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The IJOY Wand Vape Kit

IJOY Wand Starter Kit Review

The IJOY Wand Vape Kit

In-depth IJOY Wand Vape Pen Kit Review

IJoy has released a new vape pen or mod tube as some people like to call them named the IJOY Wand. With a built-in 2600 mAh 30A lithium battery and packaged with the Diamond sub ohm tank, this device has good potential. So how does the Wand kit compete with the best vape pens on the market? Shall we take a look to see!

A few of the colors of the IJOY Wand


The IJoy Wand is available in a ridiculous choice of colors, 11 in fact, including black, stainless steel, gunmetal, black, white, red, purple, green and so on, pretty much all the colors of the rainbow, and in fact including rainbow!

Measuring in at just less than 140mm tall, including the tank, and a diameter of 24.5 this vape pen is of reasonable size considering the battery capacity of 2600mAh. If you want to use your own tank, you can get away with anything 25mm in diameter or smaller without having any overhang.

With vape pens, there’s really not a lot to the design and the Wand is no different, with a pretty basic battery shaft and a pentagonal fire button ¾ of the way up. They have included some graffiti type graphics at the base of the battery shaft, and of course your USB port, but that’s about it!

The IJOY Wand Kit in plain black


The iJoy Wand uses the IWEPAL chipset which has a number of protection elements to is which include short-circuiting protection, and low power protection, to make the device safe to use for both novices and more advanced vaper. This is pretty common to have these protection circuits and features in all the best electronic cigarettes these days.

The vape pen can fire with any coil which has a resistance between 0.05-3ohms, which pretty much covers all the tanks and coils out there.

There is a small LED light on the fire button which tells the user when the battery is charging with a red light turning to green when it’s fully charged. The LED also has a battery indicator signal, flashing 10 times when the voltage is below 3.4 volts.

The IJoy Diamond Tank

Diamond Sub Ohm Tank

The Diamond Sub Ohm Tank has a 5.5ml capacity with the use of the bubble glass but also has the standard glass which lowers the capacity to just 4ml.

One thing we loved to see is the mesh coils; we are a big fan of these types of coils thanks to the great flavor they deliver. IJoy claims their mesh coil on the Diamond tank has uniform heating characteristics, which increases the contact area between the heating mesh and the cotton. Shame you only get one of them in the kit, the DM 0.15ohm mesh coil, but they do include a standard 0.15ohm coil as well.

View of the Wand from the top


With these types of vape pens, there’s really no set up, no setting wattage or temperature! Just simply wick the coil, fill the tank and you all set.

We’re using the DM 0.15 mesh coil which is preinstalled and with the battery fully charged we ready to test! Now when the battery is fully charged the Ijoy wand is going to be operating at its top wattage of 100Watts, so please make sure that cotton in the coil is well saturated first. There’s nothing worse than a dry hit!

The flavor coming from the Diamond tank is really very good; it seems there’s instant flavor. The cloud production is really very good too with a nice smooth feel. One thing we noticed, the flavor actually gets better the more you vape it. This is down to 2 critical factors, the first being the cotton within the mesh coil getting further saturation but the 2nd and most important is the slow drain of the battery reducing the output wattage to around 80-90 watts which is the sweet spot for these coils.

2 Ijoy Wands side by sideFlipping over the standard DM coil you notice the slight drop in flavor. You still get the good clouds and great airflow, but once you’ve vaped the mesh, it’s a little less flavourful so will suit the stronger tasting e-liquids.


To Conclude

Overall the IJoy Wand kit is a nice easy to use vape pen that does everything you expect it too. It would have been nice to include some wattage controls as we saw on the iJoy Saber kit, but I guess they are aiming at the newbie user on this one.

Some great flavors are experienced with the mesh coil within the Diamond tank, we would have liked to see a spare mesh coil instead of the spare standard coil. That said, if you have some pretty strong e-liquid flavors the mesh coil might be a little overpowering when the standard coil may suit better.

The Ijoy Wand kit is pretty much perfect for all types of vapers, especially those who are looking to quit smoking with e-cigs as it’s really easy to use, no set up is required, just wick the coil, fill with juice and start vaping!

Electronic Cigarettes • June 25, 2018

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