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Joyetech Cuboid Tap And Procore Aries Tank. Tap It!

We have a new version of the popular Cuboid! You are going to want to tap this one. With your finger. I mean, you will tap the mod with your finger to change settings. Somehow I feel like I have gotten off to a bad start. So, let me clarify. This is the ECCR Joyetech Cuboid Tap review. Rather than buttons, the adjustments are made with a tap. The Taptec mod is sensitive to touch with a vibration motor to acknowledge your inputs. A 228 watt mod that comes with the new Procure Aries tank. The mod requires two 18650 vape batteries. So if you do not like clicks buttons, well this is a first.

Joyetechs Cuboid mods are among the most successful in the vaping industry. Based on a no-nonsense cube design, the Cuboid mods are known for durability and simplicity. It was not long ago that I had the Joyetech Cuboid Mini as one of my favorite all in one mods, it still is. The Cuboid Mini has an internal 2400 mAh battery and will; fire up to 80 watts. The New Cuboid Tap vape mod is designed to give you more access to power and longevity with a dual 18650 powered device which translates to closer to 5000 mAh depending on your chosen batteries.

In addition, you get a tremendous value when you order the Taptec mod your can get it with a new tank. The Joyetech Procure Series atomizer has also been released! What’s it all about? The Procure vape tank has big coils, big airflow and a flip top. The top flips open in a new take on top fill tank design. The Cuboid Tap and Procure tank are available in a color matched pair for under $90.

where to buy the joyetech cuboid tap and procure aries mod and tank combo

Joyetech Cuboid Tap Review

Is this a Joyetech Tapetecc review or a Joyetech Tap mod review? Well it’s both! You will see this mod referred to as both the Tap or Taptec. Ultimately I suspect that vapers will settle on calling it the Cuboid Tap as opposed to Taptec. The first thing that I want to do is to tell you all about the mod. Then we will cover the tank. Finally, we will talk about the combo and how it vapes and if it is the right device for you.

The Joyetech Cuboid Tap mod is capable of 228 watts and is complete with a full temperature control suite. So you can vape in variable power mode, temp control in Ni (nickel), Ti (titanium), SS 316 (316 stainless steel), and TCR with pre-sets. The OLED screen is large and clear. You can upload a personal logo and have a real time clock display. The real time clock display is the very popular design we first saw on the Joyetech EVIV AIO all in one mod.

This device comes in silver, black, red, yellow or blue. Each color comes with a decorative panel. The silver comes with a brown panel that looks like leather. The yellow and red come with a flame pattern panel. The black comes with a black panel that looks like a carbon fiber. And the Blue Cuboid Tap, my favorite, comes with a space themed panel.

The Cuboid Tap is 86 mm or 3.38 inches tall. The width is 41 mm or 1.6 inches tall. Finally the thickness is 28 mm or just over an inch. All in all it is very nice, comfortable and compact. Essentially, it is just large enough to accommodate the two 18650 batteries required to power it up.

joyetech cuboid tappet review a 228 watt vaping device

Cuboid Tap Vaping Functions

As I mentioned the Cuboid Tap mod covers the popular vaping styles. You can enjoy vaping in variable power from 1 watt up to 228 watts. Temperature control ranges from 200 F to 600 F or 100 C to 315 C. Temperature control accommodation for titanium, nickel and stainless steel 316 atomizer coil wire. There is also TCR for other TC wire should you like tungsten, another grade of stainless steel or what have you. You have 3 TCR pre-sets you can design for your atomizer.

The Cuboid Tap also serves as a power bank. You can charge your phone from your mod quickly with a 2 Amp output. Oh and additionally the chip lets you pre-heat each hit for an extra initial burst. To recap the Cuboid Tap specs how about some bullet points:

  • Size: 28 mm thick by 41.0 mm wide and 86 mm tall.
  • 134 mm tall with Procore Aries tank
  • Cuboid Tap and Procore Aries colors: silver, black, red, yellow, blue
  • Weight: 174.5 g or 6.1 ounces (without battery cells)
  • Output mode: Power/Clock/Temp (Ni, Ti, SS316)/TCR (M1/M2/M3)
  • USB Charge mode
  • Features: TAPTECTM, pressure-sensitive, vibration motor
  • Power bank feature, preheat, download your own custom logo, real-time clock
  • Cuboid Tap output range is 1 watt up to 228 watts
  • 510 depth: 4.0-5.5 mm
  • TC atomizer resistance range is 0.05 ohm to 1.5ohm
  • Variable power atomizer resistance range is 0.1 ohm to 3.5 ohm
  • Clock mode displays time
  • Temperature control vaping range is 100-315°C or 200-600°F
  • Powered by two high-rate 18650 cells
  • Continues discharge current is 25A
  • Max charging current: 2.0A
  • Max output current: 50A

vape mod review of the cuboid tap

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Cuboid Tap Power Bank Feature

If you want or need you can use the Cuboid Tap as a power bank for another electronic device. For most of us that would be a cell phone. The Cuboid Tap will quickly transfer charge to another device at a 2A rate.

Is this a valuable feature? I am always kind of on the fence on this one. The Tap mod is terrific. It vapes very well. It is responsive and I can adjust the ramp up. In terms of vaping options the Cuboid Tap will do everything I want out of a mod and more. For me, the power bank option is not a big deal or a reason that I would buy a mod. Maybe thats not the case for you.

During the Joyetech Cuboid Tap review I did use the mod to charge my phone. I only charged my phone for 10 minutes to test it out and it really worked well. I quickly added a lot of charge to my phone, which is a small basic one. So I can see the value At any rate, it works and if the idea of having your mod double as a power bank is appealing then this is a great option.

By the way, I want to mention that if you are looking for a touch screen mod, check out our Joyetech Ocular review. The Ocular just came out as well and is a very cool mod. With the Ocular you can touch it but not tap it!

Joyetech Procore Aries Vape Tank Review

Our section dealing with the Joyetech Procore Aries vape tank review will more or less be a quick overview. I am trying to avoid making this vape review too long. As much, I’m sure, as you enjoy my writing:) Anyway. I know Joyetech is probably better known for mods. This company has been around since the beginning. They were there for the first eGo electronic cigarettes back in the day. But they also make excellent atomizers and tanks and I’ll tell you what makes them special.

In my many years of experience and through a lot of testing, I find that Joyetech tanks are very innovative, for example the Notch coils were a terrific idea. Joyetech delivers great vapor and flavor and they do so for cheap.

By cheap I do not mean cheap quality. Far from it. You get excellent quality for a low price. Case in point is the Joyetech Ultimo tank. This one is way underrated and costs under $25. Well the Procore Aries is following in successful footsteps and is indeed a successful addition to the Joyetetch atomizer family. The Procore is really a wonderful tank for flavor and not too shabby on the vapor that’s for sure.

Procore Aries Atomizer With Flip Top-Fill

joyetech procore aries vape tank review and specs

The Joyetech Procore Aries is a 25 mm atomizer tank with a 4 ml e-liquid capacity. Joyetech also makes a 2 ml capacity tank for European vapers where TPD regulations limit vape tank capacities to 2 ml. The stainless steel construction and glass tube are all precision engineered for smooth assembly. The Procore Aries tank comes in silver, black, yellow, red and blue.

The top fill flip cap is truly easy access. Simply push the drip tip to the side and the cap flips up and open, kind of like a car hood, and exposes the e-juice fill holes. The holes are a nice size making it easy to fill without spilling. Once your tank is full flip the top down and continue vaping.

top fill design of the joyetech procore aries vape tank

I flipped the top cap hundreds of times while testing for the Cuboid Tap and Procore Aries kit review. I was looking for signs of wear that might make the top cap sloppy. Thee were no signs of deterioration. I’m sure over time it might but thus far and through a lot of testing there is no problem. The flip cap is a very sound and practical design.

The large airflow is designed to draw massive air right up through the heart of the wide Procore coils. Speaking of coils, one of the awesome things about the Procore Aries is the number of coil options available to you.

Joyetech Procore Aries Coils

prebuilt joyetech procore aries coils new wide cores design for flavor

There are five Joyetech Procore Aries coils. Joyetech is calling them cores. Cores, coils, whatever floats your boat! Anyway, the core that caught my eye was the ProC1 0.25 ohm head. It is designed for MTL, mouth to lung, vaping. The MTL coils we generally see are above 1.0 ohms of resistance. The Cuboid Tap kit comes with the 0.15 ohm core and the 0.4 ohm core so I asked for and received the MTL core to try out.

If you enjoy MTL vaping then I recommend that you give this tank and core a try. The 0.25 ohm ProC1 Procore Aries coil delivered a very rich and flavorful MTL vape. I was very surprised. It really is enjoyable subohm MTL vaping. It produces a lot of vapor and still works best with a VG e-juice.

The vapor production from the DL, direct lung, subphm and TC Aries Procore coils was excellent.Very good vapor production. Most of all, a really good flavorful vape. Let me take a second and run down the 5 Procore Aries vape coils:

  • ProC1 0.4 ohm for DL vaping 40 to 80 watts
  • ProC1 0.25 ohm for MTL vaping 25 to 55 watts
  • ProC4 0.15 ohm DL 50 to 110 watts
  • ProC2 0.15 ohm DL 30 to 70 watts
  • ProC2 0.2 ohm DL 40 to 130 watts

The selection of available coils earns a big thumbs up from ECCR. We like to see a good variety. The ProC2 0.2 ohm coil can take up to 140 watts and that might be your choice if you are looking for max vapor. However, all of the coils that I tested for the Cuboid Tap review performed fantastically. The airflow right through the center really makes for a nice sensation and such good flavor. These very well made coils are also very long lasting.

Buying The Joyetech Cuboid Tap And Procore Aries Tank

get the joyetech cuboid tap or taptec mod with the procore aries tank

When you buy the Cuboid Tap kit with the Procore Aries tank you will get all of the following included:

  • 1 CUBOID TAP 228 Watt Mod
  • Matching ProCore Aries Atomizer Tank
  • 1x ProC1 (0.4ohm) head
  • 1x ProC4 (0.15ohm) head
  • Spare Glass Tube
  • Quick Charge USB Cable
  • Manual For Both The Cuboid Tap Mod And Procore Aries Tank
  • Warranty card
  • 2x Warning card
  • Spare parts

We have links earlier and at the end of this vape mod review that will take you directly to a source where you can get an authentic Cuboid Tap kit. Your kit should come with everything listed above. We strongly recommend sticking with proven, verified sellers to ensure that you are getting the real deal and not a counterfeit device. You can check the authenticity of any Joyetech product here.

Vaping The Joyetech Cuboid Tap And Procore Aries

Last but not least a quick word on vaping the Joyetech Cuboid Tap and Procore Aries tank. earlier in the review I mentioned how the coils vape and how the mod performs. There is not a lot to add! That’s a good thing. There are no unexpected hiccups that I encountered. Accessing the features is quick and simple. Even accessing some of the more intricate features like TCR or ramp up is something you can quickly master. This mod holds its settings and is very durable and reliable.

This is something interesting. You can also access the menu by giving the mod a squeeze. For example when the power is on if you give three quick squeezes you can turn the tap buttons on or off. I always turn the tap buttons off when I am not using it and especially when in a pocket or transporting. Four squeezes will access the menu. here’s a quick rundown:

Power on condition:
3 times to lock/unlock tap buttons
4 times to activate the menu
5 times to turn stealth on/off

Power off condition:
3 times to set TCR value
4 times to turn screen upside down
5 times to check battery voltage

The vapor production is quick. There is no lag from the fire to getting vapor. I got a very consistent performance in temperature control. The Cuboid Tap passes all the tests and performance demands with flying colors. Ultimately, we are happy to say that this vape kit earned our ECCR check of approval. Very enjoyable with excellent vapor and super flavor. Squeeze it, tap it, vape it.

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