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Halo Cigs Prime 15 E-Liquid Review ECCR eJuice Of The Month

This one is one of ECCR founder Paul Rucci’s favorites. We will give you a quick Halo Cigs Prime 15 e-liquid review. And we are here to let you know that Prime 15 is ECCR’s e-juice of the month! This one is for tobacco lovers. We are talking about a smooth, rich tobacco flavor. Paul loves it and he has tried pretty mush every e-juice you can think of! Prime 15 is a genuine, authentic flavor and full on satisfying vape.

At this time of year there is a bit of doldrums. The hustle and bustle of the holidays are behind us. We know there is a lot to look forward to as we move toward spring and summer. It is a great time to spend a moment or two in reflection and anticipation. It strikes me as a time of year where we can freely indulge in a little nostalgia. Thinking back to simpler times when people relied on their hands and sweat. A time before preservatives and additives. A time when tobacco was just tobacco.

Prime 15 e-juice is one of the best tobacco flavored e-juices out there. Simple and real. Like all Halo e-liquids, Prime 15 is blended in a state of the art lab using only the best ingredients. There are no additives like diacetyl. You will find only top quality and USP grade ingredients manufactured by true professionals.

Halo Cigs Prime 15 E-Liquid Review

halo cigs prime 15 e-liquid review

Our Halo Cigs Prime 15 e-liquid review begins with a very basic description of one of the best tobacco flavored vape juices. Genuine. A genuine, familiar tobacco flavor. The flavor is earthy and dry with an occasional sweet hint reminiscent of cocoa. It is not a chocolate flavor, more like a very mild sweetness that you occasional sense when vaping. The overwhelming experience is a very, very smooth authentic tobacco flavor. This one really is for tobacco lovers.

For the longest time no one was making a VG tobacco e-liquid. Well good news, you can get Prime 15 in a VG blend. You can also get a standard blend. There are also 7 nicotine strength levels to choose from. And like all halo and Evo e-liquids, the vapor is always dense and consistent. The vaping satisfaction is fantastic. Halo has won numerous awards for best e-liquid and for good reason. If Paul recommends an e-juice you know it has to be awesome in every category. So if you want an authentic tobacco vape, try Prime 15.


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Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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