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Executive Kit Aristo Cigar V2 Review by SmokeTastic Experts in Vaping

Aristo Cigar Version 2The Executive Kit Aristo Cigar V2 is as satisfying as a tobacco cigar and many class it as one of the best electronic cigars on the market. It produces tobacco-free vapor which is less harmful than the traditional ingredients used to produce regular cigarettes. It provides over 900 puffs of clean smoke as well as taste. It doesn’t produce an after smell that lingers on after smoking, and you get to enjoy smoking without any side effects.

The Executive Kit Aristo Cigar V2 redefines your smoking experience with superior quality electronic cigar liquid. The Aristo flavored juice is a must try for any smoker enthusiast. It is made of high-quality elements to supply the best taste and vapor when drawing your Aristo Cigar. It was designed to bring an authentic cigar taste to the E-Cigar market. The flavors include Carmel Sweet Tobacco, Cuban flavor, Jules Secret, Cuban Robusto, Carmilla Clouds and Cuban Gold.


Product Features

Kit and items in Aristo Cigar Version 2Executive Kit Aristo Cigar V2 Contains:

  • A Charging Cable
  • An Instruction Manual
  • 5 Packs of Coils
  • One Clearomizer Tank with an extra coil
  • Two Aristo Cigar V2 including 900 Mah Battery
  • A 30ml Bottle of additional Aristo Liquid

The New Executive Kit Aristo Cigar V 2 brings the E-Cigar experience to an entirely new level. It includes a new feel wrap coat for the mouthpiece, as well as the whole cigar, giving it a supple natural feel. When the liquid depletes from the cartomizer, simply refill your V2 Aristo cigar with a clearomizer.



  • The advantagesThe cartomizers can be replenished up to 2.5 ml.
  • It offers the most genuine E-smoking experience, unlike any e-cigar product.
  • The Aristo cigar V2 flavor tastes similar to a real cigar, and it produces a solid cloud of vapor just like the real cigar.
  • The outer layering of the cigar is wrapped in a synthetic wrap that feels like the tobacco roll.
  • With the Aristo Cigars, one doesn’t need to be concerned with health issues, unlike the tobacco product cigarettes.
  • It leaves a pleasant tobacco-like trace in your mouth after smoking.



  • The disadvantagesA notable disadvantage of the Aristo Cigar V2 is that it doesn’t hold up well when stored.
  • It frays after long periods of pocketing.
  • It bears a suede semblance more than a real cigar in a few isolated spots on the cigar.
  • The label peels with time.
  • The mouthpiece also gets a slightly gross over time if you are apt to drool.

Electronic cigar from Aristo v2 in pieces

Our Summary

The Aristo Cigar V2 provides excellent social status whenever you go partying with friends. It also presents disposable electronic cigars and offers more satisfaction in its rechargeable features. Packed cartomizers can cause battery shorting, so be careful when refilling the cartomizer. If you have tried the best electronic cigarettes and want to try a cigar version then this is a great choice.

The rechargeable Aristo Cigar V2 may get lost due to its size, so be careful when out partying. Both rechargeable and disposable e-cigars performs the best as they are superior, but the rechargeable ones are cost effective because the single unit can be recycled several times. Social trends described the Aristo Cigar V2 as one of the most preferred e-cigars on the market. It is an authentic smoke with rich tobacco flavor that every smoker craves.

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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