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Joyetech Batpack starter kit complete

Joyetech Batpack with ECO D16 Starter Kit Review

Joyetech Batpack starter kit complete

In-depth Joyetech Batpack Starter Kit Review

We love the innovation coming out of the best e cig manufacturers and as far as companies trying different things you have to place Joyetech as one of the front-runners. Their commitment to research and development has, in the past, created and in some cases changed the whole e-cig scene. Remember, Joyetech were the first to introduce the vape pen to the market with the eGo product that vastly spread across the community after the cigalikes craze.

This time Joytech are back with new tech to introduce to the vaping community and it comes in the form of a box mod starter kit. What’s so different with this mod? Well instead of a huge internal battery or the use of external 18650 batteries that no one heard of before vaping, the Batpack uses standard AA batteries! So we’re going to take a close look at the Joyetech Batpack and ECO D16 tank to see if the performance is as good as the best vape mods on the market or if the use of AA batteries is really something that should be forgotten.



Joyetech has kept thing simple with the Batpack design, it’s unregulated so no fancy screens or adjustments to wattage or temperature, but it does come is a variety of colors including rainbow or dazzling as they call it, green, gold, red/gold, black/blue, and blue/pink, but they will probably release further colors if the mod sells well.

The mod measures in at 70.5mm tall without the tank and 112.5mm tall with the ECO D16 tank, 37mm wide and 18mm depth, so all in all a pretty small mod.

Although it’s simplistic in appearance it does still feature a battery indicator on top, next to the side mounted 510 thread and the fire button is located on the side at the top.
Colors of the Joyetech Batpack kit
The Joyetech Batpack Kit laying down


We’re not expecting much from this starter kit, as the current is really low with only 2xAA batteries to play with. Joytech has, however, overcome this by designing a specific coil with more resistance to suit being vaped at around 7 watts. The view of the AA batteries insideIn comparison to other tank coils, which are vaped at around 50-60W.

Because of the higher resistance coils we are having to perform mouth to lung inhales with this device, which may be another negative for some users, but for people who have not vaped and are used to smoking, then this is the normal way to vape.

Yes, it works, we can certainly vape on the device and create a fairly decent amount of vapor considering the wattage. The flavor seems to be coming through quite well too.

For the new vaper this mod kit might suit you perfectly, but for any vaper who has already experienced other mods or sub-ohm tanks then you’re going to be left a little disappointed, it’s certainly not an upgrade to other mods, it’s purely for the new user.

Don’t expect to throw on any other tank on the Batpack mod either, there are very few, if any, tank coils that work at 7 watts!

Size of the Joyetech Batpack Starter kit

To Conclude

With the use of AA batteries, we can see that this mod will be popular with new users, the specially designed coils to work with low wattage work pretty well for mouth to lung inhales. Decent enough flavor and cloud production, but don’t go in expecting it to knock you off your feet.

For such a low wattage device the Joyetech Batpack Starter Kit performs pretty well, ideal for new vapers who want to vape using low wattage and batteries they know and trust. Joyetech is probably aiming more at new customers who are looking at e-cigs to quit smoking. Not really a mod for anyone who has enjoyed other higher power tanks, you’ll be left asking; is that it?!

Electronic Cigarettes • June 25, 2018

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