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GOON LP RDA Review By 528 Custom Vapes A Golden Deck

A 24 karat gold plated big block build deck, ULTEM resin cap and wide bore tip are two of the highlights we will cover with ECCRs GOON LP RDA review. The GOON LP follows up of the very popular original GOON RDA. Designed by 528 Custom Vapes, this new RDA has been long anticipated and arrives on the scene with a lot of hype and expectations.

The LP stands for low profile and indeed this 24 mm diameter RDA stands only 20 mm tall. It looks fantastic and the lower profile boosts the flavor because you are drawing the vapor from a point closer to the coils. It comes in three different colors. You can get stainless steel, gold or black. The 10.5 mm bore ULTEM drip tip is 20% wider than a typical 9 mm subohm drip tip. The GOON LP also comes with a second ULTEM cap and I look forward to telling you about that!

Before we get too much further, I want to make clear right off the bat that the GOON LP RDA is an advanced product requiring a degree of practice and experience to master. This RDA is for vapers who enjoy the challenge of building their own coils. If you are an experienced builder or newer vaper thinking of trying an RDA and building your own coils, by all means read on and we wil get into the nitty gritty. If you are looking for a tank that uses pre-built coils, take a look at our list of the best e-cig tanks.

GOON LP RDA By 528 Custom Vapes

goon lp rda review designed by 528 custom vapes

528 Custom Vapes started out modifying existing tanks in an effort to get better performance. Their modified tanks were so popular they began designing their own. 528 has had a number of very successful tanks and RDAs and now enjoy a worldwide customer base. The GOON RDA was perhaps their most successful to date. The GOON LP is designed with a lower profile and a different build deck to accommodate the lower profile. It is aesthetically striking and brings some noteworthy features.

One of the features is a 24 karat gold plated deck with PEAK insulator under the positive clamps. Yes, it is a clamp style with two screws per clamp. So that is a total of 8 screws to tighten each time you insert a new build. The gold plating is excellent for corrosion resistance as well as conduction. We anticipate that this RDA will last you for a very long time.

Another element that is perhaps my favorite part of the GOON LP. I like the gold, I know that comes with a premium, but I really like the ULTEM drip tip and cap. What is ULTEM? ULTEM is a thermoplastic resin that resists heat exceptionally well. When you vape so close to the coils as you do with such a low profile atomizer, you want that heat resistance. Otherwise, the drip tip will be unbearable hot. ULTEM manages heat beautifully and make high performance vaping comfortable.

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What You Get With The GOON LP RDA

The GOON LP RDA sells for $74.95 and we will post a link at the end of the review where you can get an authentic product and free shipping. So what are you going to get with it? A lot actually. Do you want me to write it out or would you prefer bullet points? I’ll wait until you decide.I want my GOON LP RDA to be reader friendly. I’m waiting. Hurry up! Thank you. Okay, bullet points it is.

  • One Goon LP RDA by 528 Custom Vapes
  • You Get Spare Parts (8 Extra Screws And Extra O-Rings)
  • A 10.5 mm Wide Bore ULTEM Chuff Drip Tip
  • I Love This One, You Get A ULTEM Top Cap
  • One ULTEM Sleeve
  • A Bottom Feeding Squonker Pin (More On Squonking Later)
  • A Goon Carrying Pouch

Let me explain the ULTEM top cap. The GOON LP is constructed of stainless steel. The top cap is also stainless steel. But with a stout, low profile RDA with a 24 mm diameter as you can imagine a stainless steel top cap can get pretty hot. Well you can use the ULTEM top cap to keep it cool and the vaping comfy. So if you are vaping a lot and the cap gets hot, you can slip on the ULTEM cap. It is an amber color so it affects appearance but I think it looks great in amber. For the GOON LP RDA review, I used the ULTEM cap 90% of the time. Fantastic.

The 510 connection is gold plated for corrosion resistance and connectivity. But you can replace the gold plated 510 with a squonker pin. Let’s talk about that quickly.

Squonking With Squonk Mods

the goon rda has a squonker pin compatible with squonking mods

What is this squonker pin that you get with the GOON LP RDA? A squonker pin has a hollow core that enables e-liquid to be pushed up through the base to saturate your wick. You can see a Kanger DripBox 2 squonker mod in the image above. With squonking, there is an e-liquid reservoir and pump, typically you squeeze the e-juice bottle to pump. When you pump, the e-liquid goes up through the squonker pin and saturates the wick as the excess e-liquid recedes back into the reservoir.

So if you have a squonker mod, the GOON LP RDA will be fully compatible once you insert the squonker pin. For regular vape mods, you have the gold plated 510 pin. So you can use the GOON LP in both configurations. Good news for squonkers! And that’s all I have to say about that.

RDA Specs

More bullet points for our GOON LP RDA review. Enjoy:

  • 20 mm Height
  • 24 mm Diameter
  • 3 mm Deep Juice Well
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 2 Post Build Deck
  • Side Four-Post Bridge Clamp Design
  • One Static Gold-Plated Bridge Post
  • Four Gold-Plated Bridge Clamps, Two Screws Each
  • PEEK Insulators Under Positive Clamps
  • Adjustable Airflow Control 11 mm x 2 mm Airflow Port
  • Dual Slotted Airflow
  • 24K Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Gold Plated Posts for Conductivity
  • Squonk Ready 510 Pin Included
  • 10.5mm Bore ULTEM Drip Tip

The quality and machining is typical 528 Custom Vapes. Fantastic quality. The side clamp style is a change from the original goon where the clamps were perhaps easier to work with but side clamps allow for a lower profile which is a big part of the goal here.

The dual O-Rings keep it free of leaks but by the same token it does not fit tightly. There is a chance that the top cap could dislodge accidentally. It would be better if the O-Rings were a bit more substantive and held the top cap in place more tightly. But if you want an easy access top cap, you might actually prefer it. The ULTEM top cap actually fits better in my opinion.

Building On The GOON LP Deck

goon rda deck with fused clapton coil

I did not find building on the GOON LP deck to be the easiest process. The 24 mm size is fine but the center post takes up a lot of the space. So honestly you don’t have a lo of room for coils. I wouldn’t go with any more than a 3 mm coil or 2.5 mm if you are using a fused Clapton like you see in the image above. I had to do a lot of fine tuning to get my coils to fit well. But I am not the most skilled coil builder. I think the more skilled and experienced builders just might enjoy the challenge.

It can be difficult to trim the leads with the side clamp design. 528 Custom Vapes is aware of this and that is why they put a PEAK insulator under the positive clamps to handle that scenario. These guys know what they are doing. Everything is built for the ultra low profile and I know a lot of you love that in an RDA.

Here’s the other thing that I need to stress. Before you wick this coil you will have to adjust the coil’s placement so it lines up with the airflow slots. Obviously in order to maximize the flavor experience you want the airflow to come through right at the center of the coils. To line it up correctly you simply have to test and line it up by putting the top cap in place and eyeballing it.


The vaping is awesome. I vaped it a lot during the GOON LP RDA review process. With the gold plated connections the GOON worked fantastic with high performance mods like the Smok G-Priv mod or a DNA device. When you have the airflow slots lined up with the coil the flavor really shines through just as you would expect. The adjustable airflow is excellent and you get the best draw when the airflow is wide open. That said, it is not the easiest to work with.

If it was a bad product we wouldn’t put it on ECCR. But I am lukewarm on it but that may be my bias because I generally prefer the convenience of pre-built coils. Great vaping but it takes some work and tinkering to get the coils installed and lined up right. There are easier decks to build on like the Digiflavor Pharaoh, the Sigelei Moonshot (great flavors by the way) or the Wismec Theorem. On the flip side, the gold plated deck and ULTEM are fantastic. I think for dedicated drippers (or squonkers) the GOON LP is going to be a dandy.

Just a quick side note. Vaping! I mean, here I am writing about drippers and squonkers! Words that basically did not exist a few short years ago. Anyway. That has nothing to do with anything just saying drippers and squonkers made me think of that. Moving on.

Last Word On The GOON LP

I am not sure that the GOON LP is for every vaper. Obviously it is for coil builders, drippers and squonkers. It is not easy to build on, there is a lot of fine tuning involved. The space you have for coils is small and it is easy to make a coil that is too big and comes into contact with the top cap and that is not what you want. So it will take some effort and experience to perfect your process.

So the final conclusion I have is that the GOON LP RDA is very well built. The ULTEM drip tip and top cap are awesome for comfortable vaping. The gold plated deck will make this a long lasting, durable vape device. The low profile is something that many vapers are looking for. It looks awesome. Over to you for a final decision!

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