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Envii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Tank Review by SmokeTastic

Final ScoreEnvii Terra Twelve Tank Review Bottom Line

If you want a tank that produces huge clouds of lovely flavor at high wattage, then the Envii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Sub Ohm Tank is for you! It is a serious bit of kit and really mean’t for the more experienced vapers who build their own RTA’s. Capable of firing all the way up to 300 Watts thanks to the 8 coils you can burn at one time, we love this thing!

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Envii Terra Twelve Tank side viewFull Review of the Envii Terra Twelve Tank

Envii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Sub Ohm Tank System is an amazing device made by the geniuses at Envii. It features an octo-coil design that is rated over 300W, a top-fill design with a 5ml of e-juice capacity. This tank gives you amazing vaping experience without dry hits and spit backs. The Envii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Sub-Ohm Tank System is by far a game changer for the cloud chasers as it maintains a constant flow of juice thanks to its adjustable bottom airflow allowing you to have a fantastic vaping experience. Well, if you want to know more about this tank system, then we’ve got you covered as we have compiled a comprehensive Envii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Sub-Ohm Tank System review.



Envii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Sub-Ohm Tank with top offEnvii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Sub Ohm Tank System is a unique high-performance system that features eight re-buildable and independent coils that have been cleverly arranged to allow true scalability from 1-8 coil use. Be warned though, you need a powerful box mod to run this thing, check out all the best box mods here. It has a flagship level chassis made of high-quality materials. This tanks system has dual airflow system and an easy and efficient filling system.

Measuring 25mm in diameter features a maximum top filled capacity of 5.5ml accessed through a quarter turn top fill cap. The Terra tank implements one of the most versatile and scalable replaceable coil systems to date. With the ability to run between one to eight coils, you can rebuilt for added customization and convenience. In the prebuilt eight coil load out, the Envii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Sub-Ohm Tank System can produce over 300 watts of output. If your new to RTA’s then check out our guide comparing RTA’s and RDA’s.



Its 3.5mm by 1.5mm air slots in between the coils ensure effective and proper airflow throughout the system. The Envii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Sub-Ohm Tank System has one of the most scalable, innovative, and adjustable platforms to date. Made of premium materials and designed with great innovation and care, this tank is one of the best Sub-Ohm tank systems.

The Envii Terra RTA is a powerful atomizer that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s capable of vaporizing your e-liquid to a whopping 300W with exciting flavor. This is because of its unique vertical coil system that’s incorporate up to eight coils. If you desire fewer coils, then you can replace them with are silicone plugs along with a 510 drip tip adapter. Its 25 mm diameter tank that has an e-juice capacity of 5.5 ml and great dual adjustable airflow slots. If you pair the Envii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Sub-Ohm Tank System with the correct device, you’ll get one of the most intense flavors and vapor experience. It’s a superb sub ohm tank for the veteran. Learn more about sub ohm vaping here.


The Kit

What you get in the kitWhat’s included in the Envii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Sub-Ohm Tank System

  • One Envii Terra Rta
  • One Spare Glass Section
  • One Pack Of Cotton
  • 8 Silicon Plugs
  • 3 Additional Coils
  • One 510 Drip Tip Adapter



  1. It has a 25 mm diameter tank
  2. Tank in pieces to show featuresThe tank has an e-liquid capacity of 5.5 ml
  3. The Envii Terra RTA is capable of firing up to 300 watts of output
  4. Comes with a sturdy body construction made of Pyrex glass and stainless steel. This makes it smooth and sleek.
  5. It has a quarter turn top fill system
  6. It also comes with 1-8 coils to allow for customization and convenience
  7. Dual adjustable bottom airflow slots
  8. It comes in silver and black color
  9. 510 drip tip that’s compatible with an adapter


The Envii Terra RTA produces an immense vapor that’ll make your vaping experience an amazing moment. Swapping out the coil is also super easy, and you can easily change them without leakage and spillage. The tank has quarter top fill design which is a plus for most vapers.



  • The advantagesGreat design- the Envii Terra RTA looks and feels great making with its sleek and compact design.
  • Smart wattage making it great for cloud chasers and veteran vapers
  • Easily swap coils; no spillage when changing the coils
  • Top fill design makes refilling easier



  • The disadvantagesDesigned more for the higher wattage so a good box mod is essential which can cost a lot of money
  • Coils take time to build and setup
  • Drains the e-liquid! Due to the huge clouds this tank really uses a lot of juice.


The Bottom Line

If you are an experienced vaper, looking for huge clouds using high wattage then the Envii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Sub-Ohm Tank System will be an ideal unit for you. It’s one of the best sub-ohms tanks on the market. If your new to vaping however, this might be to fiddly and awkward to setup, don’t worry though, we have you covered, check out some of the best electronic cigarettes here. We personally love the look and flavor this tank produces.

Envii Terra Twelve Independent Coil Sub-Ohm Tank SystemEnvii Terra Twelve Tank System Review

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