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Reviewing The Joyetech Cubis Pro Sub-ohm Tank

If you pay attention at all to the movers and shakers in the vaping world, then chances are that you’ve already heard at least something about the Joyetech Cubis Pro Tank. Their new design was intended to bring a whole new level of efficiency and vaping enjoyment to atomizer technology by eliminating potential leakage from the tank and improving the overall experience. Of course, every company promises to somehow alter the landscape of the known universe with each new product release, so it’s easy to be skeptical.

Cubis Pro Tank Look and Feel

Round Up!

Tanks are always a tricky bet for some consumers, since reviews often don’t provide the outright endorsement or caveat that consumers need when trying to determine where their hard-earned money should be spent. The fact is, however, that some tanks are simply too good to not recommend, The Cubis Pro Tank is one of those tanks, and Joyetech has a real winner on its hands with this offering. Don’t forget to check out our other electronic cigarette reviews!

AirFlow and Size

Cubis Pro Tank size and style

The Pro tank is smaller than previous Cubis tanks, but it has other features that will more than make up for that diminished size. For example, the device is top-filled, which is the preferred option for many vapers today. And despite the smaller size of the tank, you’ll find that e-liquid capacity has been expanded.

The tank itself is 22 mm in width, which provides it the compatibility needed to work with a wide variety of different mods and vaping devices. To encourage that experimentation, the designers included the popular 510 threads. There’s plenty of stainless steel used throughout the construction, which should provide the durability many vapers want from their products. It’s also a perfect way to eliminate the corrosion that can appear in devices made from less reliable materials.

You have to admire that sort of attentiveness to customer concerns. On the surface, it sure seems as though the company listened intently to all of the criticisms some users offered about the original Cubis and adjusted its strategy accordingly.You can also choose options that control the amount of e-liquid that hits your coils at any given time, and improved temperature control options over the old Cubis design.

The convenient location of the airflow control also makes it easier to control vapor temperature, which is a nice benefit for those who want the hotter experience they associate with combustible cigarettes.Because the airflow control valve is conveniently located at the top, you can easily choose your preferred vaping style. If you want the mouth to lung hit, change it to make that possible. If you prefer direct-lung hits, just adjust the airflow to accommodate your needs.

The Design

Let’s start at the top…literally. The tank’s uppermost region can be removed entirely. That’s a great feature, since this is also the section of the tank where airflow control is located – and this easy ability to remove everything should make cleaning it easier than ever. This is, of course, in keeping with recent industry trends which have tried to make these devices as easy as possible to use. That’s always a good customer experience strategy.

Top Fill

Cubis Pro fills from the top

Obviously, the top-fill design is going to be a positive attraction for most users these days. Nobody really wants the old bottom-filling design if they can avoid it – and that’s especially true with tanks that leak. Bravo, Joyetech… bravo. The good news is that this top-filler could have opted for any filling option, since it does appear to have eliminated the leaking that plagues so many inferior tanks on the market today.

Now, that’s not typically the type of feature that receives a great deal of notice in most reviews, but it deserves a mention here. After all, most of us have experienced that hot sensation on the lips when heated vapor passes through a non-insulated top. Joyetech apparently doesn’t miss a trick and makes it one of the best vaping devices. The designers opted for an insulated tip.Another nice feature involves the included drip tip.

Joyetech Cubis Pro Sub-ohm Tank

Electronic Cigarettes • August 12, 2016

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