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Kanger Nebox Review

Before getting into this review, it’s important to mention something. We love the all in one kits that many manufacturers produce these days. Sure, we’re just like any other advanced vaper in that we like to experiment with different mods, tanks, and builds. That’s always heady stuff, and thoroughly enjoyable. Kanger Nebox in redStill, there are times when you just want to enjoy the simpler pleasures and not have to spend time creating your own masterpiece. Kanger has come out with a great all-in-one that we’re pleased to take a closer look at today. In this Kanger Nebox review, we’ll try to help you determine whether this is the right kit for you.

The Nebox promises great temperature control, and sub ohm vaping – two things that most advanced vapers love to hear. It’s also rated as firing at 60W in normal wattage operation, and has been designed with an almost ridiculously large tank that is sure to make us all lazy when it comes to refilling: an incredible 10ml tank! And it’s got some great new coils that should provide even the most jaded vaping enthusiast with hours of experimentation and pleasure.

The Kit Contents

The kit comes with – as you might expect – everything you need to vape. Hence the “all-in-one” kit designation. You get the Kanger Nebox and its preinstalled nickel coil, the aforementioned 10ml tank, an extra stainless steel coil, one mini RBA coil, battery cover, and USB cable for charging. Like I said, everything you need to get started with your vaping experience!

Kanger Nebox Kit contents

Hard Specs for Your Consideration

Kanger Nebox view from the bottomIn addition to that oversized tank that you’re simply going to go crazy over, there are some important other features that you should know about. The device comes with an 18650 battery that you can replace whenever you want. Of course, the kit doesn’t actually come with the battery, so make sure you pick one up. The device uses a Delrin 510 for a drip tip, and comes in four different color schemes: black, white, red, and blue. Feel free to select your favorite, since the choice of color will have absolutely zero impact on the device’s performance.

The coils might come as a surprise to you, especially if you’re familiar with the old box shape that the company’s old coils seemed to favor. These are sleeker, and – better yet – will actually work in your old devices too, just as the older coils remain compatible with this new product. If only smartphone and laptop manufacturers gave that much consideration to compatibility! What a wonderful world it would be.

When you’re vaping with the stainless steel coils, the recommended wattage settings are between 15 and 50W – although we didn’t really get much out of it at that lower level. In fact, you don’t see much by way of either vapor or flavor until you get past that 30W level. At that point, you begin to get those rich clouds of vapor and your first real burst of flavor. In our experiments, 45W was ideal, as it provided perfect plumes of vapor and a steady stream of flavor. Anything over that wattage tasted a little burnt, in our opinion.

How We See it:

Let’s be clear about one thing: this is a great looking product, but is it one of the best electronic cigarettes right now? Regardless of which color option you choose, you’re sure to receive a gorgeously sleek device with clean lines and great design. It is a small device, especially when you consider that it’s packing that industry-standard 18650 inside. It’s also surprisingly light, which makes for a nice touch when you consider that it can easily fit within an average sized pocket.

The tank is a clear winner. Sub ohm vapers tend to use a lot of eliquid, so creating a mod with a huge tank like this is clearly an attempt to appease one of the most pressing needs cloud-chasers really care about. Other manufacturers will certainly take notice if Kanger starts to see a significant uptick in their sales of this product.

Kanger Nebox choice of colors

On the performance side, there were certainly nothing but high expectations going into this usage experiment. We were not disappointed. The device comes with pre-set wattage and temperature settings, which just might be a real boon as the company tries to attract new users who might be interested in these features. More importantly, however, the temperature control actually meets expectations.

Of course, it also helps that this kit comes in at less than $70, which is a really great price for something this advanced. Having an RBA deck along with the mod is a nice touch, and should be an inviting gesture for coil-developers who like to build their own devices. About the only thing we didn’t really care for was the lack of effective air flow control. Still, even without that feature, the device provides excellent flavor and great vapor production.

Kanger NeboxSub ohm vapers

Electronic Cigarettes • September 2, 2016

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