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Jacvapour E-Cigarette Review for 2017 | Best Brand in the UK?

Jacvapour review – The Brand

JAC Vapour has been around for a couple of years already and has established itself as one of the biggest and most reputable E-Cigarette brands in the UK. Personally I know quite a few people who are using their products and all of them seems to be satisfied ;). The founder claims he started this e-cig business because he was a vaper himself and noticed varying qualities of product across the industry, so he went out to create a high quality one himself. Let’s start our JacVapour Review to see if he succeeded…

My experience with Jac Vapour

One of the best things I found with Jac Vapour, was that the selection they have on offer is really great – you can choose pretty much everything, including the cartridge flavour for your starter kit, the colour of your PCC and the size and colour of your battery. You can also add in any number of options for added costs, via drop-down lists on their website – just be careful you don’t go overboard or the price can add up. I normally like the cases that are designed to look and feel like a real cigarette packs – JAC Vapour’s doesn’t, and so I was surprised by how much I liked it – it is tough metal and heavier than other PCCs, but it feels really satisfying in your pocket and looks like something pretty special too.

Most Popular Starter Kits

JacVapour Series-B box mod

jacvapour series bThe JacVapour Series B Tilt is a compact, premium grade 40W box mod that is perfect for mouth to lung vapers. It comes with a 22mm matching black Geni Aero Mega tank and produces a very similar feeling to that of smoking regular cigarettes. This is one of the most compact regulated box mod devices available for purchase today and it requires removable 18650 batteries. It has a magnetic door for the battery compartment which permits simple access and there are also circuit protection features to guard against damage from overcharging and short circuiting.

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JacVapour Series-E aero kit

SERIES-E Stainless Steel Aero Kit

This kit has a high capacity, high quality battery and is available in a brand new style that features refreshed packaging and a black firing button. The Series E Aero has better reliability and an improved performance, being made from solid and durable stainless steel. It has many advanced features and is designed to be stylish yet compact. This is the ideal kit for vapers who need power, reliability and quality in one portable package. There are many advanced safety features included with this kit for safer vaping.

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V1P PCC kit

jacvapour v1p pro kitThis is one of the most popular JAC Vapour kits, and there are many reviews about this product. It comes complete with its own portable charging case, making it ideal for new vapers who are ready to switch from standard cigarettes. This is also a good choice for experienced users who need a more portable and compact e-cig for outdoor use. As a reliable and high performance kit, the V1P PCC is one of the best-selling kits from this manufacturer and it contains all the essentials to get started. The kit is customisable, with a choice of battery colour and size and a selection of either an automatic or manual device. Even the battery’s LED and cartridges can be changed to suit your preference.

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Other notable kits

Basic Electronic Cigarette Kit

jacvapour basic kitProviding everything new vapers need, the The Basic Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit offers a plug and play experience for a swift start to vaping. It comes complete with a 65mm V3i battery however you can also choose a spare or even swap the default provided battery for one in a different size. There is also a pack of mixed black cartomisers supplied as standard in either 18mg or 12mg nicotine strengths. These come in five different flavours – Cherry, Vanilla, Menthol, Tobacco and Tobacco Virgin. This is a simple kit, ideal for new vapers and is perfect for those who are light to moderate vapers.

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Social Starter Kit

jac social starter kitPerfect for beginners and for light to moderate vapers, this kit comes complete with an easy to use V3i automatic battery in a choice of colour and size. There are also five mixed black cartomisers included in either 18mg or 12mg nicotine strength depending on your preference. These come in five different flavours including cherry, vanilla, menthol, tobacco and tobacco virgin. This kit is simple to operate and contains the range’s most reliable battery.

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Jac 510 manual 650 mAH Starter kit

650mah starter kitMade with the high quality you would expect from the JAC 510 range, this kit has an eGo thread and a 510 connection. The perfect alternative to the Vgo2 range, it is also a step up from the V3i battery range. This kit comes with 2 650mAh batteries which will last around 6 hours each. As the majority of vapers use around 800mAh daily, two 650mAh batteries provide a minimum of one day’s usage. The battery output is 4.2V and they measure 66mm, making the e-cigarette 137mm when assembled – a very portable size.

The kit is also equipped with your chosen tank – either a 510 Crystal, Mini Protank 3 or Evod 2. The tank unit will not need to be entirely replaced as the tanks are rebuildable meaning that only the coil and wick require replacing when they are spent for the most cost effective vaping solution. A free spare coil is even included in the price. The battery has a safety five button press lock and the entire device as been well constructed for durability and a long lifespan.

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Jac Vapour Products and Kits

JAC Vapour have lots of different starter kits on offer, from a cheap £18.99 for their “Social Kit”, which really is for those who just wish to try out an E-Cig. This kit includes everything you need to start vaping. With this kit you will receive 1x rechargeable battery, 1x USB charger and 5 mixed cartridges. Pretty good deal, right? If you’re looking to start vaping though, I would go for one of the kits that come with a bit more – otherwise, you may feel limited with so simple starter kit.

The other kits come with much more, and the main starter kits really begin at £29.99 going up to £65.99 for a kit with everything you could want. Check out their website to compare them all. I almost went for the Basic Starter Kit for £26.99 until I saw that it didn’t come with a Portable Charging Case, or PCC, so I opted for the V1P PCC starter kit instead which cost me £29.99. It depends on the individual vaper, but I always go for kits with a PCC if available, since they are so much more convenient. This kit included the PCC, a USB charger, 1 battery (with an option to add a spare for £9.99), 5 carts (you can choose the flavours), and some other accessories like different coloured tips to customise the E-Cigarette yourself.

The product itself seems to be designed for individual customisation – as I said, you can choose pretty much everything, even including the colour of the bung (mouthpiece). If you are looking to have options at your disposal, I can’t think of a more appropriate choice than this. You can also use E-Liquid to refill your JAC Vapour cartridges, which adds another dimension for those who are interested in saving money. I am more than happy to refill them myself if it means more money in my wallet! Now it’s time to dive deeper in our JAC Vapour review…
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Battery Life

So my starter kit only came with 1 battery, and I elected not to pay the extra £9.99 for a spare, just to see how I went with one. For everything I say, bear in mind that with 2 batteries, and the PCC you will normally have at least one charged battery at all times. I am more of a medium vaper, so the time it took to charge wasn’t that much of an issue for me, but for heavier vapers, you should seriously consider the second battery, or you will quickly lose patience with continually recharging.jacvapour pcc

JacVapour V1P PCC with batteries

One thing others have complained about is that the batteries have become easily broken while cleaning them, so watch out for this, and take care while cleaning – follow the instructions well. These same people have reported that the customer service was very helpful with any issues.

Vapour & Throat hit

Well, firstly, I was very satisfied with the way it hit my throat – it was immediate, smooth and put out a lot of vapour. Since the vapour produced was actually as good as most of the decent brands, there isn’t much more to say here – just that it was a very positive experience, like other leading E-Cigs. The whole vaping process is really simple – just take a deep drag and you will feel a nice throat hit with a nice vapour volume. I must say that in category Vapour/Throat hit JacVapour definitely is one of the best performers.

Taste & Flavours

You can select your flavours when you buy your kit, but you then get 5 of the same – this was a slight downside to me, as I would have liked to have been able to choose a variety. It seems to me that with all the options on the website, and being able to personalise and customise the kit you receive, the extra step of being able to choose 5 carts individually would have been nice.
So I ordered the medium strength tobacco flavour, and wasn’t disappointed at all – a good, realistic tobacco flavour, which reminded me of when I used to smoke real cigarettes. There are many other flavours on offer, but to experience the starter kit as it comes, I didn’t get to try them, so have a look on their website, and see which ones take your fancy.

jac vapour flavours

JacVapour E-liquid Taster Tin

Return Policy

JAC Vapour has several options when it comes to returns and warranties. The first is their 14-day money back guarantee. That covers all products, except cartomisers and e-liquids. The original buyer must give notice to JAC Vapour that they are returning a product within 14 days of the date purchased. All batteries and charging equipment have a warranty of at least 42 day with the personal charging cases having a warranty for 4 months.

As with all warranties, JAC Vapour’s warranties does not cover misuse or tampering of product by the customer. It also seem that their warranty does not cover shipping outside of the UK, which is unfortunate for customers not located in the UK.

Jacvapour Discount Code

Use this JacVapour discount code to get a 5% off on all orders when you enter this code at the checkout.

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It’s time to finish this Jacvapour review, so here is my final conclusion:

Overall, I was pretty impressed with JAC Vapour – the PCC is what normally what I go for, and I really liked it – it was really strong and I can’t see you having any problems with it for a long time! I would have preferred better options on the flavours available as part of the starter kit – basically to be able to pick several individual flavours instead of one, but the flavour itself was good.

The price for this, which is a good kit, is comparable to other decent kits, although the price can go up by adding more accessories to the kit. Overall, I would recommend JAC Vapour to those who want a good quality, stylish looking E-Cig and PCC, because this certainly fits that description, and then from there, you can customise it to make it your own.
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