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ePuffer Wins Another Award to Become Best Electronic Cigarette Inventor Review

EPuffer have won an award for their pioneering research and development into the world of electronic cigarettes.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 11, 2015 / — Epuffer are creating waves currently in the UK as they have taken the electronic cigarette and turned it on its head. Since their launch in Britain ePuffer have been committed to investing in product development rather than advertising and marketing and this strategy is now finally paying off.
The internet is awash with reviews of ePuffer with users championing the brand for their innovation and style. Many are also delighted to see their very own feedback taken on board as ePuffer develops more products based on the user’s thoughts.
With the internet awash with cheap electronic cigarettes this approach would always be a gamble for ePuffer but Shawn, the founder, has more than his money invested in this venture.
Escaping the smoke is a project close to his heart as he’s lost family members due to smoking related illnesses. He, and ePuffer truly care about their customers and have invested heavily in creating a product that doesn’t feel like a compromise when choosing the tar free alternative.
Along with a range of flavours that help to combat the sweet cravings (with weight gain being one reason people are afraid to escape the smoke) ePuffer also cater to individual tastes.

review of the epuffer Magnum Snaps

From environmentally friendly disposables to elegant pipes and Cuban cigars, these electronic cigarettes really do exude sophistication and style.
The founder explains the reasons behind this approach he says, “I’ve always been passionate about gadgets and product development. Years ago I turned my attention to electronic cigarettes as I realised there just wasn’t the quality I’d expect on the market. Many friends and family members had tried them but felt as though they were compromising, I was sure I could recreate the real smoking experience. Before I invested in advertising and marketing I wanted to make sure the product stood up to the test. Now we have hundreds of products across a whole range and our feedback is speaking for itself. I’m thrilled.”
ePuffer won the award for product of the month from The Consumer Voice and now they’ve won another from the reputable eSeller News.
With many patents on the products developed and invented by ePuffer they will be the only ones to deliver their unique user experience. There are many plans for the future while  review of the epuffer Magnum Snaps have recently launched a relaxing eCig that tastes just like marijuana and uses valerian root to deliver a real relaxing experience.

Epufferepuffer Magnum Snaps

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