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EcigWizard Starter Kit Review | Reviewed by Vapers

Ecigwizard review

The company that supplies EcigWizard electronic cigarettes is a Peterborough company that offers its products all over Europe and the United Kingdom. The products available from this company include tank based and two-piece vapourisers along with several other accessories. They also offer more than 70 e-liquid flavours that give a wide array of options to choose from. Considering the fact that EcigWizard was founded less than three years ago, this is a very big plus for it as a company. There are four starter kits in the company’s product range. These include the Vision eGo, the 510, the FreshStart and the Olympian Imist. The cheapest product in this product range is the 510 Starter Bundle that’s available to buyers at only £10.

The most popular product from EcigWizard is the FreshStart Starter Kit. This popularity is mainly due to the price and the features that buyers get with the kit. It costs £19.99 and comes with the following items:

  • One manual battery
  • One USB Adapter
  • One Vision eGo Tank
  • One 10 ml bottle of e-liquid

Let’s dive in to see what EcigWizard brings to the table in their FreshStart Starter Kit. We’ll also compare this package with some of the leading competitors to see if it gives buyers a good run for their money.

Ecigwizard review – Packaging and Design

The first thing you’ll notice about this package is that the company allows some flexibility to cater for the different tastes that buyers have. This is evident in the different flavours of e-liquid available and the different colours of the vapourisers. You can choose to have a black or silver vapouriser and one of seventy e-liquid flavours. The kit comes packed neatly in a small and simple black box. This is very much unlike most other electronic companies that dedicate a lot of energy to ensuring that their products come in cases that appear sharp and luxurious. Inside the case, you’ll find a clear and stylish plastic that houses the contents of this bundle. The contents include the e-cig tank, the battery and the USB charger.

ecigwizard review

For the low price, the FreshStart’s tank-based vaping is impressive. We used the version with a black vapouriser. It comes with a rubberised matte battery that’s attached to a body that appears to be primarily made from stainless steel. Just like you would expect from a tank-based device, the tank is clear to ensure that you always know how much e-liquid you have left. The drip tip is black to match the other parts of the device. The company’s branding has been placed on the end with the battery. The other end has an on/off switch for the device. The USB charger looks light and cheap at a glance. However, it has no problem getting the job done. In a nutshell, the FreshStart starter kit’s looks far much better than what we expected for its low price.

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Ecigwizard review – Flavour and Vapour

ecigwizard eliquidWhen it comes to the favours, EcigWizard does not leave a stone unturned. With more than 70 options, they have something for everybody regardless of your tastes and preferences. As if this is not enough, a good number of these flavours are available with different nicotine strengths to ensure that you get exactly what you need. We tried the kit with two bottles of e-liquid. Each of these bottles contained 10ml of ClearChoice. The first one had the classic tobacco flavour and nicotine strength of 0.6% while the second one had cherry flavour with nicotine strength of 1.6%.

Being a manual battery, you definitely expect to do a little bit more to get the device up. For this one, you have to press the battery button. This button is clear when the device is off, but it illuminates blue when it’s on. One quick drag and you’ll get a strong vapour of whatever flavour that you chose. I better liked the classic tobacco when compared to the cherry flavour that came with the starter kit I used. However, both these e-liquids give a very dense vapour, something that’s not common for a kit as cheap as this.

Ecigwizard review – Battery and Responsiveness

With a tank-based device, the FreshStart Starter kit has enough space for a larger battery that has enough capacity to deliver enough power to last average vapers for a whole day before the need for recharging comes up. However, this also means that the battery will need a relatively longer time to fully charge when compared to most other e-cigs. It has been rated at 900mAh. One sad thing about this starter kit is that it does not come with any form of indicator or warning light to indicate when the battery is about to run empty.

To charge the battery, you will need to first remove the battery from the device by unscrewing it. From there, you can then go ahead and attach it onto the available USB charger. The other end of the USB adapter goes to a USB power supply. Another sad thing about this kit is that the USB cable doesn’t come with its own power adapter that can fit into the mains power supply. However, it can still work with any generic adapter. To turn the device on, you have to push down the battery five times. This comes in handy because it helps prevent occurrences where the e-cigarette goes on accidentally.

The company gives buyers three days to report any of their products in case they were faulty on arrival. They also give a 2-day warranty on replaceable items like batteries, chargers and such items.

ecigwizard batteries

Ecigwizard review – Customer Service

The company building has a retail shop, a warehouse and some office space. It’s open from Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 5pm. During this time, customers are free to contact the company for any support.

Ecigwizard review – Conclusion

In general, the FreshStart starter kit is a kit that’s very cost friendly for an item of its price. It comes with all you need for vaping and it’s easy to make a compromise on any luxuries that are not included.

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