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Halo Jag6 Vape Tank With Top Airflow And Ceramic Coils

Are you looking for something different in an affordable, premium quality subohm tank? If so then perhaps it’s time to take a minute and check out the new Halo Jag6 vape tank. Take a look at what an American electronic cigarette company is offering. Also, you should know that Halo and parent company Nicopure are on the leading edge of fighting for your right to vape in American courts. And know that you do not compromise quality when you support a top US brand like Halo Cigs.

The hardware offered by the best American vape companies, like Halo, is often overlooked by vapers and that is a shame. The knock is that the US brands simply rebrand successful imported products. Yes and no but even if it were totally true, so what? Sure, you can get an eLeaf mod for the Jag6 that is pretty much the same as the Halo Reactor Mega mod. They are in the same price range. Halo is not charging huge mark ups. Halo Cigs prices are among the best in the business.

Bear with me for a sec. If you buy an eLeaf mod from a vape shop you won’t really know its authentic until you get home and check the authenticity code and if thee is a warranty issue the shop will tell you to call someone in China. Good luck with that. If you get a Reactor Mega mod from Halo Cigs, you can know with certainty that you are getting authentic quality. You know that if you have a warranty issue you can call Halo Cigs directly and talk to somebody in Florida who will help you. There are a lot of advantages to buying your hardware from a US company like Halo. And that includes the new Jag6 sub ohm vape tank.

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Halo Jag6 Vape Tank

The Halo Jag6 vape tank is a top fill tank with top airflow and utilizes ceramic coils. The Jag6 features a dual chimney in combination with top airflow control. What is the purpose of the dual chimney? It cools the vapor twice as fast as a regular chimney. That means you can enjoy sub ohm vaping and chasing the clouds more comfortably and enjoyably.

The tank has a stainless steel construction and a 4 ml e-liquid capacity. It comes in either a stainless steel or a black finish. You can get 0.2 ohm or 0.5 ohm ceramic coils. The ceramic coils are very long lasting and deliver a clean flavor experience.

The build quality is excellent. Halo Cigs may be know for their award winning e-juice and that is well deserved but Halo hardware is likewise excellent in quality. The Jag6 tank makes great clouds and stands out in terms of flavor. If you are a flavor chaser, then you should take a look at the Jag 6.


Halo Jag6 Vape Tank Review

halo jag6 vape tank review

There are a couple of different versions of this tank available. There is a Jag6 RDTA and a Jag6 mini. The mini is also an RDTA so you build your own coils. We wanted to cover the jag6 and the pre-built ceramic coils. Our focus right now is a Halo Jag6 vape tank review. This is the 4 ml version that works with the ceramic coils.

I have been vaping Halo e-cigs and e-liquids for many years. So I am aware that I may be biased in favor of Halo so to guard against bias I did test the Jag6 with skeptical approach. I decided to look for problems. That way I could measure the pros and cons to determine an unbiased Halo Jag6 review. So here are my pros and cons:


  • Excellent build quality including smooth connections with no leaks
  • Vapor production is very good
  • Vapor flavor is excellent
  • Easy to use and fill
  • Excellent airflow


  • Uses a lot of e-juice

So the Pros do have it. I rate the vapor as very good because although it is a lot of vapor I would not go so far as to call it a cloud chasing tank. The best part of the vaping experience with the Halo Cigs Jag 6 is the cool vapor and rich flavor.

The coils are very long lasting! Depending on how much you vape these ceramic coils can last up to a month. I preferred the 0.5 ohm coils but did get more vapor with the 0.2 ohm coils. A 50 to 100 watt device is all you need to fully enjoy this tank. Both types of coils are great for flavor and vapor. In all, I think this is a tank that deserves a lot of attention. Halo and Evo e-liquids will always be what this brand is most famous for but I’m telling you they also have fantastic hardware. The Jag6 won’t be reviewed by the big YouTube reviewers nor will it be talked about on Reddit or in vape shops. But it should be.

The Halo Jag6 subohm ceramic vape tank provides excellent vaping especially for flavor. ECCR is happy to recommend the Jag6. By the way, it is also a great value and that is something that definitely matters to me.

Why The Halo Cigs Jag6 Is An Excellent Value

where to get halo jag6 coils cheap

The next value factor that we have to take a look at is the cost of replacement coils. A 5-pack of ceramic Jag 6 coils sells for $14. So these ceramic coils should last longer than metallic coils, offer a cleaner flavor profile and cost less than $3 each. This is a way better than average long-term value proposition. Plus, factor in the Halo Cigs coupon code ECCR5 and the Halo Points rewards program and the value proposition gets even better. If you sign up for Halo Points the points that you want when buying coils and e-liquids adds up.

You add it all together and the Halo Jag6 tank is a great value. Especially for vapers who love the experience that you get vaping with a ceramic coil. The Jag6 is only $29.99 and you will be getting premium quality.

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