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Gamucci Starter Kit Full Review | Reviewed by Vapers

The Brand

The other brand of electronic cigarette located within London, UK is Gamucci. They have offices in addition within Asia and the USA. Umer and Taz Sheikh founded Gamucci in 2007. This brand has been around for quite long and is among the first E-cig firms within Europe. Gamucci has merchandised its products across more than 55 countries globally and manufactures its electronic cigarettes in China.


The Micro Deluxe Starter from Gamucci arrived promptly, packaged in subtle white box of cardboard, with clear company logo branding. Removing the white outer covering exposes one cartomiser and the two rechargeable automatic batteries. Pulling off the top chamber exposes welcome card, user manual, UK adapter, mains adapter, USB charger, European plug, carry case and 3-pack set of cartomisers. Charging accessories are built to industry standards, while carrying case comprises of regular black drawstring bag.

Gamucci review

Indeed, Gamucci appears to have focused significant attention to the starter package since everything got packaged tightly and effectively. Just as for any electronic cigarette two-piece system, e-cigs from this manufacturer only require screwing of cartomiser into battery in order to achieve assembly in full. A ring of silver encircles the junction of battery-cartomiser and the logo of Gamucci logo. The whole e-cigarette does have quality appearance of some kind yet nothing much unique, compared to other players in the present electronic cigarette market.

Gamucci review – Battery/responsiveness

Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter Kit comes packed conveniently with adapter for USB charge, EU plug adapter and UK mains adapter. The kit however lacks a charge case of portable nature, which would allow users ability of charging while on the move, without fixed supply of power. Gamucci may perhaps consider this fact when updating the starter.

The two included rechargeable batteries have rating of 240mAh, which presents a large strength leap over the 180mAh former models. Gamucci indicates this as being sufficient for 375 puffs roughly, which I determined as reasonably accurate. Screwing cartomiser into battery allows the user to perform vaping action immediately. Production of vapour from Gamucci e-cig proved just sufficient, not overwhelming.

Gamucci battery

Gamucci review – Vapour/Flavour

Gamucci cartrdigesGamucci provides 8 flavours and 5 concentrations of nicotine in total for cartomisers. Flavours offered currently include Original Tobacco, apple, menthol, coffee, cherry, grape, cola and vanilla. Buyers who are seeking to explore less-conventional flavours (all except original and menthol) should note they are available with nicotine concentration of 1.6% only. Menthol comes in concentrations of 2.2% or alternatively 1.6%, whereas Original Tobacco flavour is present in the total of 5. Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter buyers will notice that this kit is available with four 16mg cartomisers of Original Tobacco alone and lacks any other options.

Gamucci pre-charges batteries conveniently to enable users begin vaping from the box expressly. A simple drag generated decent vapour amount, having assembled the 2-piece e-cigarette. Orange light flashes at battery end, confirming when atomiser is being used for the entire drag duration. Gamucci indicates each cartomiser produces vapour that is equivalent to 375 puffs roughly, or 2 packs of tobacco cigarette. I found a considerably less figure of about 240 puffs, varying as always, depending upon individual habits. Original Tobacco flavour proved to be relatively delightful and reminiscent somewhat to that produced by tobacco cigarettes.

Gamucci review – Customer service

Being a significant brand, Gamucci is quite focused on customer service and presently offers customer support via email and on phone.

Gamucci review – Warranty/Returns

Gamucci is shy of offering any form of warranty on all of their products, unlike majority of their competitors. A visit to the inner page showing their terms and conditions reveals that the products on sale at their site are viewed “as is”. This might seem to be somewhat strange for any firm selling consumers new products. Even then, digging this information slightly more exposes that their e-cigarettes are only covered if received faulty. The products may be returned for refund within a seven-day period. Those which are unwanted need to be returned while in re-sellable state for them to get considered for a refund.

Gamucci review – Overall

It is important stating that Gamucci Electronic cigarette proves to be quite a decent product, even though there are a myriad of other better alternatives available for comparable prices, some of which are lower. I suggest trying out E-lites or Green Smoke, if searching for a premium kit. Conversely, consider going for Cigees, if seeking for the most affordable kit, which you should find to be decant as well.

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