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Hookah Pens

Introduction of Hookah Pens

Hookah Pens

If you haven’t yet encountered a hookah pen in your journey through the best electronic cigarettes, then you might hear the term and imagine some giant caterpillar blowing vapor rings around a young blonde girl in an imaginary world just beyond the mirror’s edge. Well, Alice and her friends have nothing on the real-life vaping experience that you can enjoy with hookah pens. In fact, these pens represent the latest evolutionary offshoot of the e-cigarette, and could be just the vaping tool you’ve been searching for. Of course, that naturally brings one question to mind: what are hookah pens anyway?

A hookah pen is essentially a completely re-imagined vaping device. Rather than being just another long, thin cigarette lookalike, the hookah pen is designed to mimic smoking in a stylish way that is almost retro in its attitude. While electronic cigarettes go out of their way to be as inconspicuous as possible – with many outright imitating the size and shape of a standard electronic cigarette and others being made so small that they are almost unnoticeable when you’re holding them, the hookah takes the opposite approach.

Today’s hookah pens seek the limelight. They come in bold designs and colors designed to appeal to that retro 60s attitude that sparked a decade of protest songs and counter cultural trends. They also come in some pretty exciting flavors, without using real tobacco or including nicotine in their recipes. All of that can make them an attractive option for those who have quit smoking, but still want to enjoy the physical action of inhaling a flavored vapor – without the chemicals and other nasty compounds that can be so damaging to their health.


The Pros and Cons

Here’s the thing about electronic cigarettes, and by extension, hookahs. The hookah pen converts flavored e liquid into vapor. And while some people still seem to be confused about the nature of this vapor and mistakenly assume that it is basically the same as the smoke from a tobacco cigarette, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, there is nothing similar about smoke and vapor, except for its appearance and many use electronic cigarette to quit smoking.

Take, for example, the thousands of chemicals pouring out in your cigarette smoke. Many of them can kill you, since there are various poisons and carcinogens lurking in the mists. With vapor, there are no such additives, and thus you never get exposed to all of those harmful compounds. That fact alone makes e-cigs and hookahs a better and safer option.

Hookah Pen

But the vapor is also safer for people in the vicinity of the vaping enthusiast, since it doesn’t contain all of those second-hand dangers that helped lead to so many laws and regulations limiting smoking activities around the world. It’s odorless, harmless, and a far superior option for people who just have to enjoy an activity that mimics the smoking habit.

For those who are committed to nicotine enjoyment, however, hookahs have little to offer. With the hookah, the experience is all about the flavor rather than the nicotine fix. As a result, you shouldn’t expect to fire up your hookah pen and enjoy that nicotine satisfaction that you receive when you smoke a cigarette or break out your standard e-cig device. Instead, you get nothing but thick vapor that delivers any of a number of exciting and exotic flavors.

If you’ve smoked a real hookah before, you should be prepared to receive less vapor than the traditional hookah smoke that you might be accustomed to. That can be either a positive or a negative, depending upon your preference – but it is definitely something to be aware of.

The hookah pen can also be a more expensive way to enjoy your hookah flavors – though it is also usually less expensive than many disposable e-cig brands. If cost matters to you, then it is smart to be on the lookout for the best price offerings to ensure that you get the savings you need.

It is also worth mentioning that there are jurisdictions that are banning the public use of all types of electronic vaporizers – including e-cigs and hookah pens. Is there a legitimate and scientific reason for the fears that have moved these cities to enact these restrictions? Of course not. But since when have humans ever needed a real reason to do anything? Just be aware of the laws to ensure that you’re in compliance.

Many start out with these hookah pens but move on to more advanced devices like the VaporFi Vox TC mod or the VEX TC mod which produce more power and hence more vapor.

If you’re a current smoker who’s tried to give up the smoking habit and nicotine but found that the physical habit is too strong to leave behind, then hookah pens or electronic cigarette can help. If you’re a vaping enthusiast looking for a nicotine-free way to enjoy new and exciting flavors, then the hookah may suit but if your after more power and more vapor then go for one of the best box mods. Of course, the real proof comes from testing it yourself, so give a hookah pen a try today.



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