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Joyetech EVIC AIO Review Affordable All In One Vaping

What looks good, is easy to use, can take you from beginner vaping to advanced vaping and is built tough to last? You are going to find out with our Joyetech EVIC AIO review. The AIO stands for all in one. That means that this device contains the tank within the body of the vape mod so you don’t have to buy anything separately except the battery. The price tag is $51.95 and for that you get the mod, built in tank and four different coils. You can try all types of vaping right out of the box.

Even before getting started with the Joyetech EVIC AIO review my initial impression was that this device has all kinds of potential to check a lot of boxes for a lot of vapers. Here’s some boxes to consider. Is it an MTL device suitable for new vapers? Check. Does it have atomizer coils that can be re-wicked or rebuilt? Check. Can you use Notch coils. Check? Can I subohm vape? Check. Can I vape in temp control and TCR. Check. So yes, it checks all the boxes making the EVIC AIO a strong candidate for both new and experienced vapers alike. I am a fan of diverse vape products as long as they deliver the goods when it comes to performance.

Before getting my hands on the Joyetech EVIC AIO, I had previously reviewed the Cuboid Mini all in one vape mod. I thoroughly enjoyed the Cuboid Min and naturally the expectations for the EVIC AIO were high. At ECCR, we did not publish reviews of the early EVICs even the EVIC VT. We were told that we could have made major commissions promoting the original EVIC VT but we just could not publish a review. It simply did not make the cut and we do not compromise.

The reason is because we just didn’t feel we could get behind them and recommend them to you. For example, the EVIC VT seemed to have a problem with randomly dropping out of temperature control mode. Joyetech has come a long way since then and today their chip technology is excellent. We have to take our hats off to Joyetech for really making huge strides with their firmware.

Joyetech Firmware

Th new firmware that Joyetech has is state of the art. It is not Evolv but it is damn good and you are going to pay a lot less. Today, the Joyetech chips that operate the various functions of the mods are stable, reliable and deliver excellent vaping. The technology is also up to date with all of the current vaping trends. The EVIC AIO is capable of up to 75 watts and will work for temperature control vaping with Ni, SS, and Ti coils. If you like vaping exotic TC coils you also have the option of TCR mode. If you are unsure about what those abbreviations mean I’ll explain in the next section.

The EVIC AIO software is loaded for bear. You can get firmware upgrades, too. In fact, and this is important, I am now recommending to all serious vapers that they buy vape devices with upgradeable firmware. The FDA, in their infinite wisdom, may limit the number of devices we will be seeing in the future but firmware upgrades can keep your mod in tune with the latest technologies.

Getting back to the Joyetech EVIC AIO review, the firmware is excellent and easy to use. There are so many options and the display screen is quite attractive, especially with the old school clock display! The EVIC AIO is surprisingly responsive given it’s low price. It is fantastic in temperature control, too. Joyetech has done an outstanding job on its firmware which now rates among the best.

By the way, there is already a firmware upgrade available for the EVIC AIO that you can get here. Check in with the Joyetech website from time to time and under “Support” you will be able to find future software upgrades.

The Joyetech EVIC AIO For New Vapers

joyetech evic aio review

This section is for new vapers. If you are an experienced vaper and already familiar with the capabilities of today’s vape mods, skip to the next section to get into the tech specs of the Joyetech EVIC AIO review. If you are new to vaping, I will try to explain and clarify the vaping options that you are going to get with the EVIC AIO.

The Joyetech EVIC AIO works as both an MTL and DL vape device. What does that mean? MTL stands for mouth to lung and DL stands for direct lung. MTL vaping is the same process as smoking a cigarette, you draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale. DL vaping is when you inhale directly into your lungs. So you will sometimes see coils with either a MTL or DL label.

Direct lung vaping generally involves using atomizer coils with resistance levels below 1.0 ohms. This is called sub ohm vaping and with certain coil materials is is temperature control vaping. With subohm vaping you manually choose the power in watts to match your coil resistance. If you look on the side of a subohm coil it will tell you the ideal wattage range.

With temperature control vaping, you choose the temperature setting of your coil. The idea behind temperature control vaping is that it is more efficient. Instead of applying the same power to the coil every time, in TC mode the mod will supply only as much power as is needed to reach your chosen coil temperature. The most common TC vaping coil materials are Ni (nickel), SS (stainless steel), and Ti (Titanium).

The Joyetech Evic AIO is a 75 watt device that is fully capable of all types of vaping! It really is an all in one vape that is surprisingly affordable and an excellent performer. It can take from from basic, beginning MTL vaping to advanced vaping with enormous vapor clouds.

Joyetech EVIC AIO Review

vape mod review of the new joyetech evic aio

So you can get the Joyetech EVIC AIO for $51.95. It operates on one 18650 battery sold separately. The EVIC AIO kits itself comes with a treasure trove of goodies. You get the mod that comes with a built in 3.5 ml tank. You get two extra sets of side panel stickers to change the look of your mod. You will get extra white and brown sticker panels. You also get a 510 adapter that lets you bypass the built in tank and use any vape tank you want. You’ll get the drip tip USB charger and four coils, including Notch coils. In addition, you will get some organic cotton so you can re-wick your QCS coils.

A quick step back to get into the weeds on these coil options that you are going to get. You will get a 1.5 ohm LVC Clapton MTL coil. This is the coil for new vapers and for vapers that simply prefer MTL vaping. The 1.5 ohm Clapton is a fantastic vapor maker and very satisfying. Then you will get a BF stainless steel 0.5 ohm coil, this is great for temperature control vaping clouds.  Of course you will get a famous Joyetetch Notch coil which is at 0.25 ohms with non-resistant leads for a very responsive vaping experience. Last but not least is the QCS coil.

Joyetech QCS coils are designed so that you can quickly and easily change the wick in the coils. QCS stands for quick change system. We first talked about the QCS coils when we did the Joyetech Ultimo review. Simply swap out the cotton and just like that, you virtually have a brand new coil. That’s why you will get some organic cotton with your Evic AIO, in fact let’s list out everything that you do get:


  • 1 x Joyetech eVic EVIC AIO vape mod
  • 1 x Built-In AIO 3.5 ml Tank
  • 1 x QCS Coil
  • 1 x NotchCoil 0.25 ohm DL
  • 1 x BF SS316 0.5 ohm DL
  • 1 x LVC Clapton 1.5 ohm MTL
  • 1 x Drip Tip
  • 1 x 510 Atomizer Adapter
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual

You get a lot to say the least. Just make sure that you get an authentic product. My Joyetech EVIC AIO review would not be complete without cautioning you against getting stuck with a clone. You might see some deals for the EVIC AIO that seem to good to be true and they probably are. Be careful about where you buy. There will be a ton of clones out there. Direct Vapor is a verified Joyetech vendor. They do not sell clones and they offer free shipping.

Authentic Joyetech products will come with an authenticity code you can verify on the Joyetech website.


evic aio review good for beginners and experienced vaping

The EVIC AIO comes with a built in 3.5 ml tank that you can bypass using the 510 adapter. With the adapter you can use any vape tank you wish. For the Joyetech EVIC AIO review I tested the adapter with a couple of different vape tanks including the VaporFi Volt, Eleaf Lyche, Aspire Cleito and the Ultimo. The 510 adapter works like a charm! While carrying out the Joyetetch EVIC AIO review I did find that I much preferred using the built in 3.5 ml tank and the Joyetech coils.

The EVIC AIO is capable of up to 75 watts. The atomizer resistance range in variable wattage mode is 0.1 ohms up to 3.5 ohms. The atomizer resistance range in temperature control mode 0.05 ohms up to 1.5 ohms. The temperature control range is 200 F to 600 F. I think you will find a sweet spot at about 450 F.

The power button and screen are located on the side of the device. Now the power / fire button is beautifully placed and huge. It is so comfortable and accessible. The screen is easy to read and the real time clock display is gorgeous. The up and down buttons are located on the bottom of the mod.

The AIO has the latest safety features like reverse polarity and dual circuit protection. The 18650 battery fits in very snug and you will want to be careful taking it out so you don’t accidentally tear the battery cover. By the way, the battery panels attach magnetically. It snaps right into place and holds tight. The build quality is excellent.

evic aio size and specs

Vaping The Joyetech EVIC AIO

The vaping was very much enjoyed while doing the Joyetech EVIC AIO review! It performs beautifully. I still enjoy MTL vaping and the LVC 1.5 ohm Claptons made for a very satisfying vape. I also loved the Notch coils! I have been a huge fan of Notch coils since they first came out with the Wismec Theorem RTA a few months ago. Notch coils are stainless steel and have a large surface area. The non-resistant leads mean that the power gets to the coils faster than with wrapped coils. That little bit of difference is noticeable.

The QCS coils work beautifully. All you have to do is swap the cotton. You don’t have to mess around with screws or wires. It’s really easy. All of the subohm and TC vaping options performed exceptionally well. They made a lot of vapor! Very smooth and easy to use.

The value and enjoyment of the EVIC AIO comes from using it as designed, as an all in one vaping mod. If you are looking for a mod to use a separate tank on you can use the AIO but it kind of defeats the purpose. The coil options, the easy of use, the quick refills are all a pleasure to use.

We Recommend The EVIC AIO

As for cons the bottom buttons rattle a little. If you use the 510 adapter it works but you might get a gap between the mod and the tank. That’s about all the cons I have after 2 weeks of using the EVIC AIO. The pros are plentiful. The Joyettech EVIC AIO review process was a pleasure and I always enjoy talking about excellent products. I do recommend the EVIC AIO as an excellent choice for people looking for quality and diversity. Not to mention value. Truly this is an exceptional value considering all that it can do.

where to buy joyetech evic aio

Joyetech EVIC AIO review

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