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Evo Solar Smash E-Liquid Review Out Of This World

I am going to start a fight but I don’t care. The conclusion of my Evo Solar Smash e-liquid review is that Solar Smash is the new top fruit flavor vape. Trying to build an ECCR consensus of the absolute best fruit flavored e-juice is unlikely. There are just so many good ones. A while back, ECCR’s Matt covered his favorite fruit flavored e-juice- Charlies Chalk Dust Slam Berry vape juice. Now I am going to claim that mantle for Solar Smash. And after I tell you about it I think you will agree with me and be on my side!

First let me tell you about Evo E-liquids. I am thinking some of you may not have heard of them. But I am sure that you have heard of Halo E-Liquids. Halo Cigs is a true American pioneer when it comes to e-liquids. They took e-liquid blending out of garages and backrooms and made it into a highly professional science perfected in a state of the art lab. Halo Cigs parent company Nicopure is also of the front lines of protecting your right to vape. So when you buy Halo or Evo, you are not only getting the best quality you are supporting the American company that was first in the ring to challenge oppressive government regulation.

Evo e-lqiuids are made to the same impeccable standards that Halo e-juice is. Evo E-liquids are fruit flavored whereas Halo e-liquids are tobacco and gourmet flavors. So Halo and Evo are really synonymous and represent the best in quality. The lab uses only the best ingredients including USP grade which sets global standards. The manufacturing quality is second to none.

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Vaping Evo E-Liquids

ECCR has been involved in the vaping revolution since the early days. A lot of review sites come and go but we stand the test of time. The reason for that is that we keep it real. Sure, sometimes we are exuberant in our recommendations and yes we sometimes get a commission. But its not about that. We hope that we are able to earn your support and keep ECCR strong and, most importantly, 100% independent. We often recommend and link to a lot of products that we don’t get commission for. If its a good product, that’s what counts. Just want you to know that I’m a real guy who has been involved in vaping for years and I genuinely use and love the products I tell you about. And I’ve been using Halo Cigs products for six years now. I know and am sincere about what I say. I’m from Kentucky and we don’t believe in bs.

We have a small team at ECCR and all of our staff are vapers. The fake vape websites with all the internet marketing guys who know how to rank in Google but could care less about vaping. We will never be like them and we will outlast all of them not matter how much they attack us. That’s right, they do dirty tricks on us to show up more in Google than we do. We had no idea it was going on until someone told us. Anyway, they will not change us and we are going to keep true to who we are.

Sorry, Now For My Real Description Of Vaping Halo And Evo E-Liquids


evo and halo vape juice flavors

Okay, I just had to get that off of my chest! I have been vaping Halo for 6 years. From the very beginning Halo E-liquids were noticeably better. The flavors are amazing. More impressive, the vapor production is incredible. You get a very dense and fulfilling vapor. I need a hard hit when I am vaping and Halo gives me that because of the vapor density. Halo and Evo e-liquids are industry leaders.

Evo E-liquids perform at the same level. They rely on USP grade ingredients and that’s the second time that I mention that. That includes USP grade nicotine. I know, repetitive but seriously USP, or United States Pharmacopeia, is the world stamp of approval for quality and purity. USP sets the standard for vitamins, health foods, cosmetics you name it. I emphasize this because all of this verifies one of my core beliefs. And that belief is that quality matters.

It is the quality of ingredients, state of the art lab and professional, qualified people at Halo and Evo that make the difference. The fact that Evo vapor is so dense and satisfying is directly linked to the quality. I firmly believe that. Many other e-juice companies simply increase the nicotine to enhance the sense of throat hit. Evo gives a better throat hit through better quality vapor. They do not need to mask inadequate vapor with extra nicotine. Vaping Halo and Evo E-liquid is a pleasure and the quality is evident in the experience.

Evo Solar Smash Vape Juice Review

I am finally getting to the real subject, the ECCR Solar Smash vape juice review. Solar Smash is a blend of fruits like blueberries, blackberry and strawberry flavors. It really is like a fruit tart including a creamy smooth finish that you really enjoy on the exhale. This is how it goes down. A sweet, fruity blend on the inhale. The dominant flavors are blueberry and strawberry with the blackberry giving it a tart touch. On the exhale, it is so smooth. Overall if it is not the best fruit flavored e-liquid out there it is certainly in the top five.

You can get Evo Solar Smash E-Liquid in either a standard or VG blend. You can also choose from six nicotine levels including a 1.5 mg level which is awesome for cloud chasers. It is nice to have choices other than just 3 mg or 6 mg, although you can get those level, too! Of course if you are standard vaping with atomizer coils over 1.0 ohm you will probably be best served by the standard blend and a nicotine level of 12, 18 or 24 mg.

Solar Smash e-juice is a celestial star of Evo’s line of incredible fruit flavored vape juices. They flavor and vapor combine to take vaping enjoyment to another level. And that’s coming from me and I demand a lot! Evo Solar Smash is a phenomenal berry flavored e-juice and the vapor is, well, smashing!


halo solar jam e-liquid review fruit flavored vape


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