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Joyetech Ocular Review 80 Watt And 150 W Ocular C

Interesting, brilliant or a gimmick? Finding the appropriate definition was our main goal when we set out to present our Joyetech Ocular review. First, the Ocular 80 watt TC mod is a fully capable vaping device. You can enjoy variable wattage or temperature control vaping settings. On top of that, the Ocular is a mobile multi-media platform that will store photos and MP3 music files. Yes, this device also has a jack to plug in your headphones and listen to music. Track your daily activity with a pedometer and it all synchs up with your phone.

Add it all up and this vape mod also serves some of the same functions as popular mobile devices. On top of that, the Ocular is a touch screen mod. I completely understand the value of a touch screen mod. Once upon a time I thought the idea of having a touch screen for a vaping device was a gimmick. After using a touch screen mod like the fantastic Laisimo L3 or the powerful Smok G-Priv I quickly came to appreciate the value of a touch screen.

A touch screen vape mod like the Joyetech Ocular gives you quick and easy access to all of the functions and features. Basically it streamlines the normal process of accessing the menu. In addition, a touch screen is terrific for vapers who sometimes have trouble reading smaller screens. You don’t have to hunt for your reading glasses every time you want to switch up your temp or wattage. So a touch screen is great but what about the other features?

Vape Mod With Pedometer And MP3 Player

Well first off let me make clear for our Joyetech Ocular review that in addition to the touch screen this mod also synchs with your cell phone or mobile device through an app. This is also a useful feature that lets you adjust and operate your vape through your separate mobile device. This is a luxury, not a necessity but it is useful. So how about these other features?

Do you need an MP3 player in a vape mod? No, but it could be pretty cool. How about downloading your favorite photos to your mod? Why not. I think some of the vapers out there will thoroughly enjoy these features. As for the pedometer, it’s always interesting to track how far you have walked any given day. Track your walks and hikes. Taking it all in, I see these features as a net plus. A gimmick? Yes. But there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’m kind of an old school person. I resisted even getting a cell phone until 2 years ago. Not long ago I didn’t like navigation, I liked maps. Now, well, I like navigation a lot! So I probably have a bit of a stubborn resistance against all of these multi-media features but I realize that is just me. Looking at it neutrally, these extra features are simply taking advantage of available technology and adding some spice to a vaping device. I have to regard it as a plus. That said, my focus will be on talking to you about the Ocular as a vape mod. So we will continue forward with our Joyetech Ocular review evaluating this device as a vape mod first and foremost.

how big are the joyetech ocular electronic cigarette mods

Difference Between Joyetech Ocular And Ocular C

We will clear something up for our Joyetech Ocular review before we go any further. Now if you have looked around and seen that there are two versions of the Ocular you are probably wondering what the difference between the two is. There is the Ocular and the Ocular C. The Ocular comes with an internal 5000 mAh battery while the Ocular C operates with dual 18650 power cells. The Ocular is an 80 watt mod and the Ocular C is a 150 watt mod. So that’s the first big difference, one is a 150 watt device and one is an 80 watt. Both offer the same features including temperature control.

Ocular is an 80 watt device with an internal 5000 mAh abttery

Ocular C is a 150 watt device operating with two 18650 batteries

Which is better out of the two? Let’s compare the price first. The Ocular sells for $101 and the Ocular C for $97. The $4 difference is pretty much a non-factor in deciding which one you might want. The Ocular with the internal 5000 mAh capacity battery has about 15% more battery capacity than the Ocular C powered by two 18650 cells. So in terms of out of the box capacity, the Ocular has the edge.

Which Ocular Mod Should You Get?

As we go through the Joyetech Ocular review covering both versions of this vape mod, you can decide which one is right for you. Bother versions of this e-cig mod have the exact same vaping options, memory storage, touch screen etc. We can keep this pretty simple.

If you are interested in a mod that is capable of a power output of 150 watts (or more as the Ocular C will be able to upgrade to 200 watts if you want) then pick the Ocular C.

If you never vape with the power setting over 80 watts then pick the Joyetech Ocular.

Besides the additional power, the other potential advantage of the Ocular C is the ability to replace the 18650 cells. You probably won’t be able to replace the internal battery in the 5000 mAh Ocular. The question really boils down to the overall life span of the device. How long with the Ocular with 5000 mAh internal cell last? It should last at least a year and probably a lot longer. In my opinion, you will get full value and enjoyment from the Ocular and the extra battery capacity makes it worthwhile. However, if you want more power from your mod, then you might want to get the Ocular C.

Joyetech Ocular C Review

joyetech ocular c review a 150 watt tc mod that can be upgraded to 200 watts

Let’s start off with the Joyetech Ocular C review. This is the dual 18650 150 watt TC mod. By the way, the new Joyetech Ocular mods are firmware upgradeable. I am a believer in mods with upgradeable firmware. When you can upgrade the software without having to buy a new mod that is a plus for sure.

I bring this up now because there are rumblings that a firmware upgrade is in the works for the Ocular C that would make it a 200 watt mod. So if you are interested in a 200 watt mod, the Ocular C probably will be a 200 watt device in the coming months. You will be able to expand power output from 150 watts up to 200 watts by downloading the upgrade into your mod.

You Can Find All Available Joyetch Mod Firmware Upgrades Here

The Ocular C is larger than its smaller 80 watt twin. That allows the screen to be larger and the 1.68 inch screen is indeed nice and large. It requires two 18650 batteries. Just to be clear, the USB port is for firmware upgrades and interface not for charging the batteries. Joyetech recommends that you remove your 18650 batteries and charge them on a separate battery charger.

Joyetech Ocular C Has TCR

Earlier we talked about the mobile multi-media features of the Joyetech Ocular mods and now we will get into the vaping features. The Ocular C features the new Joyetch temperature control vaping suite technology. You can vape in variable wattage as well as in temperature control with nickel (Ni200), titanium (Ti), and stainless steel (SS) coil wire. If you so choose you can also utilize the TCR temperature control vaping function.

TCR, or temperature coefficient of resistance, is a temperature control vaping function that allows you to manually enter the coefficient of resistance for any given wire material. Basically with TCR you can use any vape coil wire. Heck you can use gold if you want to! Some vapers like to use different types of wire or they simply prefer TCR. The option is there for you should you choose to go down that road.

TCR Vaping With The Ocular

Now if this seems complicated and you just want a simple, easy to use touch screen mod, the Ocular C is still a good option. You don’t have to use all of these functions to fully enjoy the vaping experience. Vaping should be enjoyable and don’t feel as though you have to really complicate your experience to achieve some sort of status.

Using the TCR mode demands a strong understanding of current and resistance in relation to any given coil material. You by no means need to use TCR because todays tanks and coils give you many, simpler options that still provide high performance vaping. If you are interested in TCR we have included a chart of TCR values for various coil materials. But again, if you are using regular Ni, Ti or SS coils you will not need TCR. The Ocular and Ocular C are TCR capable for the segment of vaping aficionados specifically the exotic coil builders and advanced vapers.

TCR Chart

temperature coefficient of resistance tar vaping chart

Where this chart and TCR has its most practical application is the use of stainless steel coil wire. The Ocular C stainless steel function is set for 316 stainless steel. This is the most common SS coil wire. But if you have a coil with 304 stainless steel for example, then you would want to go in and set the TCR to 0.00105.

But once again and I know that I am getting repetitive, if you don’t want to be bothered with the extra effort and complexity you really don’t have to be worried about it. The best vape tanks today are amazing. They make high performance or cloud chasing uncomplicated and accessible.

These TCR features are simply there if you want them and not essential to enjoying the full potential of a technically sophisticated vape mod like the Joyetech Ocular C. In variable wattage sub ohm vaping mode this device is very easy to use. In fact, the touch screen makes it easier to use than most. And with 90% of TC pre-built coils on the market, you will never need TCR. It is simply an option.

Joyetech Ocular C Specs

Okay, hardcore nuts and bolts time for the Joyetech Ocular C review! Let’s break does the specs and get started with the size and weight. After all, you will be carrying this around all day! First, the Ocular C with dual 18650 batteries is larger than the 80 watt Joyetech Ocule. If you want a smaller mod, you will prefer the Ocular. If you want the additional power, you will want the Ocular C.

The Joyetech Ocular C is a standard sized dual 18650 mod and hats off to Joyetech for maximizing that extra space by maximizing the screen size. The mod itself is 91 mm or 3.6 inches tall. The width is 45 mm or 1.8 inches. Finally the thickness of the Ocular C is 32 mm or 1.2 inches. Your Ocular C with two batteries aboard will weigh in at about 10 ounces.

One other aspect of the specs that I think you will like a lot is the clarity of the screen. With a 320X240 DPI you will clearly see all of the info on the screen. Your pictures will also look good if you want to display them. My pictures didn’t look good but that wasn’t the Ocular C’s fault, that is simply because of the frequency in which I appear in those images. Moving on. The screen is very responsive. It will accurately sense your touch and I know that some of you that have tried other touch screens have had issues with this on other mods. You won’t have those issues with the Ocular C.

Joyetech Ocular C Price And Features

The Joyetech Ocular C price is $97.00. And that is for an authentic version of the mod. With the Ocular C you are paying for the technology so you really want to make sure that you get an authentic product. Joyetech is well aware that the Ocular mods are going to be very popular and there will be counterfeits all over the market. You do not want a clone. So when you get yours make sure to check the Joyetech serial number here and make sure yours is real.

Let the old adage of ‘if is to good to be true it probably is’ be your guide. If you see an Ocular mod being sold for a much lower price, there is a risk that it is a clone.

Joyetech Ocular C Specs

Screen: 1.68 inch TFT/CTP(Capacity Touch Panel)
Ocular C Screen Resolution: 320 x 240 dpi
The wattage range is 1 watt up to 150 watts (with an available upgrade to 200W)
vaping modes are variable wattage and TC with Ni, Ti, SS316 as well as TCR Mode
The atomizer resistance range is 0.05 ohm to 1.5ohm for TC and 0.1 ohm to 3.5ohm for variable wattage
Temperature control vaping range is 100 to 315℃ or 200 to 600℉
Memory capacity for multi-media features is 2GB
Requires two high rate 18650 cells with a 25 amp output
You can get the Ocular C in three different colors: Silver, Black, Grey

eccr joyetech ocular c review is unbiased

best price for authentic joyetech ocular c e-cigarette deviceJoyetech Ocular Review

We will start the Joyetech Ocular review by quickly going over a few of the differences between the Ocular and Ocular C. I know I have already but for the sake of anyone who wanted to skip down to the Ocular section I will again. But I’ll be quick, I promise. I will go over the differences in a story. Okay. It was a dark and stormy night. It had been ages since the battered fishing village had seen such weather. Just kidding! Honestly, I will be quick.

Differences between the Joyetech Ocular and Ocular C. The Ocular has an internal 5000 mAh battery while the Ocular operates with two 18650 vape batteries. The Ocular is an 80 watt TC device and the Ocular C a 150 watt device. The other biggest difference is in the size. The Ocular is a bit smaller but great news, the screen on the Ocular is just as big as the Ocular C screen. That is excellent.

Ocular Mods Size Comparison

The Joyetech Ocular is 86 mm tall or 3.4 inches. So the Ocular is just a bit shorter that the Ocular C. This version of the mod is 43 mm wide or 1.6 inches. The thickness of the Ocular is 30 mm or 1.2 inches. That makes it .2 inches narrower and identical in thickness. The differences in dimensions are not that significant but when you are holding each mod you really can tell that the Ocular is smaller. So the Ocular is smaller than the Ocular C but perhaps not by as much as you might expect going from a 150 watt device to an 80 watt device. There is a reason.

The Joyetech Ocular carries an internal battery with a massive 5000 mAh capacity. I love this. The fact that you get such a large capacity battery in an 80 watt device is fantastic. Folks, most 75 watt or 80 watt mods operate on a single 18650 battery. The storage capacity of a typical 18650 battery is in the area of 2300 mAh. So what this boils down to is that the Ocular has more than double the capacity of a typical 80 watt device and that translates into more longevity for you.

Big Battery Life For The Joyetech Ocular 80 Watt

ocular 80 watt mod specs

This will very much appeal to vapers who consistently vape in the 70 to 80 watt area. For example, for the Joyetech ocular review, the tank that I used most frequently was the Joyetech Ultimo tank and especially with the QCS stainless steel notch coil. I love reviewing and testing vape mods with stainless steel coils because with SS coil you can vape with either temperature control mode or variable wattage mode. You can’t do that with any other coil wire. That makes testing much simpler for me.

With the QCS coils the recommended wattage setting is 60 to 80. I settled in at 75 watts for most of the testing. Usually, if you are vaping steadily throughout the day at 70 watts with a single 18650 80 watt mod mod, at some point in the day you will need to put in a fresh battery. that means you have to carry an extra battery with you. With the Joyetech Ocular, you do not have to do that. The 5000 mAh battery will easily get you through the day and well into the next thanks to the 5000 mAh battery.

Ocular Mod Low Power Consumption Feature

If you are extensively using the multi-media platforms on the Ocular, you may not get as much battery life as I was getting because I was not using the multi-media features. I basically tested them to see if the work, they do, and that was that. But, and this is important, even if you are using the multi-media features you are going to get a ton of battery life. there will be very little drop off. Why? The new Joyetech chip is designed to give you an amazingly efficient performance. The multi media mode draws only 120 mA current. In addition to requiring very little power, the Joyetech Ocular mods have a standby state for when you are not vaping and in standby the device uses only 0.4 mA current.

I believe that this is the best battery life of any 80 watt mod. The efficiency measures that Joyetech built into the technology do an excellent job mitigating the multi-media features. So while I did not indulge heavily in the multi-media while testing for the Joyetech Ocular review, you should feel free to do so without overly taxing your battery.

Using The Joyetech Ocular

The Joyetech ocular and Ocular C have the exact same features and vaping functions. Using the Joyetech Ocular mods is the same for both. So, first to access the touch screen features you swipe your finger across the screen much like you unlock your phone. If you are worried about accidentally touching the screen and changing something while vaping, don’t. As soon as you hit the fire button to vape, you will automatically lock your screen and lock in your settings.

Accessing all of the settings is very easy. You will be able to see everything on the screen and control it by touch. If you so wish, you can also synch the Ocular mods with your cell phone and control all of the settings that way. I prefer to use the mod to control the settings but you do have the option of using your mobile device.

I love the icons Joyetech used. Each icon is clear and communicates the corresponding function. In my opinion, one of the benefits of a touchscreen is the easy access to advanced features, even for beginning vapers, that enable non technically oriented people to enjoy advanced vaping without the time consuming process of learning how to access menus and features of regular mods. Joyetech made this instructional video that you might want to take a look at to see just how easy using the Joyetech Ocular mods really is.

Joyetech Ocular Price

The Joyetech Ocular sells for $101. Like it’s bigger twin the ocular will be heavily counterfeited and cheap versions will be on the market, make sure you get a real one. If you get a clone it may not be as safe and you sure won’t get the advantages of the Joyetech technology. You won’t get the precision temperature control vaping, you won’t get the efficiency and you sure won’t get the vaping performance with a clone.

We have links to authentic Joyetech Ocular mods from companies that are authenticated, reputable vendors.

I guess we should talk about tha value that you get for the price. Obviously Joyetech is one of the leading companies out there. We are talking about a very innovative company that has led the way with several cutting edge designs like one of my favorites, notch coils! The Joyetech family of vape companies is impressive. So with Joyetech, as long as you get authentic product you know you are getting excellent quality and that means enjoyable, reliable vaping.

Now $101 for an 80 watt mod seems on the expensive side. There are 75 watt DNAs at that price out there. If you want an all in one device that comes with a tank you can get the Joyetech EVIC AIO mod starter kit for almost half the price. But with the Ocular you are getting more there is no doubt about it.

The touch screen interface and advanced functions combined with precision performance and upgradeable software moves the Ocular mods into elite territory. The vaping is amazing and these mods do deserve to be in the category of high performance devices. With all of that said, you are totally getting value for you money. You get the touch screen, very efficient battery management, new precision temperature control software and the ability to upgrade. All in all, a great investment for enjoyable vaping.

Ocular Review Summary

Interesting, brilliant or gimmick? That was the question we asked at the beginning of our Joyetech Ocular review and we have an answer. The answer is all of the above. It is interesting  with easy access features, brilliant with cutting edge technology and complete with fun gimmicks like storing photos and playing music.

The Joyetech Ocular mods are very well designed. The fire button is ideally situated. The fire button is not that clicky but it is nonetheless comfortable to use. Nothing shakes rattles or rolls and everything fits superbly together. The 510 connection will work with any tank but there might be a bit of overhang with very large tanks. Works beautifully with the 22 mm Joyetech Ultimo. Very nice profile with 22 mm and 24 mm tanks.

spring loaded 510 connection on the ocular mod with e-juice well

Just a note, if you are using a tank that require airflow from the 510 connection, and very few tanks do, then you will want to use a tank with a 19 mm diameter or smaller. That is because while there are airflow channels in the 510, there is also a shallow 19 mm diameter well as part of the 510 design.

The vaping with both versions of the Ocular mods is fantastic. The responsiveness is excellent. The Ocular vape mod accurately measures atomizer resistance and is one very consistent vapor producer. You will enjoy the touch screen and the ease of access to all of the features at your disposal. You can enjoy advanced vaping or keep it simple. The Ocular mods are incredibly capable yet not at all intimidating. ECCR is pleased to recommend the Joyetech Ocular mods and we are confident that you will very much enjoy it!

joyetech ocular review from eccr

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