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Liberty Flights E-Cig Full review | Reviewed by Vapers

Liberty Flights is one of the pioneers when it comes to the electronic cigarette industry. The company’s origin can be traced back to Darwen, from where it grew to the giant that we know today. This massive growth that the company has experienced can partly be attributed to the massive growth that the electronic cigarette industry has experienced over the past several years. This company supplies anything ranging between starter kits all the way to device modifications to meet users’ specific needs.

The company offers more than 30 flavours of e-liquids for use in their electronic cigarettes. These liquids are availed with different nicotine strengths to ensure that the users get something that addresses their individual needs. These flavours include menthol, traditional tobacco, green tea and energy kick among others. With such a wide range, users will never run out of options when looking for something new should a flavour get monotonous. As a company, Liberty Flights have a good number of starter kits. However, in this review we’ll focus more on the company’s CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter Kit because it is popular among many users and quite affordable for most people.

This starter kit goes for £44.99 and it comes with the following items:

  • Two Clearomizers
  • One 5ml bottle of e-liquid
  • Two rechargeable manual eGo batteries
  • One carry case
  • One USB Cable

liberty flights review

When buying the kit, you can choose to get either the traditional tobacco e-liquid or the menthol flavoured one. Each of these comes with a nicotine concentration of 18 mg. There is also the option of choosing between steel or black batteries depending on individual tastes and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at this kit.

Liberty flights review – Packaging and Design

This kit comes in a stylish and elegant looking black case. After opening the case you’ll find all the items listed above neatly arranged. This case looks very much like the case that would normally be found carrying premium eyeglass. The clearomizers did not look very expensive but the batteries did seem a bit expensive for a starter kit in this price range. Users who choose to go with the steel batteries will notice amazing aesthetics when the device is assembled using chrome accents.

The best thing about the Liberty Flights’ CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter is the USB cable intended for charging’s flexibility when it comes to charging the batteries. Most electronic cigarette manufacturers like to restrict their users to the use of USB adapters that are not very flexible. However, the cable doesn’t include a mains adapter plug. Nonetheless, any USB port should be able to charge the device. The company recommends the use of the optional Li-Po charging bag when charging the batteries to avoid damage.

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Liberty flights review – Flavour

With more than 30 different flavours of e-liquids available from the company, users of the CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter will be disappointed to know that they can only use the tobacco or menthol flavours. These are also limited to nicotine strengths of 1.8%. The e-liquid is added in drops to the tank on the clearomizer then the battery is fixed to the clearomizer to complete assembly.

With a manual battery, users must first press down a button before they can start vaping. Many people who have used this kit recommend the traditional tobacco flavour first because it’s very much like the tobacco cigarette.

liberty flights flavours

Liberty flights review – Battery and Responsiveness

AS mentioned above, this kit comes equipped with two li-ion rechargeable batteries. These batteries have been rated at 650mAh. With the dual kit, you will get two batteries, which are enough to provide sufficient charge for a whole day without a power supply. To recharge these batteries, you only need to connect the battery to the provided USB cable and then connecting the cable to a power source. The company gives a 28-day guarantee for the batteries. If you are one of the people who are used to carrying a personal charge case, then this kit will disappoint you because it doesn’t come with one. However, the two batteries are enough to give sufficient vaping for a day.

liberty flights battery

Liberty flights review – Warranty

Anything you buy from Liberty Flights comes with a 14 day warranty that’s restricted to any faulty products. The same applies to users of this kit. However, if you are simply not satisfied with the product, this warranty locks you out until you can find a fault.

Liberty flights review – Summary

In a nutshell, this kit is perfect for the user who is simply in search of something to use for vaping without necessarily having all the fancy luxuries that come with top end kits. However, it lacks many options when it comes to the flavours and this is one thing that many people will not like.

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