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More Evidence That The Vaping Gateway Theory Is A Lie

A Virginia Commonwealth University electronic cigarette study has accidentally contributed to the debunking of the vaping gateway theory. The idea that people start vaping and then transition to cigarettes is not true. While the researchers tried to claim that their study suggested a gateway from vaping to smoking, the numbers don’t appear to back that up. They surveyed 3,757 students about electronic cigarettes. They found that 6 had gone from vapor to cigarettes. Six, out of thousands. Draw your own conclusions.

This survey also found that in the course of the survey, 20 respondents switched from smoke to vapor. That doesn’t count current vapers that had already switched when they began the survey process.

3757 Surveyed

6 Went From Vaping To Smoking

The theory that vaping is a gateway to smoking is not holding up to scrutiny. The facts show the opposite. A European electronic cigarette study has found that as many as 15 million people have quit smoking with vaping. Despite the data, the vaping gateway theory is used by special interests and regulators to justify harsh regulations on the vaping industry and also vapers themselves. Many of the local bans we are seeing are marginalizing vapers, treating us as smokers.

A wild idea might be for regulators to talk to vapers. They might just find what we already know. That once you are vaping, cigarettes lose their luster. Burning tobacco to satisfy a nicotine craving loses appeal. Have you ever been in a room when two other people were talking about you and evaluating you and you feel like ‘hey, I’m standing right here. Ask me?’ Well that’s the current state of the ongoing process of e-cigarette regulation. We show up to meetings to have our case heard but ultimately, they talk about us, they talk at us but they don’t talk to us. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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