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Post -Surgery Vaping

Ecig Benefits: Vaping Reduces Post-Surgery Risks

Information around us all day long now the benefits that e-cigarette can provide. Some of the benefits you already know, like vaping, won’t make your clothes smell like traditional tobacco cigarettes too. And vaping is less expensive than traditional cigarettes, which is better on the budget. All in all, you’ll feel better.

However, these things that are pretty much a given, the list doesn’t stop there. Every day it seems, there is something new added to the list of benefits. And with the continuing research going on, the benefits of vaping will continue for a long time to come we expect. But the most surprising of them all is the most recent announcement: The risks of post-surgery can be minimized by vaping.  Bet you didn’t see that one coming did you?!

For anyone that has every recovered from a surgery, you are all too familiar with the list of things your doctor advises to do and not to do. Of course, no two patients and no two surgeries are the same. Dependent upon what type of surgery a person has and their overall health, their doctor will advise them of things that are beneficial during before and after surgery.

For those who smoke traditional cigarettes, they are told to not smoke for a period of time prior to surgery and after surgery. The reason being is that post-operative complications are possible when you smoke traditional cigarettes. Any surgery has its risks all on its own and doctors want to reduce that level of risk as much as possible.

For somebody that vapes, they see this no-smoking instruction as a time to use their e-cigarettes. For smokers that have never vaped, they may find this a great time to try vaping and there is a good chance, they may not return to traditional tobacco afterward. And this is just what the Mayo Clinic doctors are determining as well.

Post -Surgery Vaping

When it comes to the world of medicine, for many people, the word from Mayo Clinic is valued. So now that they have gotten on board with e-cigarettes, in any way or on any level, then there must be something to it, right?  After all, this is a world-renowned group who has done a lot of research and studies in the medical field. They aren’t just a neighborhood clinic that sees 100’s to 1000’s of patients a day.

True to their nature, Mayo Clinic conducted a study on seventy-five patients that smoked. They requested those patients use electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes. Tracking the data, the researchers found that almost 9% of those patients tried vaping to replace their traditional tobacco cigarette smoking. On the average, the patients were able to cut a number of cigarettes they smoked by half after surgery, thus following their doctor’s advice better.

At the end of the study, the results were not only doctors and patients being happy with the outcome of the experiment, but safer post-surgery outcomes too. And further, follow up on those patients found that thirty days later, over half of them were still vaping instead of smoking the traditional cigarettes they were before surgery.

Now it seems that there are more patients that are considering a timeline to quit smoking now that they realize that vaping makes it easier. This is the type impact that e-cigarettes can have on not just smokers, but in general, the world. And now that Mayo Clinic has but their support behind vaping and the benefits, we’re sure to see even more people switching over.










Ecig BenefitsVaping Reduces Post-Surgery Risks

Electronic Cigarettes • October 14, 2016

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