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Reviewing The EPuffer 2016

Epuffer,whose headquarters is in Canada, United Kingdom and United States, is a top e-cigarette manufacture that offers a wide range of e-cigarettes, e-pipes, and cigars. The company has declared their intentions to help their customers conform to a healthier lifestyle that is free of cigarette smoke. The company’s website is easy to navigate with a wide selection of vaping products, including accessories and e-liquids to go with their e-cigs and more. The selection of e-liquids that the company offers are made from ingredients that are gluten-free, non-alcoholic, and non-allergenic. With approximately 10 years’ experience of creating e-liquids, it is safe to say they know the industry and is considered North America’s most experienced developers.

Vapour Production

The vapor production is strong and has received favorable comments and feedbacks. The experience from our group didn’t have any complaints about this product. In fact, we found the vapor not to be overwhelming but instead, extremely pleasurable, even though it is a thicker vapor than other brand devices.



They also offer a range of nicotine levels allowing vapers to choose the one best suited to their needs and requirements. The company offers vapers interesting, exotic, and wide range of e-liquid flavors. Flavors like Havana Cigar that the cigar traditionalist will love to the “Midnight Pleasure” offering a sensual aroma and taste or the “Valerian Natural Relaxant” that are perfect to help you unwind. For the vapor that wants to be more exotic, their “Sangria Shisha” or “Strawberry Margarita” are just what you need for a mood enhancement.

The complete range of e-liquids are good to refill all Epuffer devices, eliminating the need to buy new cartridges every time you need to reload, and they can be used with several other devices as well! The 30ml is priced at a reasonable $19.95 and from time to time, you can find them on clearance for $7.95. The starter kits are a great way to sample other flavors that Epuffer offers in their line of e-juices.epuffer liquids

ePuffer Premium E-Liquids

Battery and Charging

The Phantom HD battery outperforms any of the disposables we’ve tried. Our test units arrived with a half-charged battery which allowed us all several good vapes. When the battery is fully charged, we averaged over 700 puffs each and with the short time it takes to get a full charged battery, you won’t be without your vape for long. We did find the USB cord to be a little short, but nothing that couldn’t be worked around.

Epuffer could consider adding more replacement batteries on their website, but the options they do have are wonderful. The ability to charge via a USB port, which allows you to recharge in your car or by way of a wall socket is a great bonus. They also sell a magnetic e-cigarette that charges while in its case. This is a great selling feature for those vapors on the go.


Epuffer offers a large selection of accessories that we all found attractive. My personal favorite was the black leather carrying case that was elegant and stylish. Others in our group liked the travel pouches because of the wide range of colors. The charges and the lanyards are excellent additions to an already great product. The company has also taken another step in pro-customer health and looks by adding a teeth whitening kit.

Electronic Pipe 605 Rev-2

The next starter kit we tried was the Electronic Pipe 605 Rev-2 which came in a distinctly dark wooden case that offered a classic look from the red lining. The pipe is made of wood reminding me of my granddad! The kit came with an e-pipe bowl and two lithium batteries that wree rechargeable and removable, a universal AC/USB adapter, a USB charger and three atomized cartridges that were of premium flavor with a high capacity. Each of us that tried this kit got around 900 puffs each.EPUFFER ELECTRONIC PIPE

ePuffer E-Pipe 605

Ecigar 650

Then the other start kit is the Ecigar 650 that came with two lithium batteries as well, at 650mAh. It also came with a universal AC/USB charger and USB charger so that you are protected from overcharging, which is a great idea on the part of Epuffer. It also came with two premium tobacco flavor atomized cartridges that contained nicotine. This is a sleek feeling and looking device that has an ergonomic design and a mouthpiece protection for the vapors comfort. We each found that the cartridges are long lasting and provided us an excellent vape. My favorite was the Cuban Cigar flavor which was very realistic compared to other brands.

E-cigar 900 Starter Kit

Last but not least was the Ecigar 900 Starter Kit which features an version that enhances the earlier 600 model, which was very popular on its own. This unit’s battery life is longer lasting, including the post recharging and we got up to 900 puffs, more than the earlier model. The kit came with three cartridges with premium flavor atomized nicotine, and like the other start kits, it also has a universal AC/USB charger. There are two 900mAh batteries providing high capacity and a USB charger that also has overcharge protection. You can’t get any closer to the real deal cigar than you can with this device.

The Starter Kits Magnum Snaps

The Snaps Magnum Starter Kit is the first one we tried. It came with five premium tobacco flavor cartridges. That is equal to thirty traditional cigarettes. It also came with two lithium batteries of high power, USB charges as well as an Ac2USB adapter. It came in sleek packaging that was sophisticated looking with a snap magnet that worked with ease. This starter kit provided a perfect throat hit with each puff!

epuffer snaps kit

ePuffer Magnum Kit

In Conclusion

The range of products that are offered by Epuffer are absolutely excellent and the battery life was way beyond any of our expectations. The vape production gave us great throat hit with each and every puff. The amount of other great features, like the overcharge protection, put this brand of e-cigs above them all at this point. And when it comes to the variety of ejuice flavors, they are the best of the best.

EpufferePuffer E-LiquidsElectronic Pipe 605 Rev-2The Starter Kits Magnum Snaps

Electronic Cigarettes • March 3, 2016

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