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Joyetech eVic Primo with Unimax 25 Review

Joyetech eVic Primo with Unimax 25 Review

Joyetech Evic Primo kit comes with the UNIMAX 25 atomizer which adopts the clever TFTA system to make it really easy to use. Powered with 2 x 18650 batteries and upto 200W this thing has power as well as beauty!

Most die hard vaping aficionados are pretty familiar with Joyetech by this point in time. The company routinely puts out some of the most interesting and exciting products – and it seems to always be trying to push the envelope in one way or another in order to produce the best box mod and kits. It offers some features that are sure to thrill some of the more tech-savvy vaping fans. And here’s our review of  200W Joyetech eVic Primo. Check it out, below.

Joyetech eVic Primo Features

Other Features

This is another in a growing list of products that utilizes dual 18650 batteries for its power source. The batteries are replaceable, and enable the Primo to generate as much as 200 watts of power. The device is designed to be compatible with 25mm sub-ohm tanks, so it’s a perfect fit for all you cloud-chasers out there. It also comes with the Unimax 25 tank, so you can use it right out of the package even if you don’t have any extra 25mm tanks sitting around.

The completed Joyetech eVic PrimoIf you’re wondering why the manufacturer selected the Unimax 25 tank for inclusion with the mod, the answer is simple. This tank uses the top-filling, top airflow – or TFTA – system. That makes it ideal for a device like this, since the TFTA system is designed for easier filling and tighter control over airflow. If you’re planning on some sub-ohm vaping sessions, you need that airflow control and you obviously won’t want to be encumbered by difficult refilling techniques. Good choice, Joyetech.

The device provides output between 1 watt and 200, and offers resistances between 0.05-1.5ohm and   0.1-3.5ohm in VW mode. Temperature control features allow you to hit temperatures ranging from 200-600°F. In other words, this is one of those new devices designed to maximize your flexibility so that you can gain even greater control over the amount of flavor and vapor that you produce. More on that in a bit.


Package Contents

When you purchase the 200W Joyetech eVic Primo, you get the mod and tank mentioned above. You also get the BFXL Kth-0.5ohm DL coil head, spare parts like a silicone band and extra glass tube, charging cable, and manual. Basically, you receive almost everything that you need to get started using the Primo – with one notable exception. Those 18650 batteries you need are not included with the package, so it’s best that you know that before you order. There’s nothing worse than receiving a product and being forced to run out and purchase batteries just to try it out.

 Package Contents



Of course, technology and features are all nice, and we all love to review new and exciting gadgets. Ultimately, however, the real proof comes down to a question of performance. Can the 200W Joyetech eVic Primo produce the type of clouds a serious cloud-chaser needs, while still preserving the great taste of his preferred e-juice? In our estimation, the answer is a clear “yes” – without qualification. While you might have to experiment with settings to find the best combination for your personal preferences, there is no denying that the superior technological features included in this mod provide you with all the tools you need to meet your vaping goals and potentially become addicted to vaping!

While some devices with this level of sophistication might be priced out of the market, the 200W Joyetech eVic Primo seems to have been given one of those eminently sensible prices making it competitive with some of the best e cigarettes on the market. You can buy yours for less than $80 online – and we recommend that you seriously consider doing so.

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Electronic Cigarettes • March 2, 2017

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