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Innokin MVP4 Vape Mod Review For Strategic Vaping

We have been waiting a while for this. The ECCR Innokin MVP4 vape mod review will cover this 4th generation Innokin product that is designed with advanced capabilities but we see this device as a chance to vape strategically. By strategically I am talking about getting the most out of normal range sub ohm vaping. With a 100 watt capacity, this is not a cloud chasing device. The MVP4 is equipped with the new, very accurate AETHON chip and an internal 4500 mAh battery. So what we have here, ideally, is a very accurate, very long lasting mod that lets you vape extensively. Let’s do some background.

Innokin is one of the pioneers in box mods. The MVP series has been around for many years. With each new release, the MVP mods took on the new technology of the time. The first two MVP mods carried the iTaste preface in their name. Now the newest  iTatse name is still being used by by the Innokin iTaste Kroma. Now the MVP mods are simply….MVP.

The Innokin MVP3 was a 30 watt variable wattage and variable voltage, remember that? We don’t see variable voltage as an option on mods anymore. Buy the way, if you by chance want an Innokin MVP3 you can still get one from Mt Baker Vapor here. After the MVP3 there was the MVP3 Pro which is a 60 watt vaping device.

So the Innokin MVP4 brings together the latest technology. But, while most other companies are loading up 200 watt mods with multiple vaping options, the MVP4 focuses on a lower capacity power output with razor sharp accuracy. An accuracy based on the proven AETHON processor and an internal LiPo (lithium polymer) battery. A lithium polymer battery can store more power than a lithium ion and discharge at a greater rate. So when you ask for 100 watts you will get 100 watts!

Innokin MVP4 100 Watt Mod

innokin mvp4 review 100 watts and tc compatible

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Honestly doing the Innokin MVP4 review was like a trip down memory lane. Innokin box mods have been around for five years now. Putting aside nostalgia for the moment, the lengthy history of this line of mods serves as a good starting point to make an evaluation. Much like you expect a lot from a new model of a Sony TV, the same can apply to MVP mods. Listen, these are proven performers and vaping workhorses. The previous versions of MVP mods prove a long track record for durability and performance.

The reason that I like this is because let’s face it, most day to day vaping happens in the 50 to 100 watt range. So lets keep it in that range and use the extra battery capacity for longer lasting vaping. Days even. There is a sizably niche for a mod like this. So let’s see what else it can do:

  • Size: 24 mm thick by 46 mm wide by 94 mm tall
  • Size in inches: .94 inches thick by 1.8 inches wide by 3.7 inches tall
  • Gold plated 510 pin
  • Temperature control vaping range is 150 to 315°C or 300 to 600 °F
  • Dry fire prevention
  • Wattage range is 6 Watts to 100 W in 0.5 increments
  • Wattage adjusts in 5 watt increments in the temp control modes
  • Battery: 4500 mAh LiPo
  • Standby current is 200 uA max
  • Maximum output current is 35.5 A
  • The maximum working current is 30 A
  • Maximum output voltage is 7.5 Volts
  • Atomizer resistance: 0.1ohm (Minimum)
  • Temperature control vaping mode options: Ni (0.1-0.2ohm), Ti (0.1-0.5ohm), SS316L (0.2-1.0ohm)

The mod comes in five different color choices. The price is at about the $65 mark and comes with the mod with internal battery and charging cable.

The Innokin MVP4 tips the scales at 192 grams or 6.7 ounces. The verdict is that at this size and weight it is very comfortable to hold and carry. The button locations are perfect for ease of use. It is not too heavy and it is impressive that a hand help mod that is the size of a single 18650 mod actually carries 4500 mAh of capacity. A lot of juice in a small space. The build is simple and solid.

where to buy the mvp4 100 watt tc vapor device

Vaping The Innokin MVP4

Couple of things. The AETHON chip is a proven, very accurate and reliable processor. You can vape in variable power. You can vape in temp control for Ni, Ti and SS316L stainless steel coils. The menu to access the vaping options is so simple. Hold the power button and up button at the same time will let you scroll through the four options. Hold the power button and down button at the same time to check the atomizer resistance. Keep holding to flip the screen. Very simple.

The AETHON chip is accurate and easy. With the LiPo battery you will get the full power deliver that you dial in. No problem there. The only concern is that as good as the AETHON chip is, it is not firmware upgradeable. If you are happing with the vaping options that you have, that’s all well and good. And honestly, here is the real distinction. This mod is a basic workhorse and perhaps not the mod for the aficionado. If you want TCR and future upgrades for new coil wires you might want something else. But if you want a workhorse that will cover the basics then the MVP4 might be just the thing.

The vaping is very good. The responsiveness is excellent. The AETHON chip has a 0.2 second fire so not quite instantaneous but a very responsive vape nonetheless.

In all modes of temperature control I never had a dry hit. The vapor output is very consistent and smooth. I enjoy the cool vapor and am happy to report that this mod delivers as designed. Very good vaping performance.

Compatible Atomizers

The 24 mm diameter accommodates most vape tanks. Any atomizer tank with a diameter larger that 24 mm will overhang slightly. Testing for the Innokin MVP4 vape mod review I used the Halo Jag6 tank in variable wattage modes. This is a 25 mm tank and there was a bit of overhang but I don’t consider that a big deal. Most tanks are going to fit just fine. Even the new TFV12 is a wide diameter tank but only 25 mm at the base.

For temp control vaping I used the Joyetech Ultimo tank with stainless steel notch coils. Like I said earlier the temp control vaping the the MVP4 is very steady, there are no noticeable lags. Very good. But I bring this up because the Ultimo is a 22 mm tank with no overhang and a very good choice for this mod. So I don’t think overhang is a big deal but if you don’t like the overhang I get that. So if you tank is 24 mm in diameter or less you won’t have to think about overhang.

Now I have heard via the grapevine that not all atomizers fit flush. I tried 12 different tanks and they all connected flush with the top of the MVP4 mod. I’m hearing some Geek Vape atomizers won’t fit flush. They will still work but there will be a gap between the base of the tank and the mod. Apparently the SuperTank series, Avocado and Conquerer Mini also fit into the category. They will work but you may have an annoying gap if using one of these atomizers. But for the vast majority of vape tanks you will not have this little gap to worry about.

MVP4 Mod Has Very Fast Charging

The Innokin MVP4 mod has very fast 2 amp charging. This is twice as fast as the vast majority of mods on the market. This is a major plus in my book. We know the Innokin MVP4 has an internal battery. So when you run out of juice you just can’t swap out the 18650s like we do for most devices. Because it has an internal LiPo and we can’t swap batteries fast charging becomes very important.

  • Full battery charge time at 2 amps – 1:30 to 1:45

You can fully charge the 4500 mAh battery at 2 amps in an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes. That’s about all there is to say about that. The fast charging speaks for itself.

Innokin MVP4 Power Bank Feature

innokin map 4 review and power bank connection

For those of you who like the idea of a mod doubling as a power bank you may be wondering why I have waited until this point of the Innokin MVP4 vape mod review to even get to it. Well, to be honest as an electronic cigarette reviewer I see this function as more of a novelty. Is it cool? Sure. Is it important? That is subjective. But it is not really related to this device in terms of how to works and its value as a vape mod. At least that’s my subjective position but I admit I may be underestimating the value of the power bank feature. For you, this may be a huge factor. So calm down and let me tell you about it!

There are connections on the MVP4 for both ends of a USB cable. One for charging and one to charge other devices. If you have the MVP3 Pro the USB outlet is on the bottom where as on the MVP4 it is on the side, a much better location because your mod can site upright as you charge you phone or iPad, Tablet whatever.

How useful is this? Well a small cell phone will probably have a 2000 mAh battery and a larger cell phone a 3000 mAh battery. So if you fully charge your cell phone with the Innokin MVP4 you will still have between 1500 mAh and 2000 mAh for vaping. The power bank feature could be very useful. Certainly a comfort to have as an emergency back up.

Innokin MVP4 Vape Mod Review Wrap-Up

new mvp4 with author chip mod kit for sale

Let’s wrap up this Innokin MVP4 review! Getting down to nuts and bolts. If you are wanting something more powerful and upgradeable then take a look at the Smok GX350 350 watt mod. Look, I love the powerful mods and I love the MVP4 ,too. I admit that some of my attraction is no doubt the nostalgia factor. Having been around vaping for so many years it is nice to the classic from the early days being revised and modernized. It takes me back to easy memories when vaping was more fringe than it is now. That said, yes, I have some sentimental bias, but the MVP4 is a genuinely excellent mod. And it does fill a niche for a long lasting every day vaping device.

So who is this for? If your day to day vaping occurs under 100 watts and you seldom venture over that, then the MVP4 is for you. If you want an internal battery so you dot have to buy separate batteries then the MVP4 is a good choice. The fast charging ability and power bank feature may also be considered major pros.

The bottom line on the MVP4 is this. Its a working persons mod. Its a workhorse. It is not a showpiece, it is built to do a job not be flashy. The very sturdy build and basic design is designed to take a beating and keep on going. The range of vaping options meets the needs of most vapers. A very large battery capacity translates to the ability to vape longer between having to re-charge. If you work in a rough and tumble environment the MVP4 can take what your day dishes out.

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