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Halo Cigs Tracer Starter Kit (Version 2)

The Halo Cigs Tracer Starter Kit Version 2 Review

The Tracer V2 from Halo is elegant in design, and its size is just right; not too big or too small either. Additionally, when it comes to performance and the overall feel, it outdoes itself. Well! Here’s our review of the Halo Cigs Tracer starter kit version 2.

The Features

You can now wave goodbye to those moments when your vaping is cut short because your mod has run out of battery life. With the new version 2 of the Halo Tracer, all you need to stock up on is your e-juice and the Tracer coil heads.

The starter kit also comes complete with coils, 2 x 0.5 ohm Tracer Single Coil Heads that is, perfect for sub ohm vaping and the most common size that seems to meet most peoples requirements. Also Halo throw in a bottle of free e-liquid, 30ml bottle at that and you can choose your flavor and strength, so you have everything to begin vaping!

The Good

The battery of the Halo Tracer Version 2Powerful Battery – Having to deal with a flat battery just when you started vaping the big clouds is not fun at all. The Halo Tracer’s 2300mAh battery is capable of powering your vapor for a maximum of two days depending on your vaping frequency.

Coil of the Tracer V21. Warranty

As if that is not enough, it comes with a 60-day warranty.

2. Easy to use

The Halo Tracer is an ideal upgrade option from the Triton starter kit thanks to its user-friendliness. Its 3.5 ml tank has an adjustable airflow that makes it very easy to use.

3. Safety Precautions

Vaping safely is a priority to the Halo Tracer MOD. Some of its safety features include a short-circuit battery protection. The battery also features a 15-second cut-off’ time, allowing you to take long and huge drags for blowing that huge cloud while still enabling the battery to function at its full capacity. When the 15 seconds elapse, the device automatically shuts to avoid an accident if the battery overheats.

The Bad

A slight rattle in the button – although a minor issue, it is still a shame to see such an awesome mod with such.

The tank is hard to refill – The Tracer tank’s unique design makes refilling it quite a task. To fill it, you need to remove the tank and use a dropper to pour the liquid. This throws out the simplicity feature out of the window.

Long charging hours – If you want to charge the battery from scratch fully, you have to wait four hours. And no shortcuts; you cannot vape as it charges.


It’s safe to imply that the pros outdo the cons after looking into the Halo Tracer’s remarkable features. For a vape pen, it’s definitely one of the best on the market, certainly from the several hundred that we have tried. Most other reviews agree with us and rate it as the top pen on the market right now.

Halo Cigs Tracer Starter Kit (Version 2) reviewHalo Cigs Tracer Starter Kit (Version 2) pricehalo tracer tank

Electronic Cigarettes • February 13, 2017

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