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HCigar VT75 Vape Mod Review DNA Evolv Powered

We have got another review of a DNA 75 vape mod. This time it’s the HCigar VT75 vape mode review. Lately, I have been testing a lot of DNA mods because it is my belief that the immediate future of accessing new vaping technology will not be new devices, it will be in the form of firmware upgrades. It is likely that until the FDA regulations are challenged and defeated in court that new product releases are going to be few and far between.

Mods with upgradeable firmware will essentially enable you to review an existing device with a technology makeover. The HCigar VT 75 is a device that is powered by Evolv, the gold standard, and will enable you to always be able to access new and better technology in spite of FDA overreach. Once you download Escribe, you can always manage your vaping experience and be open to future innovations on vaping.

It’s pretty simple actually. Should a new advance be made in vaping technology, the Evolv DNA chip in the HCigar VT75 allows you to go into Escribe and access any new technology.This may include an upgrade to operate in temperature control mode with a new coil material. Or it may enable you to get more power out of the VT75. It is hard to predict what the upgrades may be but the point is that a DNA mod has a future.

I am very strongly recommending that vapers buy mods that can be upgraded. So I am going to do a HCigar VT75 vape mod review to help you decide if this is the road that you want to go down with your vaping.

HCigar VT75 Battery Options

ecig mods that use 26650 battery

The HCigar VT75 DNA mod will work with both an 18650 battery and a 26650 battery. The battery compartment will accommodate a larger capacity 26650 battery. The battery cap on the HCigar VT75 is ultra smooth and the connecting pin is adjustable with a small screwdriver. You will need to adjust the pin depending on which battery you are using.

To use a single 18650 vape battery, you insert a sleeve and then insert the battery into the sleeve. The sleeve may seem a little loose but once you screw in the battery cap and adjust the pin everything fits snug and there will be no rattle. The design is excellent and functional.

The number of vape mods that work with an 26650 battery is increasing. The main benefit of a 26650 is a longer battery life. A 26650 can also deliver more power faster. For the HCigar VT75 vape mod review, I used it with a single LG HE2 18650 battery. I do have a 26650 and tried it out, it worked great, but frankly I simply have more 18650s and only one 26650 that I usually keep in my IPV Yaris.

Having 2 battery options is an excellent idea and a huge plus for the HCigar VT75 DNA mod.

HCigar CT75 Vape Mod Review

hcigar vt75 vape mod review

The HCigar VT75 DNA TC mod is a well built, fully capable DNA mod. It comes with several pre-sets that you can customize in Escribe. Like all DNA Evolv chips, the temperature control vaping experience is brilliant. You can also vape in variable wattage. This is a high performance vape mod that is diverse and just wonderfully responsive. If you would like a pre-set in variable wattage then you can modify one of the TC settings into a variable wattage pre-set.

The build quality and comfort factors are excellent. The design is top flight and the engineering is precise. The 510 is very large and can accommodate 30 mm tanks without any overhang. If you have a 22 mm or 23 mm tank, the VT75 actually comes with a beauty ring that you can use in conjunction with the tank for a nice aesthetic. I never used the beauty ring doing the HCigar VT75 vape mod review because I have no style! For you, you just might love it.

HCigar VT75 specs include:

  • Ni200, Ti, and SS316 TC vaping capable
  • 50 Amp output
  • Temperature control vaping range is 200 F to 600F
  • Atomizer resistance range Kanthal: 0.1ohm-2.0ohm
  • TC Atomizer resistance range  is 0.08-1.0ohm
  • Custom TCR settings (opens possibility for additional coil options)
  • 0.91 Inch OLED display with screen protector
  • Single 26650 or 18650 (Battery Not Included)
  • There are two color options (Black and Red)
  • Custom LED button below firing button(Ability To Change The Colors)
  • Patent Pending Temp Protection
  • Micro USB Port (Charging & EScribe)
  • Chrome Plated Menu & Firing Button
  • Stainless Steel 510 Connection
  • Spring Loaded 510 Pin
  • Removable 510 Connection
  • Included Atomizer Beauty Ring For 22 & 23mm Atomizers
  • 89mm x 52mm x 32mm

Using The HCigar VT 75

The HCigar operates just like other DNA 75 mods. Five clicks to turn it on and another five clicks to access all of your menu options. You can power down by accessing the menu. The screen is brilliantly lit and very easy to read. It is small and sometimes I hear from vapers who have a hard time reading screens and don’t always want to be digging for their glasses. Perhaps at some point someone will launch a touch screen DNA mod. In the meantime, if you want a bigger, easy to read screen check out the Laisimo L3.

Back to the VT75 review, I have to comment on the buttons. The buttons are awesome. They click perfectly and are very resilient. They are easy access and responsive. It feels great and to be honest, it was a surprise just how well made and designed this device is. I was not familiar with HCigar and honestly my first experience with one of their products, They have done a fantastic job with this device. I did not know if I would end up reviewing and recommending this puppy but after testing it was a slam dunk. This is a recommended mod.

The one thing that I wonder about is why the 510 connection is removable. Perhaps HCigar has something in mind for the future such as an atomizer that directly contacts the battery? Total speculation. This is a beautiful, solid device that is going to stand the test of time. The HCigar VT 75 is designed to evolve with new technologies and new possibilities. It will serve you well.

HCigar VT75 Vape Mod

Electronic Cigarettes • August 25, 2016

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