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Man Blames Exploding Ecig For Massive Burns, But His Ecig Was Not the Real Cause

It was a horrifying moment for 21-year-old Christopher Robran when he looked down and realized his pants were on fire. Now Robran is blaming his electronic cigarette for the second and third degree burns he suffered, but if you listen closely to the story, you will realize the ecig wasn’t actually to blame at all. Instead, it was the batteries he carelessly tossed in his pocket that caused the actual explosion.

“It sounded like a fuse going off,” Robran recalled of the horrifying incident. “And then there’s like fireworks going off in my pants.” The explosion happened at a restaurant where he was meeting some friends for lunch. He had his ecig in hand and slipped two extra batteries in his pocket along with his keys. “So I had my keys in there as well, and I’m waiting to talk to the lady at the front desk,” he said. Next thing he knew, there were flames shooting out from his pants. “So I’m pulling my pants down, and my two friends come running over to me,” Robran explained. By the time the flames were put out, he had suffered second and third degree burns. “I can’t walk because the burn is on top of my muscle on my thigh,” he said.

While the media is painting this as an ecig horror story, it’s actually a tale of batteries misused. The ecig batteries that Robran intended to use for his ecig mod were not actually exclusively designed for ecigs. The same rechargeable batteries are oftentimes used in flashlights, radios, and even laptops. When using any kind of lithium-ion batteries, it’s crucial to store them properly to prevent a fire hazard. Even a typical 9-volt battery can cause a massive blaze. Robran’s tragic mistake was throwing his keys in his pocket with the batteries. When the keys interacted with the terminals, it caused the batteries to short circuit and catch on fire.

Once again, this is a prime example of how ecigs are targeted as the problem when they actually aren’t the root cause. Vapers have to act responsibly in order to prevent accidents. Only use the charger that comes with your ecig. Don’t carry extra batteries in your pocket, especially not with your keys! A little common sense can go a long way in preventing these situations that give ecigs a bad rap in the media.

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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