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Logic Power Electronic Cigarette Review Is It Worth It?

You’ve seen the TV commercial and before you spend your money you want some details about the Logic Power e-cig. Well our Logic Power electronic cigarette review will help you navigate this decision. Before we get too far I want to cover some of the basics. The TV campaign for the Logic Pro e-cigarette is the second major campaign for a Logic vapor product. The first campaign was for the Logic Pro vaporizer. The Logic Power is a different product altogether.

The Logic Pro is an eGo style mod. It is a larger type of ecig that uses pre-filled e-liquid capsules. The Logic Power is a cigalike. A cigalike is simply and electronic cigarette that look like a cigarette. A cigalike is the easiest type of e-cig to use. It its very simple. Just attach a pre-filled cartomizer cartridges to a battery and vape away. There are no buttons to push as a sensor will detect when you are inhaling and that sensor will then fire the atomizer to produce vapor. Very easy. Very convenient.

The convenience and portability factor serve as a major focus in the marketing of the Logic Power e-cig. They mention the 300 mAh battery and the long lasting battery life that you get. Most cigalike batteries are 280 mAh so at 300 mAh the Logic Power does have about 7% more capacity. The long lasting battery life should equal more vaping between having to recharge the battery. So let’s get this show on the road.

Full disclosure, Logic is owned by Big Tobacco. Logic E-Cigs was bought by Japan Tobacco in 2016.

Logic Power Electronic Cigarette Review

logic power electronic cigarette review

Of course we must start the Logic Power electronic cigarette review by talking about what you get! You can buy Logic vapor products online but the product has been designed for retail C-stores. As a result the kit that they offer is very bare bones. You get a Logic Power e-cig battery, a USB battery charger and one cartridge. About those refill cartridges, you can get four different flavors and two nicotine strengths. Time for a bullet point list:

Logic Power 27 Mg Nicotine Level Flavors

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Vanilla
  • Cherry

Logic Power 20 Mg Nicotine Level Flavors

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol

These are the options available for both Logic Power e-cigarette starter kits as well as for refill cartridges. So you do get two more flavor choices if you like the stronger nicotine hit. Logic claims that there are 300 puffs per cartridge but that will vary depending on how you vape.

I tried the tobacco and vanilla flavors. There are a couple of things that I liked. First, the battery life matched the cartridge life. I did not count puffs because I take large puffs so I never come close to reaching any of the number that any manufacturer claims. I did not want to take what I considered to be average puffs because how do I know how you vape! Some disagree and say that we need numbers and I get that. Why test if we don’t collect data. So perhaps this is not a data driven Logic Power e-cigarette review but more of a personal account of my experience with the product.

Vaping The Logic Power E-Cig

So where was I? Oh yah. I tried the tobacco and vanilla flavors. I bought 2 Logic Power start kits at a local store. Logic uses clamshell packaging for retail visual purposes so nothing fancy but that’s how retail products have to package and present. Assembling the Logic Power ecig is quick and easy. The design and build quality is very good. It takes seconds to assemble. That’s the beauty of a cigalike.

The flavors were quite good. The tobacco flavor has a very nice finish on the exhale and the vapor hit the spot. The vanilla flavor was not consistent as I was vaping. For example I would get a strong hit of vanilla followed by three puffs with very little flavor. When I did get the flavor the vanilla was enjoyable. The vapor production is not huge but cigalikes aren’t about clouds. More importantly, does the vapor satisfy? Yes it does. It’s a nice vapor. But I would like to see a more consistent flavor and vapor output from the cartridges.

I vape a lot and I did not get a full day out of the Logic Power. I got about half a day. If I was vaping sparingly, perhaps I could have gotten a whole day. That may sound bad but that’s about par for the course for a cigalike. Logic says that their 300 mAh battery is longer lasting and what they are comparing that to is the usual 280 mAh capacity of most cigalike batteries. Most, not all. More on that later.

The recharge time of the batteries is about two hours. That’s a good indicator of quality. Logic says a battery will last for 200 cycles so if you use it every day a battery should last you a bit over 6 months. A Logic Power starter kit will cost you about $10. So it’s a good cheap vape, or so it seems. Not bad but my main focus of the Logic Power e-cig review is about the value proposition.

three pack of logic power electronic cigarette cartridges

Logic Power E-Cig Value

Here’s the deal. Yes that $10 initial price is very good. At ECCR we like to recommend larger more complete electronic cigarette starter kits that come with at least 2 batteries and more cartridges. That way you get more bang for the buck plus we believe 2 cigalike batteries are better than one. But a bare bones essentials kit is an option offered by most e-cig companies and the only option for the Logic Power e-cig. The $10 price tag is fair, it’s standard. But if you are factoring in value you have to think about the items that you will be buying again and again, the cartridges.

Logic Power cartridges come in packs of three and sell for about the $12 mark. That breaks down to $4 per cartridge. That’s about double the price you could be paying with another brand. To calculate a real long-term value you have to think about how much replacement cartridges will cost. In fact, for the sake of comparison, let’s talk about another option that you have where you can get e-cig refill cartridges in your choice of 12 flavors, 6 nicotine strength choices and cartridges cost only $2 each.

Logic Power Ecig Comparison

logic power ecig compared to the halo g6 starter kit

Next for my Logic Power electronic cigarette review I want to do a head to head comparison of the Logic Power e-cig to the Halo G6. Halo is an independent American electronic cigarette brand that has no connection to Big Tobacco. They are a Florida based company and they were one of the early vape companies. In fact, they have a history of innovation especially when it comes to e-liquid. That’s our first difference.

With Halo the e-liquid that is vaporized is made in the USA. Halo utilizes a state of the art lab and tehir e-liquid is of the highest quality and has won several awards for excellence. The vapor and flavor are consistent and consistently excellent.

Halo also has a product that we can compare directly with the Logic Power starter kit. That is the Halo G6 e-cigarette. We can start with a price comparison. The Logic Power kit comes with 1 battery, 1 cartridge and a USB charger for $10. The Halo G6 e-cigarette kit comes with two 280 mAh batteries (lasts for 300 cycles), 5 cartridges, a USB charger and a wall charger all for $35. If you were to buy an equal number of batteries and Logic Power cartridges you would end up at about the same price. At least the initial price anyway.

The big price difference comes with the future purchases of refill cartridges. A pack of five Halo G6 refill cartridges filled with Halo-s premium made in the USA e-liquid costs less that $10. It’s $9.99 for a pack of 5 so that is only $2 per cartridge. On top of that you get way more choices for both flavor and nicotine strength. So if you are interested in a cigalike, check out all of your options including the Halo G6.

Check Out The Halo Site And See The Halo G6 Here


A Longer Lasting E-cig

v2 vertx comparison with logic power e-cigarette

If you are really on the search for a longer lasting cigalike style electronic cigarette then you might want to take a minute and have a look at the V2 Cigs VERTX. The VERTX has the compact size, familiar form and function of a cigalike but with more technology infused and a 420 mAh battery. So while the Logic Power has about 7% more capacity than a typical cigalike the V2 VERTX has more than 25% more capacity than the Logic Power and that, on paper, should translate to being 25% longer lasting.

The V2 VERTX is new and more of a premium product. The design is state of the art with all magnetic connections. The cartridges can be either pre-filled or refillable. Each V2 VERTX cartridge contains more e-liquid than a cigalike cartridge so you will get more puffs to go along with the extra battery capacity. A pack of three cartridges sells for $9.95. That means that a VERTX cartridge sells for about $3.30 each.

The V2 VERTX does cost more. The base VERTX kit sells for $49.95. We do have a coupon that you can use to get a discount. The V2 coupon code is STARTERKITS. So you will end up paying more for a premium V2 VERTX but if you are really interested in a longer battery life then you should probably check it out.

Have A Look At The VERTX And See What You Think


The Best E-cig For Going Off The Grid

logic power ecig vs white cloud fling wide disposable vape

In the Logic Power e-cigarette commercial, they show some people out in the wilderness enjoying some camping. They raise a good point! Some of us like to travel to remote places where there is nowhere to plug in. Or travel overseas where many of the electrical outlets are vastly different. If you are looking for an e-cig for going off the grid we recommend an e-cig that does not have to be charged at all.

The best e-cig for going off the grid is an easier question. The White Cloud Fling Wide and Fling Wide Mini disposable electronic cigarettes. Let’s go to the numbers so you can compare for yourself.

So we know the Logic Power e-cigarette has a 300 mAh battery. Well the White Cloud Fling Wide has a 700 mAh battery and contains 3 ml of e-liquid. That’s three times the amount of e-liquid as a usual cigalike cartridge. So a Fling Wide Mini will be a great companion for a vaper heading off to the wilderness. You can also choose from 24 different flavors and 6 different nicotine options.

The White Cloud Fling disposable e-cigs are all filled with USA made e-liquids. White Cloud is a Florida based company and actually ranks as one of the best places to work in Tampa. The White Cloud Fling Wide sells for $12.95. The White Cloud Fling Wide Mini is a smaller disposable e-cig that has 2 ml of e-liquid and sells for $9.95. So, check out the Flings and see what you think.

Go To White Cloud And Check Out The Fling Disposable Ecigs


Logic Power Review Wrap-Up

If you don’t like to order online and prefer to buy retail, then Logic is a good option for you. Logic and Fin electronic cigarettes are perhaps the two best convenience store brands. But if you are interested in getting a bit more, then I told you about three other products that will deliver for convenience, travel and choice. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that you have options.


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