienced vaping enthusiasts, but for the intermediate vaper who may just be at the beginning stages of experimenting with customization options and sub-ohm vaping, this box’s capabilities and ease of use should be a huge draw. You have all the range of control you need to choose virtually any vaping hit style.That temperature control offers support for SS, Ti and Ni200 modes, to make sure that you can use your nickel, titanium, and stainless steel coils as you see fit.

Pros and Cons

The design and airflow placement can pose some problems, depending upon how the device is held in the hand. At certain angles, the hand placement can cause one of the two airflow holes to be partially obscured, which can result in less uniform vaping. The design is appealing, but the device might have been more impressive had the buttons been located in a way that enables the user to avoid obscuring the airflow in any way.

That may be something that many advanced users react to negatively, but intermediate users will probably still be impressed with the results that they get.So, what are the pros and cons of this device? Well, to begin with, it has a pretty decent chipset, but some users have complained that the device doesn’t produce the amount of vapor that they really need.

Movkin Disguiser conclusion


At the same time, however, the device works perfectly well at the lower wattage levels, and that means that it will be an excellent option for intermediate users or newcomers who want a little more vaping power. Obviously, not every mod is going to excel at everything, but it is almost too bad that this unit doesn’t perform more consistently at its higher wattage. Despite that miss, the Movkin Disguiser 150W TC Mod is still a reasonably priced performer for the average vaper.

Still, there have been reviews that seem to agree that the power seems to be less predictable than some other mods – which may be a function of the chipset used for this model. A different chip would probably increase the overall performance significantly. In addition, it does feel extremely comfortable in the hand, despite its large size.With that noted, however, there is no denying that careful and attentive use of the vaping device can result in huge plumes of vapor.

Movkin Disguiser 150W TC Mod

Electronic Cigarettes • August 15, 2016

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