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Joyetech Cuboid Mini Review

Joyetech Cuboid Mini Kit Review 2016

Joyetech Cuboid Mini Review

If you’re a new or even intermediate vaping fan, chances are that you’ve at least considered one of those all-in-one kits at some point or another in time. Cuboid mini in grayThese kits can vary quite a bit in complexity, with some being better options for newcomers to the lifestyle, while others are a great option for anyone who wants to move on from the simpler vaping devices to something with a bit more sophistication and capability. If you consider yourself to be an intermediate-level vaper, then you will almost certainly want to try some more advanced options eventually. In this Joyetech Cuboid Mini Kit review, we’ll see whether this product could be the solution you need.

This is an 80W mini box mod with temperature control that has been accurately described as a miniaturized version of the Cuboid 220W TC. While that larger device is powered by two 18650 batteries, this more compact unit uses a single internal 2400mAh battery. It mod also matches up in perfect sync with the Cuboid Mini atomizer, which is a sub ohm tank device that was custom built for this particular kit. Aesthetically, they create a positively gorgeous device.

The device has a slim body that makes it easy to handle, and comes in a gorgeous design that is both seamless and attractive. From a quality standpoint, my time fumbling around with it revealed that it is a hardy and durable little unit that should be able to last for many years to come. It has a nice space-age look to it as well, which can make it not only one of the best box mods for it’s size but an attractive conversation piece as well. I know that several people asked me about it when they saw me using it, so be prepared to draw some attention if you’re holding one in your hand.

Power-wise, there are no complaints. Before opting to try one, we checked a number of reviews online and noted that there were people trying the device right out of the box without charging it first. Apparently, they saw that the charge indicator appeared to be full, so they thought that they could simply use it without the customary full battery charge routine that most of us go through as a ritual. Big mistake! I am not sure why, but that initial full battery indication simply isn’t accurate. I charged mine the right way when I opened the kit, and ended up with the anticipated longevity I would normally expect from this type of battery. Those other reviewers note that they received as little as one-half hours’ worth of out-of-box vaping and then had to recharge.

Joyetech Cuboid Mini Apart

Let me reiterate: with any new product, always charge the battery fully before you begin vaping. I don’t care what the battery indicator tells you when you pull that device out of the kit!

Other features include the chip – which is apparently the same one that the company used for its VTC Mini. If you recall that chip, then you know that it has received acclaim for its ability to maintain temps control over time, and its effectiveness when using nickel wire. It has some weaknesses when it comes to properly reading resistance, but it’s an otherwise fine choice.

The kit comes with plenty of custom options, especially when it comes to coil heads. You get a stainless-steel vertical coil, a Clapton for low watts, and a Notch for higher watt usage.  There’s also a rebuildable head included in the package, which is great for anyone who wants to have a few more customization options. And yes, hex wrench and screws are included with the kit as well.

Joyetech Cuboid Mini Tank Broken Apart

The device costs around $55, depending on where you purchase it online. As more vendors begin to offer it, you’ll probably start to see a widening in the price range as competition sets in. As noted, there are a whole range of features and parts included with this kit, so it’s a pretty good buy for the money that you need to spend. Like most products, however, it is anything but perfect. In fact, it has one initial drawback that could hurt sales if Joyetech doesn’t address the issue.

Here’s the thing: When you first use the device, you get spit back. While the instructions recommend filling the tank to its capacity, new users should be aware that this can be a problem. You know that gurgling that you sometimes get with a device, where you end up with hot eliquid flowing upward into your mouth? You know how you hate that feeling, taste, and tongue burns that sometimes occur? Well, the Cuboid Mini initially had that problem when we first fired it up – and it was an unwelcome surprise.

The Cuboid Mini Video

See the official Joyetech video guide to the Cuboid Mini Kit:



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