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Fuggin Vapor E-Liquid Deal Found by SmokeTastic

$60 For 600ml of e-liquid or $40 for 360ml!!


Current Status: LIVE! In Stock!


Fugginvapor 600ml E-Liquid Deal


$60 For 600ml / $40 for 360ml / 50% off 120ml

Coupon Codes:

Coupon Code $60 For 600ml = BIGFUGGINDEAL

Coupon Code $40 For 360ml = LITTLEFUGGINDEAL

Coupon Code 50% Off 120ml = FUGGIN50

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Fuggin Vapor E-Liquid Deals

This Fuggin Vapor E-Liquid Deal

Fuggin Vapor currently have 3 active promotions going on, depending on the quantity you want. They are shown below:

  • 5x 120mL for $60 with coupon code “BIGFUGGINDEAL”
  • 3x 120mL for $40 with coupon code “LITTLEFUGGINDEAL”
  • SINGLE(s) 120mL 50% OFF with coupon code “FUGGIN50” (Limited time)

Fuggin vapor have been around for about 5 years now, initially starting out selling to vapor shops and self promotion. Now having grown a good reputation in the vaping community Fuggin Vapor and building good reputations with the leading brands they offer all the latest flavors and e-liquids at reasonable prices. With our coupon codes, these reasonable prices turn into amazing deals!


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Electronic Cigarettes • July 4, 2017

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