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Reviewing The Smooth Sub Ohm Tank From Joyetech Ultimo

There is not really a break in period for new coils. The Joyetech Ultimo is a new subohm vape tank from one of the rock star manufacturers in the vaping industry. The vaping is very smooth.The Ultimo surprised with outstanding performance and very long lasting coils.  Another surprising twist was the fact that new coils perform at a high level immediately. So we’ve got some good stuff going on here.

Ultimo atomizer coils are designated MG. MG is short for “Mega”. Regarding the Notch coil option, that one is called the MG QCS which stands for quick change system.Fantastic coils actually. You have a ceramic option, a Clapton Kanthal and a stainless steel Notch coil option. You can also get an RTA head. The MG QCS coil allows you to quickly and easily change the cotton so you can enjoy an extended life span from your Notch coil. Very cool.

Joyetech Ultimo Sub Ohm Vape Tank

joyetech ultimo review authentic atomizer

The Ultimo atomizer tank is made of stainless steel and has a dial airflow control located at the base and has a 4 ml ejuice capacity. It stands 55 mm tall, or just a tad over 2 inches. The diameter is under an inch at 22 mm. The Ultimo has a top fill design. The drip tip is not a usual 510 tip. The drip tip is actually a 9 mm bore drip cap. You can put your own 510 drip tip into the top cap but it is not the best fit. The drip caps that come with the device are recommended and both are excellent. The stainless steel drip cap looks great but if it gets warm or if you like to vape at high wattages or temps, the cooler Delrin drip tip is the way to go.

Time for the tech specs section of our Joyetech Ultimo review. You can choose a stainless or black finish for your Ultimo and as you can see in the image above it looks pretty darn good. I like the look but of course appearance is always subjective. But just look at the beautiful width of those coils. MG coils have more wick than typical coils and large diameter coils with more surface area. No wonder they are MG, or Mega. You know that there’s going to be a whole lotta vaporizing going on in there!

The engineering is beautifully crafted and machined. A fully assembled tank is comprised of six components. You have the tank base, an MG atomizer coil, the chimney assembly, the top cap, the drip cap and the glass tank. The glass tank will support the high VG eliquids for cloud chasing subohm vaping.Everything assembles smoothly and effortlessly. The Ultimo earns top marks for build quality.

Make Sure To Get An Authentic Ultimo

If you buy an Ultimo tank from a vape shop, eBay or Amazon, make sure you check the Joyetech authenticity code here because the market will be full of fakes. There are going to be a lot of clones out there and you don’t want to get stuck with a counterfeit. Who knows what grade of stainless steel the counterfeiters will use, who knows what kind of coils? It’s not worth the risk. Make sure you get an authentic Ultimo.

Joyetech Ultimo MG Coils

best price for ultimo replacement atomizer coils

The value of this product is a big part of what I really wanted to hit home on on my Joyetech Ultimo review. You can try multiple styles of vaping right out of the box. You will get the MG ceramic 0.5 ohm coil, the MG QCS 0.25 ohm with a pre-installed stainless steel Notch coil and the MG Clapton 0.5 ohm coil.

The Ultimo starter kit comes with an extra glass tank, extra o-rings, a stainless steel drip cap and a Delrin drip cap. Here’s the part that I really love and adds to the value of the Ultimo. With the starter kit you are going to get 3 different MG atomizer coils. Direct Vapor is an authenticated Joyetech vendor so you can rest assured you are getting authentic product. That’s a big deal to use here at ECCR.

If you have never tried ceramic coils, you might fall in love with the smooth, clean flavor. Re-wicking ceramic coils can be a little delicate but once you mater the technique it’s pretty easy. In addition to the Notch coils and ceramics, there is also Claptons and the RTA. The Ultimo is an excellent ambassador of vaping possibilities. We recommend this tank for both the quality, value and sheer vaping enjoyment.

Replacement coils are very affordable at $5 for a pack of 5. That’s a buck a coil and consider that they last at least a week even with heavy vaping, that’s a pretty tough deal to beat. Not only does the inclusion of the coil options represent value, it also represents the diversity and choice you have to try a number of vaping options. For example, if you have never tried Notch coils, well you should! We first encountered Notch coils with our Wismec Theorem review. Notch coils have zero resistance leads and a solid body stainless steel coil with a huge surface area.

Using The Joyetech Ultimo

The 0.5 ohm Kanthal Clapton coils are the easiest to use. The last for at least a week of steady vaping. When you need to install a new one the great news is that replacement MG Kanthal coils are less than a buck a piece.  The Ceramoc coils will last for months and months, all you have to do is replace the cotton. You can replace the cotton whenever you change ejuice flavor. The cotton wick will last for about a week of vaping.

The MG QCS coils that I mentioned in the Ultimo Coils description are something new. You can remove the Notch coil, swap out the cotton and put it back in place without having to connect any wiring. That’s the beauty of the quick change system.

This tutorial was produced by Joyetech and they did a very good job. In the video, they are very proud of the performance of the ceramic coils and they should be. The ceramic coil vapes amazingly well. The flavor is crisp and clean and the vapor is fantastic. Is it the best of your options? That will be up to you but I really liked the Notch coils and the Claptons. I could not pick a favorite as each has its own individual charms.

new vape tanks from joyetech with ceramic and notch coils

So far in the Joyetech Ultimo review we have talked about the tank, price, and all of the coil options. We’re almost done! I’m getting better at keeping it shorter. Okay, how does it vape? It vapes brilliantly. I highly recommend this tank. The extra mega diameter coils produce massive vapor. The airflow is smooth and beautiful not to mention easy to adjust. It never leaks, even when refilling with the airflow control wide open. For the money, this is one of the best value vape tanks bar none.

The vaping is phenomenal. We are talking about loads of vapor and rich flavors. You will enjoy very satisfying vaping.

Make Sure To Prime The Coils!

Is it one of the best vape tanks of 2016? When you factor in the quality, versatility, value and sheer excellence of the vaping experience, there is no doubt about it. The Joyetech Ultimo is one of the best vape tanks of 2016. I will definitely be adding it to the list of the best vape tanks.

When using the Joyetech Ultimo, make sure that you prime your coils. These coils are much larger than the typical coil and have more wick. That extra wick takes a bit of finesse to fully saturate. First, prime your coils. Next, when you fill the tank allow the e-liquid 3 to 5 minutes to absorb. Last, inhale from the drip a couple of times before hitting the fire button and inhaling. When your coil is ready, you will instantly get the full potential of the coil without having a common break in period that you get with other atomizer coils.

MG 0.5 Ohm Clapton Coils

If you are a Clapton fan I think that you will truly enjoy the MG 0.5 Ohm Clapton coils. The enhancement of using MG Claptons, I believe, is the larger diameter. So these are Clapton coils with some extra punch. They vape best between 40 and 90 watts. I suggest 80 watts as the sweet spot. With other 0.5 ohm Claptons the sweet spot seems to be more in the 60 to 70 watt range but because of the larger size I think 80 is about right!

Vaping The MG Notch Coil

I’m a Notch Coil fan, I admit! Notch coils are single piece, solid coils with a large surface area. The lead wires to the coil are non-resistant making them very, very responsive. They are made of stainless steel and have a 0.25 ohm resistance. I use my Joytech Cuboid Mini with Notch coils all the time. One of the things I was most looking forward to with the Joyetech Ultimo review was trying out the new MG Notch coil.

The new Joyetech MG Notch coils are bigger than the original version and that means more surface area! With the MG QCS it is very easy to swap out the cotton as needed. The QCS system is a fantastic idea. Vaping the new, mega Notch coils is awesome. What else can I say?

Joyetech MG Ceramic Coil Heads

Probably the most pleasant surprise of the Joyetech Ultimo review was the performance of the MG Ceramic coil heads. I expected the Notch coils to be awesome and they were. I have used Ceramic coils before. A couple of months ago I did a vape tank review of the Horizon Krixus and there are advantages to Ceramics. The only downside is the re-wicking process. Not anymore.

MG Ceramic coils are easy to use and the vape incredibly. Ceramic coils have never been easier to enjoy. The main benefits are the long coil life and the pure, clean flavor. The MG Ceramic coils are maybe the optimal choice when vaping the Ultimo but honestly they are all good. But I will say this, if you have yet to try ceramic coils, I think you are going to very much enjoy the Ultimo. Pared down to one phrase, the Ultimo tank is an exceptional buy and superlative performer.

Joyetech UltimoSmooth Affordable Sub Ohm Tank

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