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The side view of an e-cigar

Introducing The Allure of the E-Cigar

Introducing The ECigar

The end of that extreme risk suddenly came into clear view with the advent of the electronic cigarette. As studies have shown these devices to be as much as 95% safer than traditional tobacco offerings, millions of former smokers have flocked to vaping as a way to enjoy their nicotine without subjecting their lungs to the thousands of toxic chemicals that tobacco manufacturers put into their products. For cigar lovers, that new trend of smokeless nicotine enjoyment has resulted in the creation of the e-cigar. Those electronic versions of the old reliable tobacco cigar have slowly evolved in the last few years to the point where they now have the same kind of unique allure that cigars have always held for those who use them.

If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve spent years enjoying that rare sensation that only a cigar can provide, then you understand the power that cigar tobacco has long held over so many casual smokers. Even devoted health gurus like the great Arnold Schwarzenegger have long appreciated the singular taste and relaxation that cigars can add to a person’s life experiences. At the same time, however, most of us have long recognized that there is no such thing as harmless combustible tobacco. Yes, even cigars have posed at least some risk to those who use them.


The side view of an e-cigar


Dynamic Devices

First, let’s be clear about one thing. If you’re entranced by the sheer elegance of fine cigar packaging – and what aficionado isn’t – then you might think that the packaging for an e-cigar would come as a disappointment. Think again. Some of them come in boxes that have been as carefully crafted as the devices themselves – lined with felt, and elegantly decorated with an aged, wood outer appearance. Many e-cigars have gone to great effort to recreate that cigar look, with textured brown shells and intricately detailed wraps that all but indistinguishable from fine cigars.

Apart from flavor, e-cigars are just fun. I know that’s nothing that most people would ever say about their tobacco cigarettes or cigars, but it’s true.E-cigar at another angle Like e-cigs, e-cigars come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and capabilities – and that makes them exciting and entertaining. Just go to a conference or other venue showcasing these devices, and you’ll be surprised to see just how diverse and captivating they can be.

Of course, you can get a bit more playful than that, opting for cigars or even cigarillos with more stylistic designs and shapes. There are even e-pipes for those who want to be a little more ostentatious about their vaping. You can even choose from disposable e-cigars and rechargeable devices that you can use over and over again. You could say that e-cigars have evolved from being a novelty act in the world of vaping, and have finally started to come into their own.



Having tried a few different e-cigar brands, I’m comfortable recommending just about any of them – at least when it comes to vapor production. While I’ve used some e-cigarettes that failed to meet my need for vapor clouds, I have yet to see an e-cigar that didn’t meet my minimum standards in that regard. Ultimately, though, you’ll need to be the judge, since your preferences may differ from mine.

Most of your attention should be directed toward finding the right flavors, though. My recommendation is to hit a local vape bar that allows you to spend a few hours sampling the different offerings in the shop. That can give you a low-cost way to experiment with as many different juices as possible to find the one (or five!) you really prefer. The important thing is to get started with your e-cigar use as soon as possible so that you can begin to enjoy the health benefits and great taste that these remarkable products can offer.


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Electronic Cigarettes • January 11, 2017

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