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Intellicig Review –

Intellicig Review- The Brand

Intellicig is an established e-cigarette company based in the north-west of England, and has been around since 2008. It has grown into a well reputed brand and now has around 40 employees. They are one of the few e-cigarette companies whose e-liquid is produced in the UK.

My Experience with Intellicig

I ordered the standard starter kit and it arrived within a few days, and included ten free refill capsules with £7.99, so we were off to a good start. Unlike a lot of other e-cigarettes, Intellicig’s starter kit e-cig comes in pieces: a battery, a vapour device and a refill capsule, which is different to others and took a bit of getting used to, but made no difference when it came to vaping. Their website was easy to navigate and order, and the experience was pleasant, as we will see below.Intellicig review

Intellicig Review- Product and Kits

As I mentioned, I bought the Starter Kit, which comes with 1 vapour device, 1 battery, 1 USB charger and 5 refill capsules, which the website states equates to 30 cigarettes, meaning each one only equals 6 regular cigarettes. At the time of writing, Intellicig also has a special offer where they send you a further 10 free refill capsules with your starter kit (worth £7.99). I ordered my kit in black, and personally, I find it looks really cool. As with some other brands, you have the choice of using disposable cartomisers or refillable capsules and e-liquid.

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Intellicig Review- Battery Life

intellicig batteryThe battery life itself was decent, lasting a few hours for me as a pretty average vaper. You can and probably should buy an extra battery to use Intellicig in the longer term, since it is always handy to have a spare – nothing worse than running out on the road and then having to wait a few hours before you can vape again. An extra battery with Intellicig costs £9.49.

Intellicig Review- Vapour / Smoke

Although this is one of the cheaper options for a starter kit, the vapour volume was pretty good, and the throat hit, I would say sufficient. It maybe wasn’t quite as good as the top performers in this category, but for this price, I was happy with what I got.

Intellicig Review- Taste / Flavours

intellicig flavoursI have to say I was surprised by the lack of flavours on offer here – especially bearing in mind the company has been producing e-cigs for a few years now. Most of the longer established and even many newer brands have far more to choose from.The 3 flavours on offer are simply: Tobacco (regular or rich) and Menthol.

What flavours there are, though, actually taste really good. If what you are after is replacing regular tobacco cigarettes with the cigarettes, then this brand might work for you as the regular tobacco flavour is accurate, as is the menthol. The rich tobacco flavour actually tastes just like it sounds – like regular tobacco cigarettes but with a fuller and richer taste.If you prefer to try lots of different flavours, then it might be a good idea to check out our reviews of some of the other main e-cig brands, for example Neatcigs, with a comparable price but more flavours on offer.

The other thing with the refill capsules, which cost £7.99 for 10, is that each only lasts for the equivalent of 6 normal cigarettes, meaning the value compared to other e-cig brands is not as high. However, if you choose to buy e-liquid and refill them yourself, this becomes much better value – you can buy 10 empty capsules for £4, and 10ml or 30ml of e-liquid for £7.50 or £15 respectively. They also do sell regular cartomisers at 5 for £9.99 (where each cart equals 20 cigarettes), so this will also bring better value.

Intellicig Review-  Returns Policy

Intellicig gives a 30-day money back guarantee, but also just a 30 day warranty, so if you do check them out, make sure you work out whether you want to keep it within the first couple of weeks so you have time to return it if necessary. From my experience with them, I think most people will be happy with the performance at this price point.

Intellicig Review- Conclusion

I would say there are better brands on the market, but for a beginning vaper, you could do a lot worse. First of all, it is a decent price for a starter kit, and you get everything you need to get going. If you are mainly looking for tobacco flavours, then you will find these to be good quality and nice tasting, with the e-liquid also being made here in the UK, meaning better quality control. Also, if you refill the cartridges yourself, then you can also get good value out of Intellicig. If you are after trying different flavours, and using a more basic, 2-piece e-cig, then check out our reviews of

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