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Ecigs Could Soon Be Outlawed for Home-Based Workers in Wales

Working from home has a lot of great advantages, including the freedom to use your electronic cigarette during business hours. However, home-based workers in Wales could soon find their ecig use restricted if a new bill is passed. The radical new legislation would make it illegal to use an ecig inside your own home even after office hours.

Welsh government officials created the bill to merge ecig rules with the policies that govern all tobacco products. That includes a ban on using ecigs in any workplace, regardless of whether it’s a private residence. Opponents to the bill have complained that it’s not reasonable and would be virtually impossible to enforce. Furthermore, it raises concerns about privacy rights if local council officers do random inspections in private residences where people work.

The details of the bill are still a bit vague. Health Minister Mark Drakeford said the court would have to determine what constituted a home as a place of work. It could mean ecigs are outlawed if you are receiving work calls on your residential line or even checking work emails in your bedroom.

A Tory spokesperson said the new rules were unrealistic. “The measures on e-cigarettes relating to the home as a working environment are unenforceable. Quite how this government plans to police home workers under this legislation is anyone’s guess and, frankly, none of their business.”

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Lib Dems, pledged to fight against the bill. “The Welsh Liberal Democrats will continue to fight against these ridiculous and ill-thought out proposals. We believe in taking an evidence-based approach, rather than Labour’s attitude of banning things just for the sake of it.”

Another government spokesperson explained that even if you were only working in your home for a few hours of the day, you still would not be permitted to use an ecig within the residence at all. “This is a change to the current position under the Health Act 2006, which outlines that parts of dwellings that are also workplaces must be smoke-free all of the time.”

How do you feel about this new bill? Is the proposed rule unreasonable?

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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