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The specs of the iJoy EXO S

High Quality Stainless Steel and Glass Construction: iJoy EXO S Tank Review

The Specifications and Features

The specs of the iJoy EXO S

 iJoy has incorporated the XS-C1 coil into its design to improve the MRL experience and provide a purer, smoother hit for vapers. The tank’s design is compact, and it’s made to handle both MTL and direct-lung draws – providing users with greater flexibility without the need to use multiple devices. Naturally, it’s also built to work with a wide variety of today’s mods.

The tank’s body is 47 mm in length, and its diameter clocks in at the standard 22 mm. That’s always a good sign when you’re looking for compatibility with other components. The juice capacity is 3.2 ml, which is respectable for such a compact unit. Its capacity should also help it to comply with EU regulations that have called for smaller tank capacities due to some odd notion that smaller tanks somehow make life safer for society. Go figure. Sadly, small and mid-size tanks are about all we can expect to see for the foreseeable future, thanks to governments around the world.


The EXO S Tank in pieces

Still, a low price doesn’t automatically make for a great product. And that brings us to the larger question: how well does this tank hold up in terms of compatibility with other device components, reliability, and ease of use? We’re happy to say that the iJoy EXO S Tank lived up to our expectations on every front.


In Use

The EXO S Tank being vapedFirst, it’s important to note that we tried the tank with a number of different mods, like the Smok Alien Kit and the VaporFi VAIO 75 and were satisfied with its performance in each instance. It fits well with different manufacturer models, and seems to provide uniformly good vapor production regardless of which mod it’s being partnered with. That’s not always the case when we review different tank options, as some that claim to be flexible enough to use with multiple mod types often end up being difficult to deal with from one mod to the next.

The MTL vaping is smoother than we thought it would be, and setup is easy enough that even a beginner should be able to manage it. The device should also be European compliant in the leak department. No matter which mod we used in our tests, we had no mod difficulties. Everything seals up nice and tight, and the glass structure is about as sound as it gets.



So, Give it a try; we’re sure you’ll love it. Our overall impression is favorable, as we like the way the tank looks, and we are convinced that it is one of the most compatible tank units we’ve seen in quite some time.  And, as we noted in our commentary, the tank is sturdy, leak proof, and sizeable enough to meet most vapers’ needs. When you add in the fact that you can own it for around $20, it’s easy to understand why we’re comfortable giving it a clear and positive endorsement.


iJoy EXO S Tank ReviewiJoy EXO S Tank price

Electronic Cigarettes • January 19, 2017

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